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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So, Does this mean I’m Grounded?

I’m late posting today.  Bad, bad, me.  I needed to run to Louisville…which will be a post all in itself, it was a very enlightening  study of …well I’ll tell ya later. Anyway,  I also needed work on another project so….I’m later than even my normal.  So I came home, dropped my bags put the groceries away & checked my e-mail.

I received this from Erika;

Okay… so I like keeping tabs on you through your web log… how am I supposed to do that when you don’t web log daily?  Seriously dude, I’m disappointed in you.  It’s been an entire day and no new blog.  Not cool mom.  I can’t really call you from home unless I want to sit on top of my couch with my head pointed towards the side wall, my feet towards the window, my arms sticking straight up like antennas (because it really does help), and let’s not forget the tongue hanging out like a dog.

What I want to know, is when did the rolls change?  I’m no where near the “help I’ve fallen & I cant get up” stage.  They haven’t been gone a month and its starting already.  I bet by next month it will be where are you going, what time will you be home, who will you be with, who are their Children, have I met them? Call me if the plans change……..

Oh, and really she’s not spastic, she has horrible reception in the new house.

Do your kids keep tabs on you?

*****Edited to add I love you too Sweetie!


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mother Rescuing Her Child

Erika just sent this to me…

Every once in a Mom Just has to kick BUTT!


Look at the dog's face... This has to be what he is thinking.

"What just happened?

Did I just get my butt kicked by a squirrel?!!".

Have you ever rescued or “kicked butt” for one of yours? 

Ok, not actually KICKED butt …you know what I mean!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Wow, we had a great weekend & I hope you did too.

Mr. Fix~it worked Saturday, & when he cam home we made the rounds dropping of everyone’s “stuff”.  Stopped in at my nephews house (the one that flooded)…..The clean up is done thanks to family friends and kids from you church youth ministry..the other family!  I was amazed at the damage, the force of the water pushed  his French doors, frame and all into the room against 30 inches of water already inside…but stayed connected on one side like a swinging door.  They have only been in the house about 5 years & are pretty devastated.  No flood insurance as that area has never flooded!  Insurance offers a maximum $5,000.00 payout.  That may replace the flooring.  not the walls or anything else. 

We took Erika her things after that & were invited to stay for Supper.  We were joking after words wondering if supper was a thank you for bringing our things or, an attempt to bribe us not to bring more!  Either way it was a wonderful evening made even better that Danielle was able to join us. 

Speaking of Danielle, I wanted to show you one of her cakes,

IMG00095 The photo is not the greatest but its just beautiful.  Exactly as the customer ordered

Sunday We shopped at Kohl's for a niece’s 1 Yr birthday gift and I just had to  pick up few outfits for Evie.  My total was $48.05, saving shown at bottom of receipt $68.94!  I love clearance racks!  Just goes to show the mark up in garments.

I’ve been working on a few special orders and inventory for the shop,

Another 7 Dwarf’s hat, There is also a Pink one I haven’t had an opportunity to photo

Birthday & longies 021

A pair of longies to stock

Another Fall Foliage (no Photo)

Ivory with blue flecks

Birthday & longies 017

And a custom pair…Medium in Earth Elements I started last night. Ready to separate for the legs

Birthday & longies 016

& a few scarves now waiting buttons.(photos in a day or so)

& someone else just wanted to show off her 7 month self!

Birthday & longies 015Yes, she’s trying to walk!

Well, I’ve enjoyed a lazy morning but I’m off to the post office to ship some orders & I’ve an article for “Ruby” to complete. And If you have not subscribed, you should check us out! The holiday edition is due & will have some great recipes, decorating ideas & freebies for you and the kids.

What are your plans for the day?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clearing Out!

Saturday was a slow but productive day.  I glanced at the to~do list but just went at my own pace .  After all, Its was Saturday I was able to can a few more quarts of tomato sauce.  I finished  all the tubs of baby clothes for my Nephew aside for a few hand wash items.  Who buys hand wash items for an infant?  Although I started washing the wet clothes immediately  some of the garments had bled colors on to other items.  I knew how devastating this flood had been for them emotional & financially & wanted as little loss as possible.  30 inches of water in a  finished basement can do a lot of damage. It’s amazing how much mud, twig and bits of grass & leaves can get in those little vent holes in storage tubs! Everything disinfected and washed 2-3 times, now ready for the next baby. Even the shoes, I was able to salvage those by stuffing to shape and changing the stuffing (washcloths & napkins) every few hours & kept them in front of a fan.  They absorbed moisture and retained the shape.  The loss was one outfit!

The laundry room is coming along.  I just decided not to knock myself out about it.  Its a unfinished 16X16 room (maybe bigger)that houses washer, dryer, large chest freezer, water heaters & anything the kids have put in storage through the years, clothes line, 0ld toy box, seasonal clothing…get the idea?  Oh, lets not forget the laundry. I’ve worked out a system…of trash bags.  One for Goodwill/yard sale, one for trash & others for each kid.  I worked for a few hours in there in between switching loads of clothes & had 4 bags of trash, you know those things that are beyond use that never got mended or repaired. 2 bags for good will & 2 for Erika. After clearing all of those out and the tubs of clothes for my nephew…I was so thrilled to see the difference! Mr.~Fix it bless his heart hauled all those tubs & bags up the stairs and loaded them in the truck as fast as he could, smiling all the while.  We cheated and unloaded the trash at the dealership then made the rounds dropping the bags & tubs off to the owners.  Such a relief  & freeing in clearing “stuff” out.  No, there are not any before photos, they are imprinted on my memory and that’s ENOUGH!

I relaxed last night knitting and finished the order for the 7 Dwarf’s hats.    All in all a pretty productive day!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Longies Stocking & Treasure Hunting

More Longies for the shop! 

Deep Teal, shades of Pinks & Purples with a touch of limeglood & longies 019  And a fall favorite, Small mid weight Unisex longiesglood & longies 013 I’ll have these posted as soon as I can get the photos loaded to Etsy.  For some reason the files are to big.  I’ve tried adobe & saving to the web but even adobe says they are to big to handle?  The joys of a new camera…have to pull the book out!  Oh, And we did find my old camera, it was folded up in the chair I had at Rachel’s party!  We found it when we pulled them out while camping!

We’ve started the “Great Closet Clean out”  Have to make a game of it or……well lets just say it reminds me of those old comedy’s where they open the closet and everything just explodes out!

dresses 007

We found a few treasures….a couple of dresses  & wrap I’d made for formal occasions back in Mr. Fix~It’s prior life as a DOD contractor.  Yes that is a turquoise Lame Bodice, and to make it even worse, it has a peplum. I got my use of these, I used a scrap of the wrap to make a belt for the pink & black the 2nd time I used it…Can’t get more 80’s than that!….although the pattern is still sold! Scientific proof things shrink in the closet.  I was never that small!

Destined for Goodwill & some little girls dress up box I imagine. I could repurpose the fabric but, who knows when I would get around to it!

Clearing out the closets is my goal to complete before winter sets in……

After the finds in here I’m scared to tackle the closet in my sons old room. So I’m stalling and working in the laundry room. Still progress right?

Do you know what’s in the back of your closets?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday, A Conversation With God

Well, God & I had a little talk the other day after my  Temper Tantrum

What he heard was whine, whine, whine with some verbal foot stomping…like a tired toddler on a sugar high & no nap. 

What I heard when I took the time to listen was ….well,  you ungrateful Brat!  In a hands on hips voice.  You know, the parent that has heard enough tone?

I gave you a home….when many have lost theirs..Take care of it

Those children, you were fussing to me about.. you mean the little-ones you  were blessed with? Prayed for, prayed over?  Begged for my help to save when one nearly came home to me?  Be grateful, you still have them on earth to enjoy.  Many do not and seek comfort.

My creatures great and small?  When your not whining they bring you great comfort, companionship & Joy…want me to take them back?

So, lets see …Yes the harvest.  Did you not come to me saying you were changing things, making wiser choices with your money, taking better care of your body…did you not come to me asking for blessings on your garden?  Let it be fruitful? You said you were willing to do the work…did you change your mind? There are a lot of hungry & out of work people out there…….

Oh, and the mice?  They’re just to let you know I do have a since of humor.

Do you want to rethink a few things before we talk again?

Um……I uh, sure.  I have a lot to think about & I know your a busy Guy so….Um,


So today, while counting my blessings ….the carrots are in the canner, tomato sauce is bubbling waiting for its turn, birds are fed & watered & cages cleaned & bird seed swept up, washer is running, the remainder of the mess from the  bag of cookies that I left out & the  dog ate & left all over the kitchen floor is cleaned up, cleaning the laundry room out so I can set the shelves to move the canned goods down stairs so I can clear the counter to clean out the cabinets…….because I am so very Blessed!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Having a Pity Party, Want to come?

Well last weeks to-do list went to hell in a hand basket.  We did get the blueberries and blackberries planted.  I went on a canning frenzy, cleaned out the spare room…and it went down hill from there.  I had the house pretty neat and clean.  Windows washed, dusted, vacuumed blah blah blah. Now I can start all the corners and cabinets right?  


I have a kitchen counter crammed full of  canned/preserved food.  I need to set up another shelf in the basement to store them but, I need to get all the laundry done to clean out the laundry room…..to put the shelves up.  Otherwise its just more to clean around.  Now that the majority of the towels are clean…They don’t all fit in the linen closet….(no I’m not giving them away, I just replaced a bunch of them) So, I started to clean out the linen closet, 20+ yrs of sheets and mattress pads.  I have piles of twin, (6 twin beds at one time and 2 sets per bed)….full, queen & KING?  (We NEVER have had a King size bed here… where the heck did they come from?)  All still useable…now in stacks in the bathroom floor..I need to check with Erika & see if she want any for the kids beds and free cycle the rest.  Well maybe keep a few as paint drop cloths….but where will I put them…..

Little bird had a tantrum and threw bird seed ALL OVER again in the  family room..

A big bird cage that needs cleaning

More things needing to be canned and no space to do it with all the full jars in the way.  But all the canning pots & tools are still out..beans & tomato’s need picked

I have 3 orders I need to finish & about a dozen diaper to make for a friend

An article to write by months end,

My bedroom looks like a BOMB went off in it & the mini blinds broke…I bought a new set to hang…wrong size so they need to go back

I have seen 4 different mice in the kitchen…set 8 mouse traps in 10 feet space….they ate the peanut butter! Did not spring the trap!

My nephews finished basement & storage area was flooded with 30 inches of water, so I have a few large bins of baby cloths we are washing trying to salvage.  They are sorted by size on the kitchen table…not at all complaining…very happy to help but..

And Buddy the muddy swamp thing just came in covered in mud….

I just dropped a container of cocoa on the floor

I’d go back to bed but its covered with clean clothes to put away

It’s like a vicious circle, I need to do this job to do that, but that has to have …and on and on.

To top it off I still feel like some one has just sucked all the life & energy from my body.  I’m tired of being tired.

So, do you really want to hear what I think about organizing?    I had a clean & neat house!

I think I’m going to sit down & have a bagel & fresh cup of coffee with this Pity Party & then getting back to work

PLEASE tell me it’s not just me!

OK maybe it is……

Talk About it Tuesday, Sculpture

One of the small towns we visited was Osgood Indiana

Home of the Damm Theatre…Really, that’s what its called! 

At the main traffic light entering town, this is what greeted us.

I think this guy had one to many rides…

Famy Campout 017Famy Campout 019 I cant really say I “like” all of the sculptures but I LOVE the creativity

Famy Campout 020

Famy Campout 021

Dodging traffic for the Turtle, he’s about 5 feet across


The outer edge the  parking lot of this corner pub “GRUBS” was peppered with these awesome creations

Famy Campout 025 Famy Campout 022

General Osgood…The towns namesake…...my head came to his feet, I’m 5”9.

Famy Campout 023

HUGE Warrior, battle ready

Famy Campout 026 Famy Campout 024

Spiders in webs

Famy Campout 030

Armadillo 10-12 ft tall

Yes I know its backwards, I was not about to dodge cars for a photo of the front..I thought about it though!Famy Campout 031

As we came back through town I made Mr... Fix~it stop for photos.

I know in the pub they were saying, who is that crazy woman with that awesome camera!

Famy Campout 038 Traditional landscaping would have been to sedate for this place, It was bordered on 3 sides with these wonderful gardens.

Famy Campout 032

I just wish I knew how to actually use this awesome camera and do these photos justice!

I wonder if the creator of these would make a dragonfly for me….

Monday, September 21, 2009

Recharging the Batteries

You know how there are times you just need to get away & recharge? Mr.Fix~It & I did just that this past weekend.  We’ve been trying to work in a weekend camping with Rachel & Adam for months.  We decided on this past weekend then,  found out one of Mr. Fix~It’s Missouri relatives would be camping in state & we decided to join them on Thursday night.….with Rachel & Adam& Hayden, Erika & Chris & little ones, Mr. Fix~It’s parents…a brother & his wife…joining us over the weekend.  It was a blast!  We had the first night with just his Aunt & Uncle.  It’s been years since he (or I ever) have had one on one time with them. Boy have we been missing out! Such warm and loving people.  A campfire, bottle of wine and chatting till nearly midnight. That night alone made the trip.

Famy Campout 007 A beautiful to way to enjoy my morning coffee

Famy Campout 005Signs of fall all around us

The others trickled in over Friday & Saturday.  We all joined more family members at Wagner’s Village Inn Oldenburg In. for one of the best chicken supper’s I’ve had in a long time. Super kid friendly, they had tiny table for Isaiah & Hayden, books, crayons etc.

Back at the campfire, Rachel decided to pop some 5 minute Jiffy popcorn…

Famy Campout 094

5 minutes later (daylight)

Famy Campout 116 Famy Campout 097

10 minutes later, the ribbing starts

Famy Campout 108

20 minutes later…Full dark & not giving up…Famy Campout 124

30 minutes Did I ever tell you Rachel is stubborn?

Famy Campout 127 40 minutes later one of the Aunts had mercy and popped some in the micro….

Famy Campout 130 Hmm, anyone want a bite?

Famy Campout 139

Famy Campout 133

Smores & Mores, helping out by cleaning up after dessert!

4 generations, brothers, cousins, aunts & uncles,  & Greats….

Famy Campout 052 Early morning fishing, catch & release..

Famy Campout 084

Afternoon naps….

Famy Campout 075

Enjoying the awakening of a new day, while most are still sleeping, savoring the last breath of summer & storing the memory

Famy Campout 010 

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mama’s New Toy!

Hey Baby!

New Camera Test 001

Whatcha doin?

New Camera Test 002

Gooooood Boy

New Camera Test 003

Whatcha Doin!

New Camera Test 004

Hi Baby

New Camera Test 005

Oh, People talk!

My Mama lost her camera.  No where to be found. So she bought this one.  She needs it to take photos of meeeee!  A few longies too if she has time….No color boosting, straight out of the new camera. 

I think I like the bright blue bag it came in just as well! 

Blue is my color doncha think!

Fight Like A Girl

I think that slogan was written with our Rachel in mind. It’s been killing me not to jump up and down screaming! Her last Chemo was September 3rd!!!! When they were here for family birthdays, she kept telling Adam we’re going to have a party to celebrate….he just kind of blew her off with a mmm hmmm, right you want me to throw a party…..little did she know lots of plotting and planning was already underway.

This past Sunday using Grandparents Day as the excuse, we & Adam’s parents went to Indy to visit. When Rachel took Hayden & Isaiah out for children’s church, her Pastor had them shut the sanctuary doors to remind her church family today’s the day!

Sub sandwiches in the park after church with comments from us all ….we better get on the road…& headed back to her house.

(What reason he used to stop at church I' don’t know but, there were LOTS of hand motions & gesturing in the car a head of us..I would have loved to hear that conversation)




Over 100 who fought the good fight with her, with prayers, housecleaning, prayers, meals & more prayer…..Celebrating Recovery & sharing the love

LOTS of tears, hugs & food. We had it set up for softball, volley ball etc…we ended up paying kick ball so EVERYONE could play together. I have a memory card full of photos…. in my camera …that I LOST that day! (It was at the church so I have faith it will show up.)

Rachel’s a Kick Butt Person. Don’t ever say..but your a girl! If she wants something moved…she moves it, runs into a barrier…she climbs over it. If she wants a task accomplished she finds a way to get it done. Stubborn, hard headed, strong, beautiful, when she chooses a course of action there is no stopping her. Quit is not in her vocabulary… She may fall down or run into roadblocks…(as documented by numerous Emergency Room visits) but SHE WILL pick herself back up, or find a way around “it” . At one ER visit the Doctor asked something along the line of, “well are you going to try that again? Her response was “yes but I’ll do it different next time” I think she was 10.DSCN2057

That attitude she carried with her thru this 2 year journey. She kept on, maybe a LOT slower pace but the spirit remained the same. Notice the ace bandage on her arm & one pant leg rolled up?

Not a fashion statement…Chemo or not she played in a co-ed softball tournament the day before, slid into base and chewed her leg up. It looks like hamburger! She kept playing and next time at bat she rounded base, turned on the wrong foot turning her ankle…it rolled…landed on her wrist and broke her arm! IN 2 PLACES! That was Saturday, she found out it was broken MONDAY when she gave in & went to the Doctor.

Adam…bless his heart just shakes his head and says well..”you know Rachel…she’s going to do it her own way”

Yeah, she Fights Like A Girl!

Monday, September 14, 2009

This week I will complete my “To Do” List

Bet you’ve caught on by now I’m  distracted easily.  When I was working I was much more organized.  Things Had to get done.  Now that I’m home for the  most part, I get “sidetracked” Some call it scatterbrained oh, bright shiny object. Start one project, go to put something away and then I start another & another….

Last fall I had a good start to clearing the clutter & cleaning “stuff” out.  Well, I got through part of the kitchen & 2 closets.  Then we had children move back in…they multiplied now they have moved back out.  And guess what, we made them take EVERYTHING they brought and then some!

So, I’m back to cleaning out.  But the list is becoming pretty much ….well, endless.

I admit I have a bit of the “we might need it some day” syndrome”.  There I said it…out loud. I admit it I have stuff like, a cabinet full of old Home Interior glass votive cups.   I’ll never use them again but they’re still good….a wok in my kitchen cabinet hogging all sorts of space, that I have used 2 times…in 25 yrs. A closet full of  my 10yr old clothes 2 sizes ago…OK! 4 sizes ago.  Empty butter, cottage cheese & yogurt tubs mounding in a cabinet..because I can use them for leftovers…if I have a party for 200 & no one shows! UGH! its gotta go!

A counter full of freshly canned food that I need to store in the basement..but I have to clean that out to make room for the shelves..it goes on and on.  I get defeated & overwhelmed. 

So I’m doing a weekly short list for myself from now on.

This week 1.  take care of Mt Laundry, its piled up with the move & I need to get the laundry room cleared out of  stored boxes & unwanted “stuff”. If its not claimed…. free cycle or Goodwill.

2. Plant the Blueberries & Blackberries

3. Till & weed the garden

4. Finish setting up the Guest bedroom

5.  Fill an order for 1 dozen diapers & 2 covers

6. Clean out 1 cabinet in the family room

7. Clean out hanging clothes from Isaiah’s old room. (You know, those 2-4 sizes ago that no longer fit and were never in style anyway!)

8. Move canning supplies & place 2nd set of shelves for canned good storage.

9. Sort & reorganize the linen closet

10.  Set 500 mouse traps to catch those little suckers before they multiply!

11.  Can more venison & tomato sauce.  I need the freezer space!

12.  Complete the first draft of my article for “Ruby”

13. Call for a physical and see why I am so tired all the time & wear out so fast.

I want to have gone through the entire house before winter.  It was so freeing to clean out things last year, the house felt so open.  Can’t wait to do even more.

So, what’s on your “To Do” List for the week? Do you make them?

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The Budweiser Story

My understanding is this is a true story….If it’s not, please dont burst my bubble!


This is TRUE!

How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those

who died on the 11th of September, 

Thought you might like to know what happened

in a little town north of Bakersfield , California

After you finish reading this,

please forward this story on to others

so that our nation and people around the world

will know about those who laughed

when they found out about the tragic events

in New York , Pennsylvania , and the Pentagon.

On September 11th,

A Budweiser employee was making a delivery

to a convenience store in a California town

named McFarland.

He knew of the tragedy that had occurred

in New York when he entered the business

to find the two Arabs, who owned the business, whooping and hollering to show their approval

and support of this treacherous attack.

The Budweiser employee went to his truck,

called his boss and told him

of the very upsetting event!

He didn't feel he could be in that store with those

horrible people. His boss asked him,

'Do you think you could go in there long enough

to pull every Budweiser product and item

our beverage company sells there?

We'll never deliver to them again.'

The employee walked in,

proceeded to pull every single product his

beverage  company provided and left

with an incredible grin on his face.

He told them never to bother to call for

a delivery again.

Budweiser happens to be the beer of choice

for that community.

Just letting you know how Kern County

handled this situation. And Now

The Rest Of The Story:

It seems that the Bud driver and the Pepsi man

are neighbors. Bud called Pepsi and told him.

Pepsi called his boss who told him to

pull all Pepsi products as well!!!

That would include Frito Lay, etc.

Furthermore, word spread and

all vendors followed suit! At last report, on June 26, 2009,

Fareed Katib closed the store and filed bankruptcy!

Good old American

Passive-Aggressive A$$ Whoopin!

Pass this along, America needs to know

that we're all working together!

If you can read this.

Thank a teacher...

If you are reading it in English....