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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lilies,& 15 Minutes

About 10 years ago,
I planted a few of these beautiful Lilies
I dug them up from the side of the road
They multiply
Like Rabbits!
we have separated them
they are at the end of the driveway...
in the front of the house...
on the side of the house...
around the pond...
They have split the landscaping timbers
they are coming up on the
edge of the driveway

2 years ago I gave away not less than
4 wheel barrel loads
last year, I gave away 2!

As beautiful as they are

I now understand why

they were on the

side of the road.

15 minutes after taking that photo
this is what I saw rolling in

I don't know about you,
but when the sky turns
that shade of green

I boogity boogity inside!


  1. I have some lillies but mine have never multiplied. That must be because I lack a green thumb! What I have that drives me nuts is lambs ear. That stuff has spread throughout the yard... I just can't seem to kill it!

  2. I hope that fierce cloud just cooled things off for you and not anything nasty.

  3. I haven't seen lilies multiply like that here (I wish they're one of my faves!)But kudzu on the other hand.. you can drive without seeing it several times on your trip. There are some stray buttercups and iris here and there though.

  4. I planted some lily bulbs this spring, but I am not seeing any sign of them. I do have a few day lilies that I enjoy. I too had to thin them and get rid of tons of them.
    Kudzu, oh my gosh Candice, you can sit in your back yard and watch that stuff grow!!

  5. I didn't get to comment on your "hair" (or lack thereof) post but your daughter looks wonderful! (and your granddaughter) She looks healthy and vibrant. Praise the Lord.
    My sister plants lilies and has to thin them every year. They are beautiful though!


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