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Monday, June 1, 2009

Doodlin InThe Dirt Shorties & Projaholics~R~Us

Weekend work...lots of it!
First completed project were these board shorts for Mallie,
an Etsy Customer.
Isaiah wears a lot of these colors..
know why?
They hide the dirt
Hide lots of it
So, I call them "Doodlin in The Dirt Shorties
100% squishy soft Merino wool
Waist & cuffs trimmed in coordinating color
of Cascade 220
Drying on the table now ready for tomorrows mail
And a little pocket
just large enough to hold
a little mans hand full of

Let me preface this next photo by sayin
"I didn't do it"
The guys were playin with big boy toys.
A month or so ago we noticed leaves burnt on the tree...
They were touching the electrical wire....
to the house
Our local power company came out and trimed them
and then we realized in one or 2 areas you could see
through the tree!

Saturday evening when he got home,
Mr Fix it pulled out his handy dandy chain saw & cut a big wedge,
one good push and over she went...
from the root ball!
The roots were shot and it would have come down on the garage
in the next good wind
So once that mess was cleared up
we started in on the court yard again
Sunday afternoon
Laid all the rocks to ensure we had enough

Papuga was inside screeching
so I brought him out in his small cage
to supervise
He did not like the tractor noise as we
dumped gravel

Now to pull the rocks up and level
We had poured the gravel and then placed the rocks but,
they would never lay correctly
so, we went back to the hard way
but it works for us.

Papuga hated the sound of crunching gravel
so I took him back inside and pacified him with
a big chunk of Rhubarb
& he loved me again!

We have right at 560 sq ft of court yard to floor,
we finished about 100 last night.

Mr Fix its home
with more gravel so
Back to work I go!


  1. I'm glad the tree was taken care of now! We have a lot of pines in our yard and I would hate for one of those big boys to fall...
    Your courtyard is looking great!

  2. We worked till about 9 pm tonight, half way done!!!! I love it, just as I imagined!

  3. Looking good! Except for the whole root ball thingy. You were blessed that it hadn't come down on its own! :o)


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