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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday....Coupons

Boy, have dropped the ball in my couponing.
One of the easiest money saving
things you can do!
Tackling the Coupon's today!
I had a 4X6 card box.
Cream colored, broken up neatly in categories
with index cards,
sorted with a ready to expire section,
Money saving at my fingertips,
and I saved lots of money!
Now, its at another's finger tips
can you believe some one would steal a coupon box?
How low can you go!
That was a few years ago....
Can you tell I'm not quite over it?
So, I started another
it was Pink
Pale Pink
No one will steal a
Pink coupon box
I've left it in the cart
in the parking lot....
It was still there a few hours later
when I went to retrieve it.
Although it was great for organizing it was designed
for desk top use,
not the battering it was receiving
The last time it dumped,
I crammed all the coupons back in and have left it sit.
I wasn't about to put all the work
back into setting it up (& have it dump for the 100th time) AGAIN!
I've been using the bowl or baggie method...
you know, the little dish on your counter that"collects thing"
I'd poke through the earrings & bobbins to find the clipped coupon I needed
or the big freezer bag in the cabinet stuffed with the Sunday ads
Did you know expired coupons breed?
(Neither did I
But they do)
I needed a new system
Besides, Bertha is used to being fed all the
$ I saved..& shes hungry!
Here I think is my solution
A clear 24 paged presentation book
It has blank inserts inside each page
effectively giving me 48 sections!
Catching up clipping all the coupons has been a chore
but, all I have to do is think of how much cash I've left at the store
& I get motivated again.
Its been sitting (the pile of coupons)
at the end of the table for the past few days &
I've been working my way through
bits at a time.
Tackle it Tuesday was my motivation to complete it!
Now to shred the expired pages for the garden!
Whats your Tackle it Tuesday?


  1. while reading your post, I went through my coupons. Little bunnies had double the expired coupons. I am having a herd time with the nutrition part of coupons. Not easy to get cents off of wholesome foods around here. I use the newspaper and a few mailers. Now, I just clip it if it will fit our nutrition plan and hope it goes on sale before expiration bunnies come.

  2. Great idea! Now if I could only find some coupons to clip...

  3. I more than understand! I just found more...all expired! GRRR...


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