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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013


to get back in routines.

  With my arm and adjusting, the RV show, Family…I’ve gotten waaaay off track here in the house.  Lots of reasons can be found but no more excuses!  I need to figure a way to get back to managing this house. I will admit I was getting down in the dumps a bit.  I was frustrated with myself over what I couldn’t do and although trying, I wasn’t focusing on what I could. Yesterday morning I wasn’t out of bed till 9 am or even dressed till 11 am.  That’s not me or how I want to live my life~  Things are piling up and out of control again.

Before, I would take a couple of hours and have the daily tasks done.  Now, I do a bit here, rest my arm a bit then go back and finish…but, the go back and finish bit is tripping me up.  I get started on something else and ….well you know how it goes. 

Starting today (I’m taking a day off from the show)  I’m back to writing a daily chore list like I used to for the kids.  You know, silly as it sounds it’s working for me. I may have to take a break from a specific chore but, if it’s not crossed off the list I know I need to go back to it before days end. 

Instead of focusing on what is not done/can’t do, I can focus on what has been done and feel some since of satisfaction.  Pacing myself this way I’ve been more productive this morning then I have all week. 

I’ve always been a clutter bug,  not the neatest person in the world (OK, I’m a mess) Staying on the simple daily list will I think help even after my arm is better.  I can take on large tasks in stages when my  arm is feeling good and tackling the smaller when I need to go easy spreading it out through the day.  

So here’s to better attitudes and routines!


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Ice Ice Ice!

We had a minor ice storm last night.

It’s not like it wasn’t forecasted for 3-4 days and the salt trucks were out along with the cinder trucks…this morning in a 2 mile stretch on the interstate there were 22 wrecks during the morning rush hour traffic.  If the morning news shows salt trucks sliding off the road why do these folks not SLOW DOWN!!!

Nice time to have an RV show right?  Luckily Mr. Fix-It was able to delay his drive over the bridge to Louisville an hour or so.  He drives a 350 dually & generally can scoot on through.  The RV shows we have a love/hate relationship with….a hell of a lot of work and LONG hours but,  a good show can make or break the year.

I generally keep busy straightening beds,  and general clean up in the trailers.  There are always a few  who turn the kids loose to run as if they were in a playground to jump up and down on the beds & think it’s cute.  Those are the same parents that spill beer on the carpets…in front of the signs that say **no drinks allowed in trailers**  

In the quiet times I can knit.  So yesterday afternoon I cast on a scarf for myself.  By the time we closed for the evening I had just 3 inches to go



and finished it this morning.

It’s drying now and I think I’ll wear it tomorrow.

It’s so blasted cold.  That damp can’t get warm cold….(not to be confused with Mama Pea’s –0 cold)

My power bill came in and it’s up $100.00 for the past 30 days.  Yes we generally have a increase in winter but not that much.  When we built the addition we needed to blow extra insulation in the attic space (there was some but….)but time got away from us.  I know that is impacting as it’s much cooler out there.  It’s first on the gotta do list this spring. Its not like I keep the heat cranked up…generally in the 60’s and just wear a sweater.  But, I’ve also realize the little things I’ve not done this year that I have in the past.  Little things like the keeping the closet doors closed…I don’t need to heat clothes.  closing the doors to rooms not in use, draft catchers on outside doors, keeping the curtains closed in the unused rooms. DUH!  Talk about stupid tax!   It’s amazing how those little things can save a lot.

Any other tips and tricks you do?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deceptively Sunny

Looks like a bright spring morningIMG_1933

Deceptively I say as the temps are hovering in the mid teens range.   The bird bath has yet to melt. When I knock the ice out & refill..it’s frozen within a few hours.


In the shaded areas the snow still lingers and ices each night


   We’ve not had half the snowfall we need for moisture so this summer will be a dry one

Yet all I can think of is digging in the dirt and planting seeds….and seeing green, Green,


Who else is longing for spring?

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Age Of Steam and Brass Revisited

Off the needles and in the mail.

I love the simplicity of this pattern which can be worn as a shawl or, draped in front as a scarf.

  It’s a relatively quick knit and allows colors like this “Nova” from Blissful Knits


become paint on a canvas


Right now it’s somewhere between Indiana and Modesto, California on the way to my niece Kelly.

I hope she finds as much joy in using it as I did in the knitting.



I’m still working on the second Pfeiffer Falls Hood. 

Knitting this many cable repeats has been surprisingly peaceful


As of this morning it measures 45 inches long which, is just a hair over half way….unless the mama decides she would like it longer.

What are you working on today?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swap Revisited

OK, I guess I didn’t think this swap through.  5 handmade in 3 months could be a bit dicey for some….so after receiving a few e mails and a comment on the quantity and time frame… anyone want to swap 1 on 1?  My thought of the 3 month had to do with spring gardening coming up for many of us and being a  major time suck free time will be limited but, it would/could be extended for 6 mo.  And the time frame is really there so I get my rear in gear and don’t forget!

It’s a good way to use up those trial quilt squares, knits that just are not your color, scraps of this and that. Canning labels you printed that you didn’t use, gift tags or soap you made, dish cloths etc.k



On Facebook there have been quite a few “Pay~it~Forward posts.  I thought of participating but thought it would be more fun to do do it here. 

I’m not sure how others are run but here is what I was thinking….

In the next 3 months I’ll send something handmade to the first 5 who post that they are interested in participating. It could be a tote bag, fingerless mitt’s, dish towels, dish cloths,


handmade soap or lotion,  seeds you’ve saved even!…just about anything I could pop in the mail without missing a mortgage payment

But here is the deal, you have to do the same for 5 others and post on your blog.   Please link back so I know you did.

As for most of us it’s the quiet time of the year with the gardens sleeping so it’s the perfect opportunity to complete projects. I’ve seen some swaps where they just go over the top in what is sent.  Lets keep it fun, affordable and simple.

What do you say…it could be really fun!

Wanna play?


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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Activities

Debbie’s Sunday Activity Tag

This morning I was tagged by Debbie over at Our Old Homestead for a "Sunday's Activity Tag". She wanted to know what I did to pass my time on Sunday.

I woke to a steady downpour of rain which turned into nearly 3 inches by the end of the day


& spent a bit of time with a coffee cup and reading e mail

Some of the activities are more of a royal we as my arm wont tolerate a lot of activity yet

We’ve been working on cleaning out and rearranging the basement & worked on that a bit more.  It’s a bit overwhelming down there with 25 years accumulation of “someday we may use that” I’ve been taking chunks of time a week to work on it but Mr. Fix~It’s input was needed.  So a bunch of junk was sorted out & the “hall way” was rearranged. A new light was hung over shelves helves he built to help organize some of the excess yarn.IMG_1872 

O HAPPY DAY!  I can access the fabric room now! 

I found my bins of Christmas fabric!


Last spring I’d sorted and stored it in a bin….and lost it down there.  Yes it’s that bad.  We were nearly at hoarder level.

No more, we have a dumpster load sorted to haul out on trash day.  When it’s gone I’ll have room to sort out this mess


Supper was leftover pork roast chunks pulled from the freezer.  Cooked down to a thick meaty gravy and served over rice with a side of the corn from the freezer we processed this summer.

In the evening while Mr. Fix It enjoyed his well earned rest,  I did the dishes & knit for a bit.

I was able to finish a doll romper for a customer


and knit up a few dish cloths


All in all a very productive day!

Thanks Debbie for inviting me to play!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

We Got the house!


Our neighbor accepted our offer on the house and property!  Now she is in process of finding a residence and work in TN. She’s had a few offers but couldn’t accept till we came to an agreement.  The bank said they need 2 weeks to close so by this time next month we’re hoping to be moving Erika and the kids in.  It will need a few touches of paint and a few updates in the bathroom but then she’ll be good to move in.

The good thing is she’ll be moving in with what ever we can put together for household items so she’s not going to have a bunch of **stuff** .  Erika was able to get her old kitchen table (we have extra chairs) and a few kitchen items from the house before she left but that’s about it.  A friend gave her a couch and we’ve been watching after Christmas sales for deals on pots`n`pans, sheets, towels etc. I’ve a few more quilts in the works for them that need to get finished.  She’s my thrifting queen & has an eagle eye for jewels in the rough to make over.  Right now her attitude is if “If I don’t have it & it’s not life altering I don’t need it”….Besides, she only needs to step across the back yard for anything she needs :)

We on the other hand now have a longer “GOTTA DO” list.  need to wash the siding, paint the small deck and put up more railing on it…purchase guttering and down spouts for the new house.  When the original owner built the place he didn’t put them in.  She said he didn’t like the look.?????

I also need to finish trimming those darn bushes

I think this spring we’ll be doing quite a bit of landscaping.  I’ve plenty bulbs, hosta and other plants here that need thinned & we can use them with out adding a landscaping expense.

Sounds like fun to me…anyone want to come play?



Saturday, January 12, 2013

No surgery!

for either of us!! It only cost us $5,000. to find out (there goes the new pool) but, when we were looking at all the expenses surgery, recovery and PT would total out to….we feel pretty darn lucky.  

The DR was pretty shocked when she read my MRI results, she actually said “I woulda bet the farm it was torn”. Acute tendonitis. of my right rotator and bicep and yes, I am right handed of course . Mr. Fix-t’s is his left so, at least we can still hold hands. Smile We both received steroid shots in the shoulder and a weeks worth of meds to take with a follow up in a few weeks.  

When we had the MRI’s they joked that we were the first husband and wife team they’d worked on.  I said we’ve done everything else together for nearly 30 years & we didn’t want to break the pattern.  Besides, Larry has needed his checked for a long time.  This turned into one of those “I’ll go get checked if you do” situations.  I had the dye injection first because, if I knew he was hurting in the process I would be out of there quicker than you could blink… never have it done, so he had me go first.  The other thought was he wouldn’t have to lie to me and say it was “OK”  Truthfully, turned out It wasn’t bad at all!  Lot of pressure from the dye sauce and laying in an uncomfortable position but other than that…fine. 

So, I’m still running around like a one winged chicken. Dr, said don’t use it & to let the meds do their thing.  In the mean time,  My house looks like a bomb went off in it & I’m calling the dust a “protective covering”

My left hand/arm is becoming educated but it sure is a slow & frustrating process.

At least I can still knit!

Have a great weekend!


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Freezers

Nearly full.  This years hunting was pretty scarce, we have just 3 deer when there is generally 4-5.  No, we don’t consume it all ourselves, we share with our daughters and in-laws.  We also share with the owner of the property where Mr. Fix-It hunts.

Sunday a good friend Mr. “B” brought us a good sized doe.  Really great friend I must say! He enjoys hunting but his wife will not cook the meat.  He knew we were shy what we wanted for the season and brought it to us! With the weather warming in the next few days to a freak 50-60 degrees (in January really??) it needed processed last night.  Over the years we’ve worked out a pretty good system processing deer.

No, No processing photos!

  Since I’m not much on participating in the actual butchering process I stay inside to wrap and pack.  We have roaster pans ready to fill with fresh cuts of meat, roasts, steaks, butterfly steaks & stew meat.  Rich red meat with none of the fat marbling you find in beef.  Our system works pretty well, by the time I have the first pan wrapped and packages labeled,  Mr. Fix-It has another pan ready and those wrapped go out to the freezer. 

The past few years I started using a plastic freezer wrap for the first wrap and white freezer paper for the second. I started doing this when was off in planning & I couldn’t find but 1-2 boxes of heavy freezer paper the ENTIRE SEAON!! It’s actually worked out for the best. We’ve found meat will retain the fresh flavor and last much longer. I’ve pulled stew meat & roasts (found in the bottom of the freezer) that were 3 years old and were just as good with no freezer burn. The tighter the meat is wrap the better it will store.  I’m by no means a professional and that white paper needs to be nice and snug to seal out air preventing damage.   The plastic freezer wrap seals the meat and the second layer of white is a nice added protection.

I know Ideally I should have a better rotation system with my freezers but sometimes a few bundles slide out of place and get left behind.  It’s nice to know when we do find these few strays they will be just as good as when they went in.

Enough babbling about wrapping meat. I admit I’m stalling starting my day.

I have to leave for a MRI on my shoulder in a bit.

The MRI itself is not the issue……It’s the injecting of the dye in my shoulder I have a problem with.

I’m allergic to pain.

Wimpy I admit.

Yes, My shoulder hurts now but, it’s a pain I know & have become accustomed to. The word inject and the thought of the pressure the dye will create in there is what bothers me. Besides, I’m realllly afraid they will say surgery is required.

Have I mentioned I’m allergic to pain?


Thursday, January 3, 2013

I’m Getting MORE Grey Hair!

Alixandrea is doing wonderful!

Back to herself for the most part…yet wanting to be held a bit more which Is understandable.

We’ve kept her in a bubble of sorts making sure she doesn’t bump that cheek or set down hard as babies do.  The jarring movements are uncomfortable and can cause unwanted swelling for the next few days.  She had a few un-wrapped Christmas gifts that hadn’t been out of the box yet so Isaiah opened one for her yesterday.  She was happily playing with the new toy and I stepped in the kitchen to fill her sippy cup.  Mid pour, I heard a shuffling noise and when I turned around this is what I found. Boy howdy was she mad when I tried to take her off that box…..so I hovered. It’s hard finding the right balance of letting her do what a baby does and keep her in quiet play….for a few days at least LOL!


She is a climber.  Nothing makes her happier than standing on a box, booster seat or raised area.

My oldest daughter has a fireplace hearth (unused) that is about 4 ft wide and 3 ft deep.  They kept it covered and padded with blankets…It’s Alix favorite place to stand in their house. So I’m sure this box is easy peasy to her but nerve wracking to me.

IMG_1786 - Copy

Alix says Hi!  And thank you for all the healing prayers

The stitches are so tiny its hard to tell there’s so many in such a tiny cheek.

Not the best close up.  She shy’s away from anyone looking at that cheek. I think she’s worried her mama will try to clean it or put more ointment on it. Looking directly at the stitches has her turning away.  The good news is as young as she is they feel it will heal well with very faint (if any scaring). 

From all of us, Thank You for all the healing thoughts and prayers


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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tough Ending to 2012

So we will gladly wave it good bye.

Yesterday morning little baby Alix was happily playing with our son in law when she fell over face first onto a sleeping kitten….as you can imagine, there were traumatic results. 2 deep/wide scratches high on her cheek had me running with Erika to the Emergency Room with the baby. They quickly referred us to the Kosair children's hospital who has a qualified pediatric plastic surgeon and pediatric anesthesia team.  5 hours later we left with a loopy/groggy baby with 32 stitches…5 of which were behind her ear, (one AWESOME Mama  I was so proud of Erika keeping it together for her daughter)

*******Don’t look if you are squeamish**********



We did anything short of standing on our heads to keep Alix from crying. Tears burned in the wound, her face would swell and the scratches would split more.  Her Mama’s phone became a soother & was a soggy mess by the time they started the procedure but it was more than worth it.  While we were waiting for the decision to have the work done at the local hospital or Kosair, we noticed the swelling showing above her ear and found she had another inch long puncture like  tear wound behind her ear.  It hadn’t bled at all as the swelling was keeping it closed..our touching her ear to check it totaled another towel


Alix Scratches

The team that worked on Alix was just fantastic…with Alix, Erika & I.  They made sure Erika understood everything about the procedure & let us stay with Alix in the procedure room till she was all the way out. We had to leave her in their capable hands but, it was with confidence.  As soon as they were done, they came for us. Right away she started to rouse to her Mama’s scent & woke up to her mama’s face and voice.  Can’t ask for better than that!

She slept as well as could be expected last night and today, is pretty much back to normal.  Her Mama may take a few more days!  Now, to help the son in law to understand it’s not his fault.  It was an accident & could have happened with anyone of us there.

She’s sleeping right now but I’ll show you the Dr’s fantastic needle work tomorrow.

We rang in the New Year with family,

Take out pizza instead of home made Enchilada's & wine LOTS of wine!


Today the tree is down, most of the Christmas decorations are packed away and we’ve had a quiet playful afternoon at home.

2013 will be better




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