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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Make Do Monday's Birdbath

We were sitting outside the other night having coffee after supper
& heard the dreaded engine sound
Our Neighbors Bobcat.
I do have to say he can make that thing dance,
knows exactly what hes doing and is
Very good with it
when working for others
Unfortunately as with most of us, the time he has to
complete things for himself is limited
so he's always in a hurry.
So, there is usually collateral damage
his yard, home & surrounding areas!
Being the kind/nosey neighbors we are, we went
across the field to see if we could help.
Turns out his water line had a break on his property...not by the meter
The water company would hire a crew to fix it...
for a price close to the national deficit.
Hence the Bobcat to dig up the line.
We stayed to help him find the broken and temporally cap it.
As his wife & I "supervised" the destruction
I made comment I loved her birdbath collection
(she has like 6-7 of them in a small area)
& have been looking for a small one for my flowerbed.
She said "Take em....I'm throwing them out, they're old"
Music to my ears!!
Being the kind helpful & thrifty neighbor I am...
we hauled this Cast iron beauty back across the field to its new home.
A bit of time with a wire brush & a new coat of paint, she'll be better than new!
I love the detailing, I'm sure I'll love it even more
after we wash all the mud off.

Oh, the water line? It was fixed the next day....
so was the cable line....
the second power line,
the wood pile was re stacked.
The lawn?
It will take a month or so to recover!
Possibly longer, as the bobcat is still parked in the yard...
he's been busy....


  1. I've had my cable line ripped down by a dump truck who forgot his bed was still up before! Sounds like you had an interesting day. That birdbath looks nice, especially that it is cast iron and will last a long time!

  2. What an exciting evening. My neighbors are a great source of yard art for me. Now, they say when they see something, they ask how would it look in Karyn's yard. I am really big on repurposing. One of my favorites is bowling balls. right now there are about eight of them in my rock wall, but I recently saw some crafty ideas I want to try with them.

  3. Candi, Thanks I hope it lasts a long time...at least till I find another I like

    Karyn, I saw those! I think its great, we have a friend that likes to use stone faces mingled in or odd chunks of glass, looks beautiful adds that personal touch!

  4. I am only a BIT jealous. Love the bird bath. Since my yard is only about 1/10 the size of Karyns' I do not know where I could put one, but I can still dream.

  5. Evy, one year we used a pretty creamic bowl I picked up at ayard sale thrift shop...I just put it out in a small flower bed where the birds could find it.
    Worked great until I forgot it outside one winter & it cracked!

  6. I love bird baths. That will look great when you have painted it.

    Don't forget to post pictures when it is finished.

  7. Throwing out for being old? Sniffle.

    Can't wait to see what you do with this beauty. Being that I love primitives, I'd probably just wash the mud off and let it be. :o)

  8. You were in the right place at the right time. That will be very nice after you get your hands on it.


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