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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reception Count Down

I think I'm getting old this used to be easier!
New sheers up in the living room Done
Yarn cleaned out of living room, almost
Yarn in the dye pot, done
Sheep Time Soaker started, 1/2 completed
Grocery list ready done
Bedroom curtains hung, done
581 other things to complete?
Workin on them
With 2 days left!

Sticks in the Water Cardigan & Free Pattern

I haven't really been slacking, we've been pretty busy (crazy-frantic) with preparations for Erika & Chris' Wedding Reception.

The storm damage has set us back about 6 days of yard & patio/courtyard work. Larry is working himself ragged trying to complete it. We are down to placing the stones for the floor and it's a "one man show" from here on out. I know we wont have the entire floor completed in time but he hopes to have the stones that are out set. The rest will have to be leveled pea gravel. Well, you do what you can right? I think its , going to look fantastic when were through.

I do have a few works to show, in between manic bouts of cleaning I finished the "Hannah Banana" Sweater. Hannah is my good friend Johanna's daughter. Big girl in first grade this year! This is a crop sleeve, shrug, sweater. It was made for her birthday in May....all it needed was the front button band completed. Another UFO completed!

Shes so excited to finally get to wear it. We are having cool fall mornings so it will come in handy waiting for the school bus.

This one was made with Bernat Chunky, washable for a active child and working single mom!

So I was cruising around Ravelry (which always gets me in trouble) I found this adorable baby boy sweater pattern called "Felix's Cardigan" & could not resist!
I used a washable "I Love this Yarn" from Hobby Lobby. I love this colorway & call it "
Sticks in the Water"
The directions are very clear and easy to follow. Only took about 3 hours of knitting.
I just deleted the 2nd photo showing the full sweater! Great for that "oh, I forgot" baby shower!
Make sure you leave her a note if you make it up. To often we benefit from others work and never leave a note of thanks!
Oh, I just found out I received a Blog award, from one of my 3 readers!!!
I'll go scoop it and post it in a bit.
Back to manic cleaning and cooking!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tikki Pinky~ Free Pattern

I have to say I love the "Rainbow Dress!! Georgie Hallam has created a wonderful pattern. Her directions are very clear, and turns out so cute! The pattern called for DK weight, I used worsted making a 3 month size so it will fit a 6-9 mo.
I also added a Pink and Brown braided tie for decoration. This dress is perfect as is or decorative stitching. I left it "as is" as it needs to be gifted tomorrow, the tie will have to do! It's a quick cute knit I will be making again. Best of all its a great STASH BUSTER!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fluffy Yarn Porn!

I love my mail carrier! Look what she brought today! My Mosaic Moon Co-op order!

More "Sheepy Time Soakers" for "Baby Bump"

If its a girl, we have "Snow Blossom", & "Coastal Sunset" if its well, it will work for either boy or girl! My photo is not doing this yarn justice, these colors are so vibrant.

Itchy fingers have I! Crud, this means more seams, buttons & FO's!!

Frugal Fun Finds Friday

I stopped in to Michael's Crafts the other day and was sucked in to the dollar bins. I can't resist the dollar bins, if you take a few minutes to pick thru you can usually come up with some good bargins.

I like to keep a bag or 2 of gifty things in the house. You never know when you will need a quick "little something" for someone. Or.....forget a birthday, NO! never mind, I'd NEVER do that!

This time I picked some cute note cards & 2 nice sized note books. I have one in my purse, one for knitting notes, and another for just reception plans etc........ I'm getting a bit A.D.D. about them but they help me keep organized. The note books & note cards have an initial on them, kept hidden for secret gifting purposes!

My other finds were recipe cards. Quite a few had a holiday motif but these are generic. I can stick them in a basket with home made jam & dish cloths for a last m inute holiday gift. You know, just in case!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

OOPS! I Dropped a Photo

OOPS! I dropped this photo of the soakers. I need to add legs to the pink when Erika decided which style she'd like. The larger Peace Fleece soaker I will add legs & draw string of the customer choice.

Thursday Rambling and Inspiration

The Wind storm gave me a bit of inspiration. The sky Sunday night was a rich royal blue with purple streaks, colors only nature could provide.
This was my puny attempt to duplicate it.
What I ended up with is close to Sunday's sunset.
I can settle for sunset!
I call it "After the Storm"

It was my second attempt with Wilton food coloring. I realized later I used to much vinegar.
I'll keep what I have!

In keeping with my new self imposed rule of finishing 3 before you start another project.....This was an order for 2 Lavender Paws. Another Lisa Milan of Digknitty design. On the way to Canada!

O.k., thats 2 down.....

Remember this? It's still a fuzzy photo but, its now a Diaper soaker.

I recently purchased a cottage license for the Sheep Time Knits pattern and I have to say its the best I've found. If you use cloth diapers and like wool soakers it is wonderful.

Her pattern is designed with legs front loading to allow plenty of diaper room. She gives directions to modify the soaker for any baby shape, Buddha to
string bean. In other words no need for short rows!

The second is a large soaker made with Peace fleece Peace fleece and the creation of the company is an awesome story. Worth a read.

2 completed diaper soakers.....up to 4 FO's!

I found all of these dish cloths started in various stages in 3 separate tote bags, the van, the car, the family room & well....get the idea?

And here I have been after Isaiah for getting into my knitting needles!
I didn't realize I had so many sets of 6,7 & 8 needles....maybe thats why I was using the 8's....

Hmm, anyway that brings me to... well enough to start a new project!

Nosin around on line a few months ago

I found this adorable pattern, "Rainbow Dress" by Georgie Hallam of tiKKi.

There was only one problem, I have no Grand daughters. Excuse me but my children will sometimes read my blog.....I HAVE NO GRAND DAUGHTERS!!!!!! 2 wonderful grandsons but, NO GRAND DAUGHTERS!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

After The Storm

Monday’s news reported over 400,000 Kentuciana homes & businesses with out power due to Sunday’s windstorm. As of this morning we have over 230 thousand with out power. But, that means our reduced staff electrical companies have connected over 170, 000! The number connected is actually higher as they found other homes affected in rural areas.
With approximately 1/3 of our utility trucks and staff assisting in the southern US recovery this number is fantastic! Yes our guys are home now, which will speed the process.
Yesterday work required me to travel All over Jeffersonville, New Albany, Clarksville, thru Dixie HWY, Preston HWY, along Bardstown rd, & Hurstbourne areas. A normal 95-minute drive time took over 3 hours!
Despite news reports of fighting at gas stations & all the negative behaviors,
I have never been so proud to be a member of any community!
Let me tell you of a few things I saw, some may seem minor and very trivial, but it/they made a difference:
Residents, Police& National Guard members directing traffic in busy intersections and residential areas….& random driver passing them bottles of water and juice!

Banks, churches and other businesses barbecuing & offering free or minimal fee meals

Grocery store employees working hard to haul water & other non-perishable foods to the isles. Yes they were unshaven, a little grungy and in t-shirts and shorts but, they came in.

Drivers giving the same consideration to Tree service & Utility trucks as they would an ambulance.

Grocery Stores taking phone orders and delivering to the elderly or those without transportation be it due to lack of gas, road debris….at no charge!

Grocer employees hauling dry & wet ice in their own vehicles, when the trucks could not get there soon enough

Tree service employee’s working as fast as they can to clear the way for utility workers with very little sleep

Power cords running from house to house to house, those with helping those without.
Neighbor helping neighbor,Those that can helping those that cant, families working together.

As in any situation you can always find the negative but it’s just as easy to focus on the positive.
We can tell the stories of the 2008 Windstorm, acts of kindness, heroism & caring for years.

This is what community really is, and I am so very proud to be a part of it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What to do in a wind storm but Dye?

So what did I do during the wind storm? Found my last skein of un-dyed yarn! I call it "Child's Play" I think it will make a adorable soaker! Boy or girl, I was actually trying for a blue and got a deeeeep aqua. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I can use all the advice I can get so speak up if you know!

These I had hanging to dry from playing Saturday. The blue and brown "Little Boy Brown" is a match to the pink and brown posted a few days ago. extra hank with the blue is solid blue for the soaker waist band and legs.

The second, my son in law Christopher looked at and said "that looks like Bahama Breeze to me." So, "Bahama Breeze" it is! when I was winding these up into skeins, I noticed the blues are the same shade. (at least my colors are consistent) so, if I need extra I have it.

On the knitting side, I have the shrug frogged and reskeined. I think it wants to be a Berry Jumper, we'll have to see.....once I have some buttons sewn on UGHHHH

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Landscaping! Extreme Makeover!

Our New landscaping! Isn't it lovely? We had a bit of wind today, 60-81 mph

The tree house, the trees were pulled in different directions and ripped it apart!

Just think of it as new yard art!......maybe I can have Larry make benches out of the down trees...some are hardwood!

This was the "Thinking tree". It had 2-3 levels the kids could go to. They would sit up there and study or read (pout)

Remember the wall we just built?

We cant tell if there is any damage to the new garage, the trees fell between the house and garage,.....on to the new wall. It looks ok, we won't know until we get the trees cleared.

This photo was 30 minutes into the high winds
So far we have counted 8 trees down, and the top of 2 others.....hanging over the house!

This was the first "break" in the wind, see the trees behind the house?
Oh, Excuse me...that were behind the house.

Now just keep in mind our daughter Erika's wedding reception is on the 27th, here, at THIS HOUSE! She wanted a big informal family style gathering. Here. At home. We have at least 2 days of just chain saw work ahead!

Our closest neighbor came over, they suggested we have a theme reception.........Survivor Style. The games and contest possibilities are endless! LOL

But you know what? We are so BLESSED! no one was hurt, & our road is one of the few in the county we have found out that still has electricity. Over 400,000.have no power!

Maybe we will have a bonfire too........Gotta make lemonade!

UFO Pile of Shame! Accountability Check!

The end of my kitchen table is covered with
skeins of yarn and working projects. I'm " working it clear" (SURE I AM)Then there is a/was a basket of UFO's in the living room, lets say one of many and leave it at that! All of these need either Frogged, buttons or just sewn up. Some are from LAST September. The Burgundy shrug, needs frogged. I was to the point of sewing it for a Christmas outfit for Erika and found a major error right after the neck line. Of course its top down knit

See that? It has marinated for a year. My first Grown up garment. Fits her beautifully, just needs seamed, now to be frogged.
The Pink Ivory & brown shrug was /is for a friends daughter. A birthday gift from Apr/May. Just needs the button placket and ends tucked in.
2 bibs, just need buttons, The Mossy Oak sweater? I don't know what I've done but the front doesn't meet, FROG! I wonder if any one else has had this problem, I've counted stitches and its correct to the pattern.

Yellow and green sweater? Just needs a button! I have a cute Daisy one ready and waiting.
Blue Jumper has been done for months, waiting for decorative stitching, The kimono jacket just needs seamed for nearly a year~

Needle case I got bored with, 3/4 of the way done & need for Christmas. Ear warmers & hat? only 3 wks old.

That's the first of 3 baskets.
So, my new short term goal? I have to complete at least 3 things before I start another.
That's not counting dyeing though, I already have my yarn soaking !

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Knits with Free Pattern

Baby on the Brain
With the new baby coming I’ve been looking at all kinds of patterns. I was searching for a pattern that would be handy with the upcoming seasonal change. The FREE PATTERN "Confection" by Tonya Wagner was my inspiration. And as with all my projects I had to tink the pattern, I added longer sleeves & made the back a bit deeper. The first is a Pink Ombre of I Love this Yarn, purchased at my local Hobby Lobby.

I love variegated yarns of any kind. Its interesting to see how the colors will pool

The second is Plymouth Encore from my LYS "Grinny Possum." These will see a lot of use as they can be worn as a extra “something” around the house or, with little dresses for a date with Daddy.

Wooohoo! Yarny goodness from Purewool! I received my co-op order from Purewool started
to get twitchy finger Cant wait to get started.

Just the incentive to complete some projects. Yes I still have all those buttons & seams to sew. Need to complete at least 3 (well, maybe 1) to start something new......

Mr Scarecrow
Another dish/washcloth with Digknitty designs.
Lisa has a great collection of pumpkins, pilgrims, spiders & goblins for fall, be sure and check them out!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soaker Stocking

New soaker stocking for Etsy & KDC
"Lavender Peace", size large, 100% Peace Fleece wool.

"Grove" size large, 100% wool Purchased from Radiant Twist. Wonderfully soft fluff.

"Navajo" size large, 100% Fisherman's wool.
My first dye!

"Rocker" size large, 100% Merino wool.

In My house a camera left out in the open is considered "free game," you never know what you will find I do believe pregnancy has curled her brain!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dye Project & Koolaid Barf?

When I first looked at this yarn drying I thought Ooooh, I love the colors, and was excited. After I wound it to a cake I thought Oh No! This is what they call “Yarn Barf!” With nothing left to loose I started knitting. I've seen write ups for "Yarn Barf" scarves on Etsy, so why not a Diaper Soaker!
I am suprisingly pleased with it. Not to sure of the green. My random stripe is more ra than dom!

Dye Happy (ok obsessive!)

My 2nd attempt at Koolaid dyeing.

Citrus colors, Lime, Yellow & a Coral/ watermelon in Fisherman's wool.

Dip dyeing with sock yarn, I LOVE this one. To bad its sock yarn. Possibly a scarf in its future!

This is a Cascade 22o in a gold color.
I used a Purple dye & it gave me a rich Chestnut color. The green was a Hunter Green that came out a cross between Olive and a dark Leaf Green.
This one has my daughter Danielle's name written all over on it!

Fisherman's wool again, graduated color of Pale pink to a deep rose with, the base Ivory to Browns.

The photos are a bit fuzzy but, I bet you'll be seeing them again as finished objects!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Playing with Koolaid

After hearing so much about Koolaid dyeing, I had to give it a try this weekend.
I dipped one end into a berry color and got a rich pink, separated out 3 other sections for lime, blue and purple. I used the stove top method and found it so easy! This batch is skeined and in process of becoming a soaker.

After my first success I had to go for a 2nd attempt. My red came out as a deep Coral pink, almost a watermelon. Overall, I'm very pleased with the results.
My batteries died so I'll have photos of the other 4 I did tomorrow.

Recycled & Repurposed Yard Art or, Garage Floor

Hope you had a nice break with the 3-day weekend. Saturday we accomplished quite a bit around here. We worked on the rock wall. We actually have the wall completed and are adding the top cap or, the seating top layer. YAHOOOOOOOO. This has been quite an experience. To give you an idea there is 22 yards of concrete in this wall. It was a garage floor that cracked and we had replaced then, became what I call Yard Art. A huge mound of chopped up concrete in the front yard. A yard of concrete is roughly a TON of weight. We did have a tractor bucket to scoop and bring the chunks to the area we were constructing the wall but, we still had to handle each 40-100 lb piece, fitting them together like a huge puzzle. The narrowest slab is 3 inches thick We still need to work on the steps down but the wall itself is done. We will be hosting Erika’s wedding reception here on the 27th so the plan is to have the floor laid by then. This 90-degree heat is slowing us down so we shall see!

I think I like this back side best :)