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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wake Up Wednesday With Fresh Peppers!

What a sight to wake up to!
I have had visitors every morning
for the past week
They let me get pretty close
Not to close tho,
I don't want to scare them off

Remember Fresh Peppers?
Here it is re skeined

Sometimes when it looks beautiful in the skein
its only so so when knit up.
That's not the case this time around!

I LOVE it!
I had the waist completed last night
and have not been able to put it down this morning

The dishes won't go anywhere,
It's raining
I can't work outside
so I'll work inside
One of my favorite jobs!

I finished these last night
"Deep Waters"
Size medium, medium & lighter shades of
Blues, Turquoise & Browns

I should have listed to Etsy
this afternoon
I hear Mt Laundry calling

What are your plans for the day?


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