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Saturday, June 13, 2009

How I know He Loves Me

You know,
A lot of women expect their husbands
to surprise them with thing like
Big showy acts of love
There are a few things
I've needed this week
& have not left the house to go get.
Once I'm home,
I just want to stay there
enjoy it
Nothing says I love you more
than when Mr Fix It,
is up at O'Godthirty
and leaves this gift for me
to find as soon as I step out side
After 25 yrs,
I love him more each day
and little gifts like this
says he still loves me too


  1. Aww... :o)

    I looked out and saw tomato plants waiting to be planted. ;o)

  2. Yes,you are loved! My best half makes stops at Starbucks and waits in the truck since he doesn't like coffee. True love!

  3. You're totally right! You even don't need to get something to know he loves you. A little hug when he passes, a kiss out of nowhere, a touch that says everything or even just the way he looks at you... it's more precious than all the material gifts in the world.

    I got to know him when I was 17years old, now 6 years ago, but it was love at first sight and I too love him more each day. But we're still young, it's not the same as writing things like this when you're 25yrs together.
    People like you make me believe in eternal love... :)

  4. Yep, nothin' says love, quite like a water hose!
    That's so sweet, and honey, I KNOW what I'm talking about!!!
    See, I got hedge clippers from my Old Guy the other day... and I swear I teared right up! *sniff*

    You're a lucky woman.. but he's just as lucky, to have you in his life!


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