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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Had to try it again

One thing you may have caught on to in my few years of blogging is, I have very little patience with myself.  If I can’t do something correct (or at least OK) the first time I rarely try again.  I’d get frustrated with myself, the waste of resources,the time and… it made me feel really stupid.   What ever “IT” was, became like the big hairball dust bunny under the bed…you knew you really should get it but, just shut the door instead.

Well, for Lent I’m doing instead of ignoring avoiding. Let me tell you I’m so ready for Lent to be OVER!!

I’ve had all kinds of things I’ve avoided the past few years smack me in the face these past few weeks. 

You can laugh if you’d like but this pile was one of those “things” .IMG_2124Triangles were one of the design blocks in quilting I ‘tried once’, screwed up royally and never attempted again.  I was snickering as I started to sweep these suckers into the waste basket thinking “so long fare well you stinkin triangles”  (that’s the clean version any way) And then I realized this was one of those things …..cause if it wasn’t I would have tossed them as I cut.

Instead of working on the quilt today, I had to mess with the triangles because I didn’t want to…sound crazy?

Anyway, I pretended like it would be fun. Like you would with a kid sending them to do a chore they didn’t want to do?  Make a game of it blah blah blah…   

And you know what?

I really had fun!

I wasn’t worried about producing anything, I just played with shapes to see what would happen


Perfect didn’t matter, playing and learning did.  Some came out pretty wonky, others only “kinda wonky” I’m still catching on to which points to match on the second seam but I’m pretty pleased with the progress


The "best of the lot I made into a Rug Mug.

Mug RugMugrug2

Anyone need a Mug Rug?

Now, if only all the “things” I’m running into would be this easy…


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Are you sick of this quilt yet?

Just tell me when enough is enough because I ‘m so tickled with the way its turning out….well, I’m going on and on.

While I had to wait for the blue to work on the bottom panel, I wanted the work on the quilt to continue some how.  And because I’m a cheap penny pincher  frugal person (bahahahah)

I took this pile of scrap & started sewing them together.IMG_2143 

Just randomly grabbing pieces and sewing them together willy-nilly which gave me this

IMG_2146and then this IMG_2154

Binding ready and waiting when (if ever) I get to that point!

Last night I was able to get the “trees & trunks”


made & will sew those panels together, and then on to the main quit this afternoon.

I hope.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Nearly There!

I can’t get over how quickly these braids make up. IMG_2137

I started with 5 but went with 7 braids 75 inches long.


Last night I had the main body completed. (Yes, there was a happy dance!) I need to add the upper boarders


and the panel of trees below. 

I wasn’t able to work on the lower portion till I picked up more blue, which I did today while out running errands.

I started PT for my shoulder today.  It seems I’ve been in protective mode for so long the shoulder has started to freeze/lock up.  I could slowly raise my hand as high as my head but no further.It wasn’t just the discomfort…it just wouldn’t go any further  All the muscles had basically quit talking to each other..after PT today I already have a tad bit mobility. Thankfully we have access to a wonderful Core wellness center who understand if there is a problem in one area of the body,  it will effect others & treats the whole body. Like a car that has one part go bad, it in turn wears on the others.  I know I’ll probably be sore as all get out tomorrow, but today I’m enjoying the ability to pull my own pants up!!

It’s the little things that make me happy!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quilt Progress

Yesterday morning I started with a 2 foot pile of fabric cutting my 21/2 inch strips. IMG_2115IMG_2116

If I had thought this through more… I would have pressed and prepped the fabrics as I pulled them off the shelves.Most had some pretty strong fold marks from storage. ( If I had recently purchased it all it would have been nice and smooth saving me a lot of time.   But this was stash…which saved me a lot of $$$ !.  On the other hand, If I had started pressing it all first,  I would have really seen how much there actually was to cut. YIKES! 

Yardage for a queen size is listed as 6-8 yards.  That is a LOT of 21/2 inch strips let me tell you!


I started pressing and cutting,. For about 2 hours press and cut was my mantra.  When I had a bit from each color cut to strips, I cut the strips to 8 inches pieces with a 45 degree angle on one end. Thankfully about that time Erika popped in and we chatted as she started separating the left and right strips after I trimmed the points.  The company made it go much faster or at least seem to.


When all the strips were cut to length and trimmed, I had a plastic shoebox nearly full of at least 2 inch scrap pieces and a bunch of triangles.  To give you an idea of how many strips there are those are 3 inch stacks of triangles!  I mangled and tossed about half that amount. I’m sure I’ll find a use for these…sometime. 

Luckly Mr. Fix-It had a meeting and wouldn’t be home for supper, which gave me a bit of extra time & was able to get everything cut and ready for sewing.  After a quick break for my own supper I dove in.

Sew a strip & press it down, sew a strip and press it down.

I’m not using a set “pattern” of fabric placement other than alternating light and dark shades

Progress in the morning light


Each strip is about 3 ft long at this point


Before I start back in this morning, I need to straighten my sewing area. Strips were flying for bit last night


I think I need a latte first before I tackle that mess!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Playing With Color

Our son Aaron has been asking for a quilt for quite awhile.  I’ve had in mind a land scape or rather, a beach scape for him as he LOVES the beach & the climate.  It’s one of the main reasons he’s stayed in San Diego after leaving the Navy. My thoughts are hills in the background, beach in the foreground with a rock formation and then the ocean showing the tide flowing out to sea. His favorite beach to run with his dog. I can see it… and almost smell the salty air.  But I know I need to work my quilting skills back up to where they were…that and, I want to have a flannel board for the piecing.

  When I was explaining all this to him he said “Mom, that sound really great but in the mean time, could I just get a home made quilt?”!. And of course my heart just swelled….my baby boy wants a blankie…a Mama made blankie!  . 

He rarely asks for anything…so after sending a few e mails back and forth with various quilt patterns, he chose a “Friendship Braid”


Friendship Braid Quilt photo taken from Pinterest

There are so many variations and this simple style is what he chose….queen size! In earthy colors…think beach and mountains. After stash diving I realized I was pretty shy of oranges/golds and brown so over the weekend I took advantage of a few fabric sales and picked up a few. 

My “plan” is to sash between the strips in a royal navy with an overall border of the deeper green.  But, since it’s a queen size and will take f.o.r.e v.e.r,  I’m thinking to add a 10-12inch landscape border on the bottom with pine trees & blue sky. 


One benefit of all the colors is using up all those odd thread colors I have.

Once I had his approval of the color choices, I started cutting strips this afternoon and had 1/3 of it cut out when it was time to start supper.

Tonight was spaghetti…sauce canned from our summer tomato’s, meat was half (hubby hunted) venison and half (bought 1/2 a beef this fall for an average $1.20 lb)  Pasta I bought on sale this past summer in bulk for .69 a lb. If I don’t count the jars and lids/power It was a meal for 5, for roughly $1.50 with enough sauce left over for lasagna tomorrow night.

Woot! More sewing time! Which I’m going to need every bit I can get with spring right around the corner. Which, for you means there will be quite a few progress posts in your near future!

Think Spring!



It Only Took 9 Years Or So….

What a week!  I’m so glad it’d done.  Mr. Fix-It was out of town most of the week.  He had business in San Diego & was able to share a few evenings with or son AJ.!!!  Other than a 2 day turn around for our daughters wedding last year we’ve not seen him. I know they both really enjoyed the time together.

Boy howdy am I glad he’s home now.  I don’t sleep well at all when he gone.and this time was no exception.  I saw the clock flip to 3 am one night and 4 another.  And why do the normal night house settling noises sound comforting when they are home yet so ominous when they are gone?  Such a sweetie I have, he came home Valentines Eve bearing  A pot of “Love Story Lilies”and a box of Lindor truffles….he knows me so well!

I did have a productive week though. I finished the red quilt & have been attempting to finish some projects which have been laying around for years.  Sorting through the basement a few weeks ago,  I found 4 quilts in various stages of completion.  So, before starting another (like the shirting quilt) I was determined to actually finish one of those started…over 9 years ago. It took a bit of digging though my quilting patterns & books to figure out which pattern I used.  I had a few of the strips started but no notes….because of course I would remember…in my defense we re arranged the basement and I lost my sewing room. I got a new space with lots of wonderful shelving for fabric storage but no sewing area.  Sewing upstairs was to disruptive so projects were boxed and packed up for a while…and at the time, I was pretty burnt out of any sewing.

So now, I have notes with each planned quilting project. I also have swatches taped to another note tucked into the appropriate quilt book just incase I loose the note in the bag

Hey, I’m shooting for organized here!


It finished out measuring 49 X 33.5 (before washing)

Anyway, I finally remembered the design layout.  I think it’s called “Broken Pinwheel”?  Whatever, flaws & all it’s done. 

Next up…a long overdue quilt for my son. He chose a braided quilt in natural earthy colors…time to do some serious stash diving!

But first my house needs some serious attention with a cleaning & dust rag after the weekend sewing marathon. 

Well, maybe after I cut a few strips for Aaron’s quilt

Wishing you a colorful day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Monday MONDAY!

It is sunny and BEAUTIFUL outside today!  Yesterday was overcast,rainy, drab and dreary so the sunshine is a very welcoming sight!  Doors are open with a cold breeze coming in so we layered up and  Evie played with her birthday present.  Yesterday little miss turned 4 although, if you ask her… she’s 15 and now in High School! She spent all morning playing with her new “paper dolls”.

20130211_090512 These are wonderful, made of a 1/2 inch magnetized chipboard, the set has 2 dolls with stands and about 20 outfits that store in the box!  So she was a happy girl playing allllll morning while I finished the quilt top.

It (the quilt top) didn’t turn out quite as I envisioned….not bad but not to my taste. It’s a good thing I got carried away making squares so I have plenty to make another and will list this one in the Etsy shop once I have the back attached.


Once that was done we spent a bit of time outside soaking up the sunshine.  I puttered around on the patio cleaning up small branches, twigs and leaves which had blown in.  It felt so good to be moving in the fresh air.  Checking the pots of bulbs I’m seeing green poking through!   I was so excited I started laughing.   We spent a bit of time in one of the flowerbeds weeding.  Evie helped and my mint has been  um, lets call it “thinned”…..not quite how I would have done it.  Good thing mint grows like weeds and will recover.   The ground was so hard but it felt so good being outside I wanted to be moving.

Tomorrow If it’s nice I think (from everything I’ve read) it’s time to feed the blueberries and add another layer of peat down. Hopefully the rain holds off so I can spread a few bales of straw on the garden.  I see a few weeds trying to pop up and maybe it will help slow them down.

I’m down to a quiet house now and am ready for a fresh cup of coffee & some time with a book….what am I reading you ask?

My gift from Mama Pea that came today!


Since I’m probably the most disorganized person you’ve ever met, I’m hoping it will have some magical powers and I’ll become like Samantha of “Bewitched”…twitch my nose and it will be done….wish me luck!




Sunday, February 10, 2013


OK, to clarify, here is the inspiration…..a simple quilt I found on Flickr…http://www.flickr.com/photos/56295730@N04/5384823681/in/pool-sunflowerseedsimadeit/ I’ve taken a few liberties with the design

I felt the over all red was a bit to much.  It was taking on a Christmassy feel

so I went back to the store and found a compliment turquoise (of course they were out of the original) to use as a 1 inch border.


And then more of the smaller print for the binding. Anything I have left of the prints will be a scrappy back with the turquoise as the base


What do you think….Mama Pea, do these photos help?

Now I have been known to get a tad bit carried away with color…so don’t be shy about speaking up


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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Beautiful 43 degrees and sunny today.  I was able to dry 3 loads of laundry outside on the dry racks today. First time this winter!  Nothing better than sheets that smell of the outdoors when you lay your head down at night.  I don’t at all envy those in the north east keeping warm by shoveling snow!

I made a run to the thrift store to drop off another box of “stuff” and popped inside to check for tablecloths.  I like to find the large heavy woven kind and cut them down & repurpose for napkins.  I can easily get a dozen out of a good sized cloth. ( For $3.95 it’s a pretty good deal as the same fabric new is $6.00-$8.00 a yard in the fabric store.)

But,what I did find was the dollar bin! 

The bin was full of men’s shirts


Perfect for a Split Rail quilt!  A few had been washed but most are 3X (HUGE) and have that stiff new fabric feel & smell.  I almost felt guilty purchasing perfectly good shirts to cut up but…from the dollar bin they get shipped out of the country in those big rag bundles so…my guilt flew out the window.

I did buy the light green stripe on the far left as I needed one more lighter shade…for $2.95 LOL!  So, when I’m done I’ll have right at $13.00 in a quilt top. 

The other quilt I’m stuck on.  I have all the borders on, the squares *squared up* laid it out,  and I’m not happy with it.  Each block was to float on the red polka dot with about 3 inches between each block. The polka dot really makes the reds pop but it looks blech.  something’s missing yet I don’t know what else to add…


Blocks squared and waiting to be placed

Your in-put is requested!

And, is any one else ticked off at these gas prices?  Ours has been bouncing up and down in price .10-.15 any given day.  Yesterday it was $3.43 & I thought Pfft!  I’m waiting a day or so, it’ll go down again….(because every darn time I fill up it drops .10 a gallon the next day) Well, today I’m at 1/4 tank & it’s up to $3.65!  *Palm to face*….& of course I’m down to one bucket of flour &  1/2 bucket of sugar so a run to town is in order tomorrow.

And a rant…..I’m watching the news this morning and the entire 1/2 hour segment is on the Grammy awards…well let me correct myself.  Not the actual awards but the dress code!  What?  A list of about 15 “rules” such as ..No bare buttocks, no bare breasts, no open lace cut outs…What happened to the days of pride?  Not the pride where you show off all God blessed you with!!  The super bowl half time was another disappointment to me.  I’m not a prude but Beyonce could have done more than just whip & flip her hair around.  A friend of mine made comment with all her crotch thrusting, sighs & grunting all she needed was a pole to dance around.  Gah!  Prime time! Family viewing time people!  How about an appropriate performance?!?!?! I was so disgusted.

I guess I’m a prude.  I have no problem with women showing a bit of cleavage or bare back in the appropriate environment but, prancing on stage in what equals lingerie with a bare butt is a bit much for me.  *Sigh* And this is the type of person young girls think they need to emulate!

Off to make coffee and calm down


Friday, February 8, 2013

Staying Inside Sewing

is my plan for the day.

Yesterday was a surprising 71 degrees and I was out running errands in my shirt sleeves.  Today it’s 38 and getting colder.  Balmy weather for you up north with chattering teeth becoming buried in snow I know. I think I would rather have a sustained cold than this roller coaster weather.  So I’m hibernating inside with a bit of sewing

My project this morning, working on a quilt. IMG_2069

The blocks are all cut to size, ready and waiting for me to cut & add the upper & lower borders.  How I’ll actually place the blocks I’m not sure.  I had a great design in mind and accidently trimmed a bunch of blocks 3/4 of an inch to short.  The adage “measure twice cut once” comes to mind!

I think quilting is a bit like life. It may not always turn out as you planned but by using what you have it’s still good!

What are you working on today?


Monday, February 4, 2013

Just Puttering Around

We’ve had bits of snow over the past few days


no huge amounts just enough to make the roads slushy and slippery. It was the right amount to cover all the brown and grey winter grass and make everything look fresh and clean

.   Erika and I spent Saturday helping my brother in-law moving…ok… I helped unpacking, she helped in the blowing snow with the others loading and unloading.

Other than that it’s been pretty quiet around here & that’s fine with me.

I’ve been reorganizing, cleaning out kitchen cabinets and puttering around de-cluttering a bit here and there.   We made a good dent in the basement a few weeks ago but, the main floor needs more cleaning out.   I need to ramp it up and get-r-done as spring is just around the corner

But other things like this keep distracting me!


Playing with a pattern for a very simple baby quilt.  I’m going with a combination of 2 patterns I liked….we’ll see how it turns out


Since I started this post Monday, I think I’d better just stop now or it will be next month before I’m done.  The doors & windows are open!  Cant believe it but it’s 71 today!!! Mark it on the calendar!   Snow called for tonight LOL!

Have a great day