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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Diva Has Grandma Around Her Pinky!

Grandmas cleaning up the sewing mess
So I the
"Reining Diva"
can tell you about these sloooow people.
One of my many fans (Mommy's customer)
gifted me with a beautiful Minky blanket.
All winter and spring I would lay on it to sleep...
as is appropriate for a Diva.
Well, summer is here and they
have been trying to put me to bed on a cotton sheet
(the nerve of some people!)
Every night I would wake them screaming
I want my blankie!
I even varied the times,
thinking they would catch on....
1 am,....
3 am....
no one would listen!
Finally this nice new lady that takes care
of me while Mommy's at work told them....
"You didn't tell me she won't sleep without Minky"

Finally! Someone understood!
So, today Grandma made me another!
One for back up and play....
I love bold colors but, as a true Diva
I want PINK
so, I now have a new blankie

Soft minky circles

some I can chew on, some I can rub my face on.
some smooth & flat, some twisted so I can pull on them
It took a month for them to catch on....
grown ups are soooo difficult to train
Tomorrow I'll start working on a
Baby Steps!


  1. lol cute, and you know she'll love it to death!

  2. And you deserve it too, you cutie pie! :o)

  3. Yummy baby! Lucky Gramma! Cutesy minky! Back to Yummy Baby!


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