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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Test Knit!

Mandie Over at Sheepy Time Knits
has a new pattern coming out soon.
Guess who got to test knit!
Excuse me while I gush but
It is so flippin
Yep! That's the only photo you get
till its released.......
my big ole hand and a bit of pink!
Already cast on 2 more for Miss Evie
Shes going to be a stylin babe!
Clear, precise & easy to follow directions,
(Well they are Mandie's, would she have it any other way?)
The license...is mine as soon as its released!

Get your paypal ready!


  1. OOoh, pink and girly? My paypal is ready! Talk about a teaser!

  2. Oh that's fun - trying out a pattern for someone. I love the colour!


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