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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Salad Bar Is CLOSED!!!!

So Mr Fat T. Wabbit
here's a 4 letter word for you
The Salad bar is Closed!
I learned Rabbits will not go in an area they believe "belongs" to another rabbit...
No, I did not make a bunny suit
But I could....
It just so happens Mr Fix~it's brother raises rabbits
The eaten kind..
(& you though I was joking about the rabbit stew)
He has been happy to share his rabbit pooooo
(more like ...happy to find another place to dump it)
He brought enough the first time
to surround one garden plot
And .......
but Mr Fat T. Wabbit moved to the other plot
and stripped my cucumbers!
Today he brought more...
the good thing is, rabbit poo
has very little smell...
just smells like wabbits
That or my sniffers broken.
I like to think it doesn't smell
So Mr Fat T. Wabbit,
you will need to find another
dining facility tonight!


  1. I've had five pet rabbits and it's not their poop that smells, it's their pee! It smells terrible!

  2. Hmmm.... I used to use human hair to deter deer(my local beauty salon loved me for hauling it away!) but I wonder if it would work on wabbits as well? It might be worth a try?

  3. Guess I'll tell Bandit to unpack and stay on snake patrol around here. He'll be so disappointed. LOL

  4. ooo sneaky :-o what a good idea

  5. So continues the saga of the wascally wabbit!

    Katie 1 Wabbit 2
    Time to catch up Katie!
    Send him running!

  6. Great idea about sewing on a scrap piece of screen... what would you use to sew it on? Fishing line maybe??

  7. Poo of any kind makes me feel queasy.


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