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Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Thursday...Already!& Fathers Day Projects

And its HOT again..
one day is melting into the next!
I'm outside having coffee & its well
in to the 80's at 8 am!
A belated "Happy Fathers Day"
to all the male types reading this
Ya, right!
But seriously Happy Fathers Day to all
the Moms who struggle to fill the roll
of Mom & Dad.
Father's day morning had us up and out
by 8am painting the play structure..
Isaiah & I were painting ends and crevice's...
Mr Fix it had a sprayer...1st time we've used it

Don't look at all the weeding I've neglected!
We had supervisors, The oldest & youngest Sib's...
taking sister time where you can find it.
not the most flattering photo and I'm sure I'll hear about it!
Danielle brought her lawnmower over for repairs...
shes had a hard time getting it to stay running
& was worried her Dad would need some thing to do.
Sweet child...
2 minute fix......
he put gas in it!
She could see it had gas..
but it was to low to pump ....
she won't hear the end of that one for a while!

Buddy performing a quality assurance check...
2 minutes later he was in the pond,
8 am & it was already in the 80's

Sure glad he was the one crawling around
but he had the sprayer!

3/4ths of the way through, the clouds rolled in and
we were soaked with as much rain as we were sweat!

Guess we should have been in Mass.....
Gods not to suble way of saying Ahem....HELLO!
I need to listen more!


  1. It is terribly hot. He is going to have hours of fun.

  2. looks like a nice day despite the heat and the rain. I live three blocks from my parents, and work with my dad, so everyday is fathers day for me. We bought Jon a gazebo for his bbq, but the wind and the rain have kept us from setting it up. Happy family time!

  3. Looks like a great Father's Day project. I don't DARE ask my Mr. Fix it to do any projects for a bit after what he built for the wedding during the week he had off for vacation??? But I do love having a husband that is great at fixing things. Looks like you are equally appreciative!
    And in answer to your question, yes, we gained another beautiful granddaughter thru marriage and we are still kicking ourselves that NO one thought to yell out and put her in the family pictures! What WERE we THINKING (or not thinking in this case!)
    And, I thought the picture of the sisters was great. They won't?

  4. maybe we can mix together your heat and our cold and come up with a decent temperature for everyone.

  5. I am not sure who I am more jealous of, you with your Mr. Fix-it husband or the little man and his super cool play equipment!

  6. I think Buddy had the right idea. ;o)

  7. Thanks ladies! The set was GIVEN to us, a ear or so ago by moving neighbors...we've replaced the swing seats & tightened a few bolds but other than that......we have a space ship, a cowboy cabin, a pirate ship, a race car...the back side has a section with a 4ft wide rope ladder/wall....many "bad guys" have been caught in that trap! LOL

  8. I am handing out awards, come over to my place and get yours.


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