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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wake up Parents Rant!

So, your children have a ball go over the fence & into the neighbors yard numerous times, and this is the result? What a wonderful lesson (insert extreme sarcasm here) for our children!!!
What happened to parents be parents! The first time I can understand, they apologise and retrieve the ball, and a necessary discussion of an appropriate area for ball play! I can understand once possibly twice depending on the age of the children but this is just sad on so many levels. Obviously this occurs on a regular basis. How about teaching them repercussions/responsibility for their actions, they lose the ball! How about respect for other peoples property? Right and wrong!
Apparently this lady has gardens and the balls are constantly crushing her plants. For goodness sake, shes almost 90! Who cares what age, its just wrong. I guess this is proof my kids were right when they called me a mean mom. Mine would have lost the ball, been weeding or mowing for her to "pay" for the damages. What a misuse of a already overburdened Law enforcement!
Isn't this a wonderful lesson of our leaders of tomorrow
Train a child in the way he should go..............

Vacation Time!

Busy next 2 days! Did I tell you we are leaving for a few weeks vacation? I’m SOOOO excited! We are traveling to Australia & New Zealand! A Dream come true trip for Larry & I. We both have traveled to many countries while active duty (before we met) but had not made it to these. I know its silly but neither of us have said much about going (except to each other) I think were both worried about Jinxing the trip, at least I was.
So I have a challenge before me….packing for 2 wks, weather of mid 50’s to low 80s,….in one bag no more than 40 lbs! We checked into taking at least one more bag & it would be $65.00 for each flight. That’s no to bad, until you take in account we have 3 flights on the way over and 3 returning, to the tune of $390.00. FOR 1 BAG? I think I’ll find a laundromat or use hotel laundry & still come out ahead. That’s dipping into my shopping $$. O.K., I’ll admit it, I’m cheap! Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Queenstown and anywhere in between! I cant wait!
With 20 hrs flight each way, I’m putting some serious consideration of what knitting projects will go into my carry-on. I think a large pair of Sheepy Pants and another Tikki Rainbow Dress, both patterns I know and easy to pick up and knit with out a lot of thought.

Oh, and I have a meet up planned in Melbourne with my Ravelry friend Mel! I can’t wait! I’m sure she can help me find a local yarn store for return projects!

Yesterday I re-skeined my “Grass Lizard” and am very pleased! I think it will look great as a pair of Sheepy Pants. What do you think?

As for the Tikki Rainbow Dress, I think this one in teal and gray. Or, possibly a variegated and solid....hmmmmhave to think of that.

I love earrings, I have a pile (or 2) of earrings. I lose earrings. How do you store them? They have those useless earring trees that hold maybe 5-6 pair? I’d need quite a few, and a jewelry box is just another (thing to dust) mess waiting to happen. I think I have found in Ravelry the solution to part of the problem. Check this out! Sarah of "knitting adventures" came up with this idea. How fun is this? You could even attach it to the wall with some of the lone post earrings we all have! Think of the color combos, with all those scraps….. what a fun stash buster!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Butterfly Longies

The Butterfly longies are done. As much as I cant stand the finishing work I had to complete these. Once I started, I came up with about 30 different ideas for embellishment. The trouble was deciding which design I wanted! Of course I used the Sheepy Pants pattern size medium, using 100% merino wool.

A bit more stash busting!

On the way home from Indianapolis Thursday, Rachel called to tell me I left my 2nd knitting bag at her house. The bag that had my current project, the "High Meadow" longies. Shes putting them in the mail to me...........bummer.

Larry's Birthday Gift Unwrapped

What do you get a man for his 50th Birthday. For some it may be easy to decide. Larry is the kind of guy that never spends money on himself, never says "I want that." You have to listen carefully to hear "well, that would be nice" or look for the worn pages in tool or hunting catalogs. He has his dream garage, almost all the tools he could ever need (like crafting you can always use another one.) He's not a sports nut, hmmmm. Its always a challenge to find the right thing.
Rachel came up with a great idea for this year. The kids, myself & Larry's parents all went together & purchased a group gift. Here he is unwrapping it. By his reaction, I think we got it right!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sheepy Yarn and WIP

Sunday on the way to Hayden's Birthday Party, I had a quick meet with Mandie from "Sheepy Time Knits" and found her to be as nice in person as she is to work with on line. Here are m new goodies from her. Some of her new Sheepy Yarn, "Water" & "Irises".

These photos do not do the colors justice, they are rich and vibrant, so squishy soft too. A great bargain in my mind!

I have been knitting, honest! A new pair of longies (what else!) started in my "High Meadow"

Its not showing very well but I'm using stitch markers from Mandies newest venture. These will fit up to size 10 needle, which is great as so many are designed for sock knitters using much smaller needles.

A semi finished item, Pink & Brown Longies, waiting for embellishment. Thinking flower with a dragonfly. What do you think?

And a simple ear flap hat for a Etsy order. What a (warm) cutie this little one will be.

And another special order through Etsy, cream/natural booties.

All from STASH!
Boy, I'm way behind on completing things from the never ending UFO basket!

I just realized how much "Pink" I have been using, have to pull out blues or greens...I need a break from the pink!

All Aboard the 3 Train!

Sunday we drove up to Indianapolis for our grandson Hayden's 3rd birthday! I can't believe hes 3 already!

Rachel looks wonderful! You'd never know she and her sister-in-law Sarah were up till 2 am making the cake!

Here's the birthday boy! Ready to dive in the cake. Love that smile!!!

Family and friends, gathering to celebrate

No Pin the tail on the donkey for Mr. Hayden, "Lets put the Conductor in the train"!

Every one was a winner receiving hats and scarves.

Grandson shot, Hayden and Isaiah playing foot ball. Of course, it was a "Colts" blue ball!

Day in the Dye Pot

Saturday, (I know I'm late, way behind in posting) was a blast. No laundry or dishes were done. I played almost all day! I spent the day dyeing fiber for longies.

I've had "pink" on the brain for so long I needed to come up with color combinations for boys, just in case.
Isaiah took one look at this one and said it looks like a Lizard!
so, we have "Grass Lizard" Slated to be large longies, I have trim for waist and cuff in the Blue.

Medium to deep Green, Orange & medium Navy Blue

"Denim & Lace" I love Navy and Pink combined.
I was very pleased with how this came out . Navy, Wine and White with every shade in between.

"Wine & Roses"
Just as the name says graduated color from pale Rose to Deep Wine. There should be enough here for large longies.

"Pretty Pansies"
Multi shades of Pink, Purple & touches of White.

"Tide Pool"
Graduated dip dyed of Navy & Teal.
The photo doesn't show it well but the colors are graduated through the skein.
I'll start with the light shades at the waist and will be deepest at the cuff.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More Bums, Booties & a SALE!

Have you seen the sale at Sheepy Time Knits? 10-15% off on Patterns, Yarn and the Cottage License!! WHHHOOO HOOOO. I bought her colorway "Irises" The colors are so vibrant and clear! Super soft and squishy!. Her prices are better than most & then a sale? Oh Mandie, I'm in trouble now! There are 2 colorways yet to be named, be sure and submit your suggestion. I came up with Flamingo Road and Raspberry Chiffon. BFL, Merino, Sheepy Wool & sock yarn (don't even get me started there)

I had a bit of the yarn left from the "Sticks the Water" sweater and made a pair of Best Booties to match

Starting another pair of Sheepy Pants, I'm telling you, they are addicting! Pink & brown ribbing, seat and legs brown with Pink cuffs. Not sure what style or how I will embellish this pair but I have a few thoughts. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bums & Booties

Not much going on here but knitting!

I bought the license for "Sheepy Time Knits" just in time to make some "Bum Warmers" for Fall and Winter weather. I've been playing with wool ever since!

Dipped into my "Purewool" stash for some "Sheepy Pants," figured I earned it! I didn't realized I have been buying only one skein of each color, who does THAT! This pair of longies is a combination knit in the colorways "Mysterious" & "Chocolate" size medium & for sale in my Etsy store! ;)
Purewool is just so soft, I didn't want to put them down.
Knit From Stash!

I used my hand dyed "Bahama Breeze" colorway for this next pair. Size small, colors of Melon Pink, dusty Purple & Turquoise. Super soft for baby's skin. It amazes me how breathable wool longies are. Knitting in the sunshine outside they are not to warm, knitting at night in the cool weather, they keep my hands warm. They will be wonderful to maintain a baby's body temperature. Just listed in my Etsy store. ;)
Another Stash knit

Another pair of Sheepy Pants, these are made of 100% Merino one of the softest for the smallest of babies. I used another of my own hand dye "After the Storm"
And, you guessed it, these are posted in my Etsy store ;).
These longies all come with draw strings for the waist in coordinated colors, I just did not have them threaded when I took photos.

another knit FROM STASH!

And a few pair of "Best Booties", a custom order for Ashley. She is expecting a baby in about 4 weeks, congratulations! These are Black, to be sent with other pairs in Royal Blue & Chocolate to keep little toes warm.
These will be on the way to her tomorrow morning.
And yes, there are more in the Etsy store.
More STASH knitting !!
At this rate, in about 150 yrs I should be out of fiber!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just a Little Knitting A.D.D.

It's Saturday, for me Play Day!

We were going to work on the patio area laying more rocks but, last night we were loading the tractor bucket with some large rocks & Larry "popped" a muscle in his back. Slept on an ice-pack so he can walk today. So no more rock moving for a few days. But, it's Bow season so, guess where he is .....in the woods for next 2 days.
I decided to take advantage of the free day and do a bit of dyeing. Yes again!
High Meadow re-skeined

I call this one "High Meadow", it reminds me of a blooming spring meadow in the Sierra's.

I also had a bit of A.D.D knitting.
2 Pr of longies in the works. (who knew they would be so addicting!)

My 5th child was having tantrums this afternoon, I think he was feeling a bit left out. So, this one is for
"Papuga"polish for...


"Puga" for short. My 2yr old Pionus Parrot.

I call it "Parrot Play". I think I came pretty close, don't you?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hannah Banana Sheepy Time Test Knit DONE!

The "Sheepy Time", "Big Girl Skirt" is DONE! I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, acrylic at the moms request.
It was easy knit, very simple increases, great directions. Way to go Mandie, I'll be making this one again.
And the infant pattern? Built in soakers with a skirt overlay. A must have for any Diapered Darlin.

I have to make a shameless plug for a company called "Lost River Rags"
They have soap that is absolutely wonderful! Most of you know my daughter Rachel has cancer. The Chemo & treatments leave her skin so sensitive shes had a hard time finding something she will not have a reaction using. Well, let me tell you if you have or know of anyone with sensitive skin, try their products. The Goats Milk Soap is wonderful. They have a large variety of scented soaps such as Amber, Sage, Pumpkin, Orange to name a few. They even have one called "Monkey Farts"! I had to get that one for Hannah! Lots of shapes, lotions designs for children. They enclose samples of other products in each order. I can't say it will happen every time but my last order was placed on Tuesday evening and I received my package in Thursdays mail. You just cant beat products or service like that!

Catching up & Test Knitting

Wow, Its almost been a week! I've been scrambling a bit trying to catch up.
First off, I've been test knitting for Mandie of "Sheepy Time Knits" The wonderful "Skirty" pattern she has for infants an toddlers had been released, modified for "Big Girls"! I have about 2 more inches and I'm done with the A-line skirt. I was off on my planning and did not get this completed prior to the reception but, will finish it today. I'll post a completed photo later today or tomorrow morning. I used Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" as it needs to be washable and easy care. Pinks and Browns, popular colors this year. It was slated to be a Christmas gift for Hannah, my friend Johanna's daughter but I think she will receive this early!

After a year of making and selling Soakers, many have asked me for "Longies" (knitted wool pants.) The gusset always looked so fussy to me and I've avoided them. But, with the new baby coming (remember, power of Pink Prayer) I had to dive in and give them a try. Sure wish I had sooner! These are my first pair of "Sheepy Pants" from my hand dyed colorway, "Midnight Dreams" size small. Made of 100% Fisherman's wool.
The instructions are excellent! Mandie's written them just as if she was sitting next to you, giving step by step directions

Aren't they cute? Look at that gusset, no holes!

If your not familiar to wool for cloth diapering, Mandie has a excellent explanation here.

It's not your Mommas cloth diapers!

And, being the A.D.D. knitter I am,
Here is the second pair I started yesterday. Yes, its one reason the "Big Girl Skirty" is not finished. Shhh...Don't tell Mandie!

This time I'm using my hand dyed colorway "After the Storm". Color of the evening sky just before dusk, with flecks of lavender/purple. 100% Merino wool.

Both should be in my Etsy Shop in the next day or so. Stop in for a visit!

And the second reason the "Big Girl Skirt" is not completed.
After all the goings on of preparing for the reception I needed some fiber therapy....(sounds good right?)
I broke out the Koolaide and Easter egg dye & created "Flamin Fun". Here it is skeined from the dye pot

And here is is re skeined. I see "Longies" in its future but, I WILL complete the skirt before I cast on for these!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Love, Laughter, Good Friends & Family

Wow, what a wonderful time we had, we are blessed with so many friends & family. I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect day, mid to high 70's, a tad overcast & a light breeze.

Casual, family style fun.

My friend Johanna my sister in every way but blood came 2 days before as in.... stayed from 8 am till 10-11pm helping me prepare the food & smoking chicken right before the Reception.

A few close friends came early, helped serve food allowing us to enjoy our guests. We owe them big time! Bless you Kenny & Joyce!
We are always teasing and cutting up in our family. So when Our oldest daughter Danielle (Who made the cakes) realized funfetti cake and pink frosting is Chris' favorite, well....lets just say The Pink grooms cake was a surprise to Christopher. But don't tell Isaiah, he thought it was his! Well, Mom & Chris had the big one right?

Can you believe these are the only 2 photos I have that are printable? UGGGHHH!!

Johanna in the cowboy hat enjoying a much deserved rest!--------->
One of my husbands customers came the day before and set up a bouncy tent for the kids! Wow it was great!
Then he set up.....drum roll please.......a 75 ft obstacle course for the adults! Yes ,this was a wedding reception LOL, and yes I did do the obstacle course!
We never used the boccie balls or volleyball net.
We ended the evening about 11 pm around the fire pit with about a dozen of the kids friends.
But the best thing? The rib cracking hug from my daughter and
"Thank you Momma, it's PERFECT"