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Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey & Tesseract Longies!

Turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey casserole, turkey & rice, how do I love the let me count the ways....... We LOVE Turkey,why do we always wait for the holidays to cook one. It is one of the economical meats/poultry there is.

I spent the day with family & a lot of laughter, cooking, eating, laughing eating, laughing, dishes, eating, and a bit more laughter. We had a wonderful day, how was yours?

I'm seriously trying to do a bit of knit from stash only. I have more un-dyed yarn coming and need to make room! So, I spent a relaxing afternoon knitting a pait of "Sheep Pants" I used "Tesseract" by Monkeypal from Etsy. Super soft and knits up nice and dense. It was one of 5 I bought early spring and forgot about. I striped it with Deep Teal Ashford tekapo. The photos look bluish but it is a deep Teal that matches perfectly with her colors. Started this morning and already have it listed in the Etsy store.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sales & SALES !!!!

Do you have your comfy clothes and running shoes ready? Your list made, ad’s marked up and the route plotted? Planned the meeting place, decided who's vehicle has the largest trunk or storage area? I’ll see you there…watching the 7am news report from the comfort of my kitchen. I’ll be dressed in my warm robe & comfy slippers, reverently holding my coffee cup. Every year the news will show these brave (insert crazy) people out in line starting 1-2 hours before the store opens. And every year it gets earlier and earlier.

It used to be the big opening was 7 am, then 6 am. Now, its 4:00 AM? I just have to ask….ARE YOU CRAZY? What is the draw? Every year they show these Huge lines, people shoving and yelling. Last year, a pregnant woman was rammed with a cart resulting in a trip to the hospital. What sale is worth that? I know the news usually shows people at their worst, the rude behavior, language, yelling, pushing. Fighting over toys or that perfect sweater. Sure I’m all about a sale. I get upset with my self if I have only $10.00 in coupons with a $50.00 grocery purchase! I’m frugal, O.K., cheap, I admit it…..BUT 4:00 AM?!? It’s dark out! My theory is if God wanted us up and out that early he would have made it light. My family would roll on the floor with laughter if I said “lets get up early and go shopping.” I would have to drive, early, in the morning. My kids, on a school morning, would not get in the van with me unless they knew I had a few cups of coffee. Yes, there would be news reports, for multiple reasons!!
So please, tell me what’s the draw? What gift is that important? Is it the excitement of the sale? That’s fun? O-God:30 is not on my clock! I would love to hear from you. What was your best buy/savings? Is it really worth it?
So, in honor of those of us who stay warm at home and out of your way, I’m having my own sale in my Etsy store. 20% off your entire purchase. Also, I’m offering free shipping for purchases over $50.00.

I just stocked 9 items including 5 pair of longies.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rachel Up Dates

I've had quite a few e-mails asking how my daughter Rachel is getting along. First of all, THANK YOU!! for all of you holding Rachel & family in Prayer.
Shes doing well, looks like treatments will continue for a few more months at least. Christmas makes a year!
After spending Thursday, Friday & part of Saturday with Adam, Rachel & Hayden you'd think I had a camera full of photos. I have quite a few of Hayden but not one of Adam & Rachel. I even had 3 sets of charged batteries!

Here is a cell shot she sent me last night!
Please keep those Prayers coming!

I Can See Clearly Now...........

Take 2 parents, 2 Grandmothers add one 3 year old and toss in a surgery waiting room for an hour or so...........you have Blankie, a Teddy Bear (named "Cow", we have NO idea where that came from), markers and paper, cool red & blue band bracelets, cool yellow socks .......you end up with worn out adults!

But well worth it! Hayden had what used to be called "Lazy
eye", in both eyes! A 2 hour surgery is all it took to correct it. This is Saturday morning. A few red spots but looking good!
This is the new Man!

I Had fun on this next project. A Sheepy Time Knits, Full A-line Shirty~without the soaker. Super wash wool, size medium in my color way "Cutie Pie." The greens are actually much lighter, the skirt also has a draw string not shown in the photo.
Pair it with tights and a tops and your ready to go!
Should be listed in the Etsy shop tomorrow

On the needles right now is a pair of small longies in my colorway "Denim & Lace" If all goes well they will be completed tonight!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Longies and Color Play

What Happened to Fall! Brrr, we had snow flurries! That's just to much weather too early! I'm staying inside with lots of projects. I had color withdrawal for a few weeks, so I pulled out the dye pots and here are the results.

"Cutie Pie" 100% wool super wash.
This will be a baby skirt using the Sheepy Time Knits pattern (without the soaker) & a Shrug.
Super fluffy and soft.

Here is is out of the dye bath,

and re-skeined

I love Purple and Teal mixed and, "Oh Baby" has plenty of both! I dyed this with Longies in mind. 100% Merino Wool.

"Frogs & Snails", 100% Merino wool, also to be Longies.

"Puppy Dog Tails" More Longies! This base yarn was a light oatmeal, I think it really took the colors well.

"Puppy Dog Tails" Unskeined

I think I'm so cold as we did not seem to have a transitional time, no build-up to the cold. That or I'm getting old.....I prefer to think it was a quick change!

"High Meadow" Longies

A couple of completed project to show for my hibernating
"Tide Pool Longies"

Both pair should be in the Etsy Store this evening.

I've been playing with the light tent Larry gave me for my birthday. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hat Happy

I received 2 e mails today looking for the Brown and Blue Ear flap hat on Etsy. I've been having to much fun playing with colors to list them.
I promise, I will list them all tomorrow. Here is what I was working on this evening......

Soft muted Pink with Chocolate brown trim, super soft and warm. Will fit average 3-12 months as it has a LOT of stretch.

Soft Grey with Black & Yellow trim, ear flaps are long enough to cover part of little cheeks. Sized the same as the Blue & Brown to fit average child 2-5 yrs

This one was fun but, I love the Pink and Brown combination. Bet you little one would find hers in the pile of hats & gloves!
It also will fit the average 2-5 yr old crowd.

All are ultra soft and washable.

I have 3 others to post tomorrow after once I have photo's. All are soft and squishy, but most importantly WARM!

So, what's your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blessings & Hats

How styles have changed! We had funky ruffles and smock tops, as if expecting a baby meant dressing like a baby!

A few weeks ago I was browsing through Etsy looking at baby things & ran across this top from "Flaunt It".

I just had to order it for Erika.
The shop is located in Hawaii so I expected it to take a while to receive. I had it in less than a week! And, for the belly rubbers....
Shes has another that says "I am not a Genie Bottle!"

She loves it, super soft and has room for blooming belly's!

So far Isaiah is excited about the baby, loves to kiss his baby sister (we hope).

Cold weathers on the way, weatherman is calling for snow this weekend. I've had a few asking for hats so..........

This and a few others should be listed in my Etsy Shop tomorrow.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Knitting Catch up & Free Pattern

Some Completed projects today, I've been trying to catch up with my knitting.
This morning I finished another Tikki Dress/Jumper. This Green bodice with variegated Green and Burgundy skirting was made with the Holidays in mind. Paired with a cream top and tights or leggings and your ready to party! Soft, warm and washable!
The colors don't show up as well here but you can see it on Ravelry or, in my Etsy shop.
I love these dresses as there is so much negative ease, it can be used as a top or tunic as they grow!

I cast on another pair of Sheepy Pants, these are smalls using my hand dyed color way "Tide Pool".

And lastly (for tonight) is a baby hat I call "Find a Penny". Its warm mix of shades of copper and
browns, sized to fit 0-6months. Nice and handy to stuff in the diaper bag.

Scrap stash!

I have a few other project in the works I hope to finish up this week.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Needles or Chopsticks

Did you know knitting needles are considered terrorist tools by airline staff? I purchased Size 7, plastic 16in circular needles to use on the plane. Security said they were fine not a problem. Not long enough or sharp enough to use as a weapon. On the way over, I had this "Tikki Dress" nearly to the half way point. The flight from Sydney to Melbourne? Not a chance. They almost took it from me on the plane! Said it is not allowed and to dangerous to have the needles. I said security let me through saying they were fine but....no go. To "sharp" to have out around other passengers so, I put it away............ And noticed chopsticks were offered upon request for meals. Hmmmm wonder what she would have done if I borrowed a pair or, pulled out 2 pencils and started a scarf....I'm just sayin......

Home Sweet Home

Wow, what a vacation! I almost hated to come home. We had 2 weeks, 10 flights, and 4 hotels.
Not many photos now as I have to find the memory chip! I HEARD YOUR SIGH OF RELIEF! LOL (sort of).
Our first stop was Sydney....What an introduction to Australia! This was our view from our hotel room. I have never used the word "charming" to describe any place, person or thing. But Sydney is charming, its the only word I find appropriate to describe the city. They have found a way to preserve and present the architecture & history of the city while blending in modern structures & conveniences.
We had the opportunity to sail as rookie crew in a mini regatta. We won. It possibly had a bit to do with our captain being the Admiral of the local yacht club and, a 3 time participant of the America's Cup. Just a little I'm sure. We had a blast but, I can't envision us sailing on the Ohio River! A very European flavor to the shopping, open markets, little side alleys full of shops, and sidewalks! Nice wide sidewalks that allow room for outdoor cafes & pedestrians. A lot of traffic but, mostly delivery or service vehicles. Everyone walks. It was wonderful. I loved it, we as a nation drive everywhere to the malls or shopping, they walk or take the bus. The food, was WONDERFUL! Lot of fresh veggies, fresh grain and Turkish breads. Cappachino heaven! The food and exercise may be one reason they are a fit nation. Over 20 hrs flying total to get there but, I would go back tomorrow in a heart beat!