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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Customs in progress, Mama update’s!

A hooded Cardi in progress using handspun from Little Monkey’s Stitch & Spin.  Wow, is it nice! Often handspun is overspun and kinks up while knitting with it…this is smooth and wonderful to work with.  The sweater is knitting up quickly as I want to knit to the next color change!WIPs 004

Also on the needles are longies for Sara.  Using Mosaic Moon Charlie” These longies are a fun knit as the colors are so bold they just pop !WIPs 006Friday I’ll be stocking again with Jenny on Little Trunks Knits,  I’ll have a few Christmas items & if your looking for overalls you need to see the Bayside Britches she’s stocking

WIPs 007

Tonight they are calling for snow so you can bet I’ll be inside knitting & venturing out as little as possible tomorrow

Have a great week!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Finds Me..

thankful for my garden & the time I can spend in it with the little’s in my life

Pickings and addition 020

From tiller to table, teaching them that the work we do pays off

Pickings and addition 014

sometimes it’s to the benefit of others & no matter what you do, once in a while thing just don’t work out

But that’s ok…you don’t give up, you try again.

Pickings and addition 015

Giving me the reminder that a garden is like children, it’s not just planting seeds,

but the seen and unseen they are exposed to

Pickings and addition 010

which form the strong vines of character they will develop & carry with them on the twisting paths life offers

& to live with purpose

Pickings and addition 008

Teaching them like the bloom, the heart is tender and life is fragile, and must be handled gently

What did you find in the garden today?


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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Projaholics…on the home stretch!

It’s been a while but after a lot of thought,I’m sticking my toe back in the blogging waters. Thank you to those who emailed offering encouragement to start back up.   Let see, where to start!

The addition is nearly  done!  We’re down to the finishing work.

My work room needs: the closet door track & doors installed and trim painted.   It’s the only room that had unpainted trim. We got a little ahead of ourselves on that one. (yes, we were to excited to wait)  After all the fussing I did about wanting color in my home, the paint color I chose is “Alpaca”.  A neutral cream-ish.  I thought I want a vibrant & bold color in here but after a lot of thought I went with something I could make bold and vibrant!  I’ve yet to find cabinets & counters I want or, am willing to pay for. Pickings and addition 024 Pickings and addition 023 We’ve quite a few peddlers malls in the area I’ve been watching for counters & cabinets to repurpose. I think I’ll post on the local Free-cycle also.  It’s the time of year when a lot of home remodeling is going on & with any luck someone will be redoing their kitchen!

The laundry room is done.  Pickings and addition 028The construction portion any way. Again I need to find a cabinet to go under the window. Pickings and addition 027 We have a repurposed counter stashed just waiting to be installed.

The Bathroom is painted (no trim yet) and has lights up.   Larry just created this beautiful tile floor, pretty darn good for his first tile work I think! Pickings and addition 026 The shower needs tiled next & once that is complete the vanity, sink & commode can be installed. 

The hall/entry area:    As this is the main entry area to the other rooms we’ve already bumped & nicked the walls a few times carrying things in. Pickings and addition 029 For now It’s painted, the temporary flooring is in and the closet door is up but to avoid re-doing work, we will finish this area last.

It’s been a long road getting here but we’re on the home stretch now!