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Monday, June 29, 2009

Make up Monday!

As usual I'm starting the week behind,
we've had lots going on
& I'll update later this afternoon
I got some "Bling" to share
But, they both require 7 things about me
so I have to think about that
I've been knitting my fanny off..
not really, knitting yes but
the Fanny is still there
behind me
hello fanny....
will you go play some where else?
Weeding in the garden of half dead tomato plants
updating my blog reader
taking on Mt Laundry
planning out custom wooly capri's
test knitting
shop knitting
dyeing yarn
supervising work on the patio/courtyard...
which for some reason was not appreciated
Customer photos to show off
planning a blankie for Miss Evie,
little Miss Priss who will only sleep
with polar fleece or minky
Nooooooooo shes not spoiled!
Guess I better get busy & finish some of these!
Lord, where are my vitamins...
double dose today!
Have a blessed Monday!

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