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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Passin on 2 Posts

2 posts I loved today
one has nothing to do with the other
I just thought the were both great
has a great post on Egg Cartons
(yes I said Egg Cartons)
& random ways God touches our lives
(great uses for them also)
April from
has another fun one.
I would show mine but have to
re-do the toenails first...
I'll show mine tomorrow
& hope you have fun with it and do the same
& link back so we can all see!
can some one tell me how to add the linky thingie?


  1. I just emailed you but now am wondering if you meant "Mr. Linky" like when people host a meme? Is that what you meant?
    Thanks for the bloggy love, by the way! It was much appreciated :) Losing my job is hard but with all the nice comments, it's a little easier.

  2. Oh one more thing. If you link to someone's page but want it to go to a specific post rather than just to whatever their latest post is, do this: click on the title of the post you're interested in and it should take you to another page that only has that posting on it rather than the page with all the recent ones. Then you can copy and paste that address (which will be longer) into your html tag. Once again, sorry if you already knew this!


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