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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy Day Ahead.

 I have PT again this morning….not sure if it will be my last?

I still struggle with rear rotation i.e.Confused smilereaching behind scratching my back. Other than that I’ve had very few issues with my arm. The strength & stamina is coming back quickly.  Working in the garden has been great PT!  Insurance has FINALLY started to pay us back all the out of pocket expense for DR.’s visits. They sent a partial check to the DR’s..who will refund us. Then, checking the mail yesterday there was another check directly to us for another 9 visits.    You can bet I did a little happy dance walking all the way up the drive way!

Yesterday I ended up with both girls so I was not able to work in the garden much.  After PT I’ll get the trailer and head to Earth First for some compost for the new kitchen garden and maybe an extra scoop for the main garden.  Not having animals or chickens is sure a drawback in the compost department! We just don’t produce enough ourselves to do all the jobs that need done. On top of that I wasn’t a very good composter this winter. I want to pick up a few pallets from the shop and make a new compost bin anyway……one with 2 sections rather than the one big pile we have now.  It never gets “done” as I keep adding to it.

Last week when I decided to let the tomato garden rest for the season I raked up all the grass rows in the field and piled it in…trying to cut back the weeds. Luckily the grass was tall but had no seed heads so I mowed all the cuttings in 4 rows. I think there is about 8 inches of grass piled and compacted in there now.IMG_2478  Next time I think raking nearly 2 acres of cut grass at once is good idea, smack me upside the head…PLEASE!  I think I’ll focus on sections rather than all of it next time but, it was cheaper than purchasing straw = Free!

Erika, the girls & I picked strawberries last night after it cooled off. The spinner (knock on wood) seems to be working.


We’ve not seen any further rabbit or bird invasions or nibble marks  We came in with 2 full gallons! There would have been about another quart but we heard Evie say eww a few times and realized if the berry was not “perfect” she was tossing it in the field. Probably a couple of courts truth be told….

I’m just so excited to see something producing! Right now all the berries are going in the freezer & I’ll make jam when I see what we get.

Well, just notified by the DR.s that my appt has been cancelled as he is sick.  So it looks like I’ll be able to get an early start on the kitchen garden and digging post holes before the heat gets to bad.

Have a good one!



Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Expanding Our Growing Space


Each year we’ve attempted to expand our growing space at a semi controlled pace.  I say semi controlled a bit tongue in cheek because I tend to dive into things 500% head first & ask questions later.  I nearly did myself in the first year gardening.  To much, to fast without knowing what I was doing.  Mr. Fix-It (bless his weary heart) always bailed me out.  A few years ago unspoken agreement was made to grow slowly,  do our research first and plan the steps needed.  Last year we expanded the garden about 10 feet in overall length, and also added 3 raised beds.

This year? I’m taking over the old pool area.IMG_2497 It’s a nice large space  about 20 X 20 with no use other than more grass to mow.  We considered moving the play gear here but we cant see it from the house to keep an eye on the kids.  So what to do, what to do, but grow stuff!

The “plan” is to keep the circle and shift the salad greens from the raised bed to the circle along with herbs & create a kitchen garden of sorts.  I’m not sure if I’ll create a wheel or just wedges.  The wheels look great but generally are shown when newly planted. I can just see thyme and oregano trying to take over by summers end.  This was to be a summer project, transplanting when the time was right for various herbs.  But, what’s the saying… “Make Plans and God Laughs?” As it turns out I need to do this now. My sister in law called and said their drive way is being redone.The new layout will take out half of her asparagus bed. Although out of season, if I wanted them I had to get them now. So I have a bucket of asparagus….I think there are close to a dozen crowns in there with a few of them gone to seed to transplant today into the raised bed. Fingers crossed they survive!


Also in the bucket is a bunch of raspberry canes.  Their bushes had these (and many more) shoots popping up about 3 feet from the main berry area.  They were slated to be mowed over.  Again, not the best time to transplant but we were able to get quite a bit of the roots so I’m hopeful they will survive with some extra TLC.

Free = gardening on the cheap and that makes me verrrrry happy!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Canners At The Ready!

A month or so a Cabella’s opened up in Louisville. I think My brother in law refers to it as the Holy Land.  He’s there about once a week and trolls through the bargain cave looking for deals. Yes, we are a family of tightwads and always on the look out for frugal finds.

  A few weeks ago he showed up at my house with this….IMG_2335

Retail nearly $100.00 he picked up for less than $20.00!  It has a small surface scratch on the back and tiny ding dent on the edge…..I can live with that!     Then the week after that a co-worker of Mr.Fix-It sent him home with a pressure canner. Much nicer than the one I currently use. Using 2 at a time will save me hours of canning time.  He and his wife are moving to a smaller home in town & will no longer be gardening. This is the same couple who have sent him home with literally hundreds of canning jars & rings. I think they will be the recipients of the “firsts”of many jams this summer as a thank you.  Makes me want to fire them all up right now. I wonder if I step out to the gardens and shout “GROW” if it would help any ?  Nah only the weeds would listen.

Ahh, the blessings of friends & family!

Wishing you a fun family Sunday!



Friday, May 24, 2013

What a Beautiful Day!

Overcast and mid 60’s.  A rare cool day so I spent pretty much all day in the garden.

I was up and outside right after my morning coffee.  After this past week of high 80’s mid 60’s felt like heaven & I wanted to take advantage of it while I could

Although it’s late in the season for us I put in 4 rows of peas.   I love them fresh off the vine (rarely do any make it in the house) or dried.  Ever munch on dried peas?  Best snack there is!  Since I’m the only one around here that like them I figured 4- 25foot rows should be enough *snort*


If it’s to warm I’ll have time to plant something else….maybe.

Half of my Mothers Day tomato plants went in this plot, a few behind the garage & I still need to find somewhere for the rest. I considered using the regular tomato bed now that I have the rabbit poo but the one surviving plant has rusty leaves *sigh* From what I read on line in 3-4 sites say not to replant tomato’s in that spot for 5 years or you will continue to have the same problem.  Nothing I read stated I couldn’t plant other things so I believe pumpkins will be put in there..

I went back through the bean rows and reseeded bare spots.  I’m using blue lake bush beans again.  The harvest last year was wonderful.  They are really taking off so I’m hoping they do well again. Last year I had a heavy hand with the seed and over planted…this year I was a bit more careful….hence the bare spots.  I also have a few rows of the wide Italian green beans in.  The oldest loves them so I though I’d surprise her with a few baskets of beans

The rhubarb bed was weeded and the plants look pretty good.  I’ve not had much luck with the tiny corns before so this year I put in plants & have high hopes they make it.   That or I’ll run to the market and stick some stalks in the bed LOL!  I think it would break Mr. Fix-It’s heart if they die

Weeding I found this growing in the corner of the bed


I’m pretty sure its squash so it defiantly needs a new home

Finally cut all the tall grass around the newly planted blackberries. Afraid I’d wack the plants with the weed wacker I thought I’d use the old grass clippers..That was a joke, they wouldn’t cut hot butter!  I ended up running inside grabbing some old craft scissors, plopped my rear on the ground and started cutting. The neighbors across the field are now positive I’m crazy LOL!

  My brother in law must have read my last post and brought me rabbit poo.  So all the berries, well everything in the garden was dressed with some “good stuff”


The strawberries are producing like crazy.

Thank you Mama Pea for all the tips!!


Spinner flower trying to scare off the birds

Our first pickin was literally a handful.  The second day filled a quart container.  This afternoon  I picked over a gallon & there is probably another gallon to be picked in a day or so. I pulled out 3 of the nicer plants, trimmed off the berries & potted up to set runners for next year.

All the squash is up, the salad cucumbers are up but the pickling I re-seeded. I figured if nothing is showing after 10 days…reseed. I may be making a LOT of pickles!

I went out in the morning and other than stopping for lunch kept going till 5 pm.  I kept waiting to get tired.  I was ready to stop but, it felt so darn good to be out and productive! 

Now, if it all produces…I’ll have a few full jars In the basement

Hope you had a great day


Monday, May 20, 2013

Pesky Wabbits!

Loved my maters!

Yes loved, past tense.

They had shot up over a foot tall and were leafing out really well, nice thick tasty stalks *Sigh*  A dozen roma’s, 3 Amish heritage & 2 chocolate cherry.  More than they could say no to I guess because they ate them all down to little nubs  I’d considered letting that small garden section rest this year but planted them anyway.  You could say they changed my mind for me LOL!  The past few years my tomato’s have been wonderful & undisturbed by 4 legged pests.  My BIL happens to raise domestic rabbits & I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the poop & bedding.  Mulched straight into the garden it was the best wild rabbit deterrent I’d found.  This past fall he bought a house about 30 miles away & cut the amount of rabbits they have drastically.  so NO POOP FOR ME (very often)

I thought I’d just let the tomato’s go this year, there are plenty still put up from last year…then my oldest daughter Danielle brought me a dozen more heritage plants! What a sweet heart she is but, now I need to figure out where to put them. 

I still can’t pull my bow so yesterday, I took a couple of bales of straw I’d used as backer for target practice and mulched them in the tomato garden.  No sense letting them rot when I could put them to good use. Trying to get ahead & help smother the weeds and wire grass that would attempt a take over, I was spreading the straw my legs and arms started itching bad..well, I wasn’t looking at what was in my hands I was looking where I needed to spread more.  Turns out there was an ant hill started in that straw!  My arms and legs were covered with ants!  I brushed off as many as I could and finished spreading pretty darn quick.  Thankfully Mr. Fix-It had the hose on & I got them rinsed off ricky tic!. that cold water felt so good. Those suckers bite!  I have more than a few polka dot legs and arms this morning.


Last night we used big red and dropped 4 bucket loads of dirt in the front of the little house.  Some It he dug near the creek.  Its nice and rich soil full of worms but some has bits of clay. Believe it or not this has been tilled ..more to break up the wet chunks so we could move it around some. I’ve nowhere near the compost needed so I’m going to price loads from earth first tomorrow


We left it to dry out for a few days and our 90 degree temps today sure gave it a good start.


Mr. Fix-It ended up needing another MRI on his arm & had it done today.  It started to improve and then went down hill again.  Basically he’s at the point he can’t use it at all. Dr’s are pretty sure something was missed in the last MRI.  Either it didn’t show or, was not properly read….either way, something is really wrong.  I (with my limited medical knowledge you could fit in a tea cup)  think there is/was a small tear and as the strained muscles healed and he started building strength caused the muscle to tear more & create the *take you to your knees* pain.  It’s the only thing that makes sense. It’s not that we want there to be a tear but it’s the only thing left other than nerve damage.

We get the results tomorrow so your positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

Hope you had a wonderful day




Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stick a Fork In Me

I’m done for the day!

I had a really slow start to the morning, I slept in till 7am! Best rest I’ve had in a long while. It’s been sometime since I’ve done that & it sure felt good.

  Rehab for my arm has been going wonderful & can’t be happier with the timing of it all.  Finally able to actually move & do things is so exciting.  My activity level has increased 10 fold from the fall & working outside building the arm strength  has been wearing.  I’ve a lot of muscles to build back up…from all the idleness & I have the stamina of a toddler but, it feels so goooooooood to be outside & pulling my weight around here.

When I got up I found Mr.Fix-it had a back up running on my computer (does he rock or what!)..nearly done & was out cleaning the garage so I enjoyed my coffee outside with Alix.  By the time her Mama came for her I was ready to go outside.

A few weeks ago we’d planted 5 more blackberry canes but hadn’t built the trellis yet so….

Post hole

while he was working in the garage, I got the 3 holes dug.  Took me nearly an hour for a 30 minute job but, I DID IT!!! After a run for the rest of the lumber and we had it finished

Yes, the new canes are under all that grass.  We’d had them marked with stakes but left that section alone so they didn’t get mowed over.  While out there I noticed the first trellis had quite a few canes needing pruned out so I got busy with the clippers. Either I missed them this fall or the last frost we had took them out because I had a wheel barrel full by the time I was done.  But these blooms are so heavy this year!  More than we’ve ever had so I’m hoping for a bumper crop

I tie strips of old Mylar banners we had from the shop on the wire and it helps scare those pesky birds away

More than we’ve ever had so I’m hoping for a bumper crop.

We picked the first of the strawberries last night & were they ever good. So much better than store bought or even the farmers market


This is one of the smaller plants, they are just loaded!

I know I have some picking to do tomorrow morning, looks like there might be enough for a batch of jam.

The broccoli…so far so good.  I check the leaves daily for critters & have yet to notice any those stinkin moths.  Our heat if coming on fast though, 50-60 last week to 80s today with 90’s tomorrow.  Not sure how well they will continue to do in those temps.  We’ve 6 nice heads coming on so I’ll take what I can get.


The beans that were just breaking ground yesterday were 3-4 inches tall today..which is wonderful. But the weeds are growing just as quickly.  Thursday evening I had the blueberries & all the raised beds weed free, this morning you wouldn’t have known it.

My trowel and I have another date tomorrow morning to take care of those I didn’t get today.

About 3;30 we realized we were due at a family dinner by 4pm. It actually was great timing as we both were a bit overheated Good thing it was less than a mile away because we both were stinky dirty and needed showers

We finished up the evening mowing the front and rear fields and then put a few bucket loads of dirt in the flowerbeds at the little house. After tilling and raking we were

Stick a fork in me  DONE!

Hope you had a great weekend


Thursday, May 16, 2013

This Weeks Gotta Do List

Most will be quick and easy

I just need to get off my rear and get them done & tell the sewing machine no when it calls my name…but the colors just suck me in.  I head for the laundry room and the next thing I know I’m sewing…which means everything else has fallen way behind. ***Like blog posts!

*Plant flowers on patio-My Mothers Day haul!  Every year after a big family breakfast they take me plant shopping.I’ll have the serial flower picker give me a hand for this job…**Done!  I potted up all the annuals this evening & cleaned the patio while I was at it. 

*Finish knitting a romper –An adorable “Small Things Romper” for a little mans Baptism.**Just the sleeves let to go

*Plant a few more rows of salad greens - Don’t know what I was thinking, what’s in the garden now won’t last more than a week or 2! 

*Chives repotted-  They are nearly busting out the pot and are more than ready for the first hair cut of the season ** Done, part sectioned off to give to a friend who will swap me for some garlic chives woot!

*Leeks in the garden- Late last summer I bought a bunch of babies and stuck them in a pot till I could plant them……I think its way past time (insert sarcasm here)

*Peas planted- Totally forgot the bag in the house when I put the rest in so they will go in tomorrow.  Hopefully not to late to have a small harvest

*House cleaned - It’s a mess nuff said **Part way

*Quilts listed –Quite a few are made and are waiting for photos.  The weather looks to be clear for the week so I need to get-er-done

*Thrift store run-Cleaning out a bit more **Done but I picked up a few shirts to repurpose for quilts

*Change out Easter decorations – Yes the bunnies and decorations are still out on the buffet.

*Turn the compost – I’ve really slacked off in my composting.  Winter, to cold/lazy to get out there? I don’t know but it needs turned and I need to build/create another section.  To much is going in the trash and it’s driving me crazy

Flower beds weeded.- The darn weeks are taking over.  I had one section clear enough for mulch but didn’t get it down so, I get to start over

*Laundry caught up.  *** Most of it,  at least I stopped it from breeding!

*Finish sorting baby clothes – Tubs of clothes the kids had stored here need to be sorted.  Our friends have a new grand daughter & we’ll pass a bunch on to them .  I think most of Alix clothes will be perfect for season/sizing & know they will be put to good use. **3/4 of the way, 2-3 boxes worth ready to mail

*Physical therapy – we have a love hate relationship.  I’ve come so far but the backward rotation is.. slow in coming.   **Done for the week.   Good news is the muscles have released and I can now fully extend/raise my arm…backward extension is still sketchy but I’m confident in my Dr. abilities for a full recovery.

*Get back in the rhythm of blogging!

Have a wonderful week ***Or, what’s left of it!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Where did the week go?!?!

Guess I blinked and it was GONE!

Mr. Fix-It ran the tiller back through the garden for me, (yes he’s feeling much better) on Monday.  We tilled last week and had rain rain rain.  To wet to plant but the wire grass took off like crazy!   It came in like gang busters and those roots were pretty darn deep.

Tuesday I raked it out and started planting.  Blue lake green beans took up 2 rows, Italian green beans took another 2.  Beets (late going in) took up half a row.  I plan to plant turnips in the other half.  This is my first year planting turnips.  I honestly don’t remember eating them but, we need to grow more of what we can eat so, they are going in.  I’ve heard in recipe's you can mix them in with potato's?    Feel free to toss your favorite tried and true turnip recipes this way!  Scalloped , zucchini, & spaghetti squashes went in next.  By this time Isaiah was home from school and came out to lend a hand (YES child labor) 

Did I tell you how good & freeing it felt to be out in the garden again???  My arm has healed well enough I could do anything I needed.  I admit I was a tad sore after I was done for the day but, I think that was just as much needing to burn winter off my back side

I had a blueberry replacement plant ready to be set, I talked Isaiah through how to do it and he went to town digging.  It was really hard to walk away and turn him loose. The dead plant was pulled out and replaced in a wink.  He did a great job and was so proud he was trusted to do it all on his own.  Level and nice and straight.  Of course he thinks that bush will produce the most fruit because he planted it.   Gah, it starts early LOL!

Isaiah & I were clearing all the weeds from the dirt mound at the end of the garden…it was left over soil from filling the raised beds….weeds have gone to town on it and looks nasty.  we were weeding away, Isaiah was in front of me reaching for the next hand full… when I looked up and saw this


We left it alone as I don’t think its one we have to worry about biting but, we decided it could play by its own slithery self.

Guess I should have posted this earlier as I started it Wednesday & it’s now Sunday PM!!

Since then its been raining off and on. 

Just enough to keep everything wet and mucky.  That’s ok, its less water I have to haul

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Monday, May 6, 2013

April Showers?

Come on! It’s May already!

The dogwood are in full bloom. some of my iris are blooming…

The beautiful sunny skies we’ve enjoyed this past week gave way to wet, cold, drizzly rain. At least it washed all the green pollen off the cars.  Our temps dropped 20-30 degrees.with the rain.  Between the pollen (which caused a major allergy problem) and the temp drop Mr. Fix-it spent the weekend coughing and hacking.  The sneezing and coughing has now turned in to a full blown chest cold with chills and fever. 

We had a slow Sunday staying between our house and Erika’s dodging rain drops. In keeping with his theory of “ignore it and it will go away”  he assembled a pre made desk for Erika & changed out flickering light fixture over my kitchen sink. IMG_2417 A break waiting for muffins, some cuddle time and Vegie Tales with Grandpa

He also hooked up a internet signal booster which will reach to Erika’s and allow me to have computer time with my morning coffee on the patio. . So much for keeping a good man down!

He wore out late afternoon with a fever again and settled in to watch the end of the races with supper served in his chair (never happens)  He dozed off and on and was treated with (my crust totally flopped)


a ugly but yummy strawberry rhubarb pie….or so he said.

Derby weekend came and went, attendance was way down with the weather.  Security measures were increases but all the after parties continued.  Saturday morning running errands we had to wait for a line of limos to pass to pull off of our road.  Seems there were many private jets diverted from Louisville International to our little airport.  Since (as the crow flies) its only a few miles away we heard them come in.  All I could think of is the money spent on those flights would more than cover the cost of a green house, hoops for the raised beds & gutters on the little house.

Guess its all a matter of priorities.


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