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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Talk To Me Tuesday

Have you heard about the new e-magazine
It’s written by women, for women!
After all who knows us better right!
Think of sitting around the kitchen table with a group of your girlfriends chatting,
sharing funny stories, swapping recipes, crafting ideas,
gardening & even home school projects.
That’s the goal of “Ruby”
Something for women of all ages & family stages.
In fact, much of the content will be from you the readers
When was the last time you found a magazine with
paper dolls or stationary!
Remember how fun that was?
And, I’m so excited as I have been blessed with the awesome opportunity
to write the WAHM (Work at Home Mom) column!
I’ll be covering everything from juggling time between work & family,
to budgets (eww! The B word) & marketing.
So, I’ll be looking for input from all the WAHM’s out there!
Interested in being interviewed?
Contact me using the link above & let me know, I’d love to chat with you.

Best of all “Ruby” will contain no advertisements, except for the WAHM ads!
And those ….drum roll please…will be FREE!
Yes, I said FREE!
To submit your ad, you can go to “Ruby” or send them to me.
You will have a 4x4 ad, so send graphics & a link
If you hurry, you should still be able to
be in the JUL/AUG issue.
Any questions? Contact me using the link above & let me know,
I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Wow! Congratulations to YOU!
    How cool is this?

    I'm off to check the link now, but I'll be baaaaack.

  2. Yippee... your name is in there and all!

    Now this is an e-zine.. is that right? Because I always miss out on magazines because of postage costs, so this would be perfect!
    (and I can keep an eye on you, as well!)

  3. Thanks! I'm so excited! There will be sections for children also...right up your alley for the little bits!

  4. Congratulations on your new gig!

  5. This sounds very nice. Good luck in your new adventure.

  6. Howdy
    Oh my what an awesome project.
    I am so very happy for you .
    Congratulations to you.
    You are truly a blessing .
    I am looking forward to this wonderful treasure for women to enjoy .
    Thank you so much for sharing
    your talent and skills with women around the world.
    Blessings to you .

  7. How thrilling for you! Yay!

    Thanks for the heads up! :o)


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