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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Seating

I love my flower gardens, the weeding mulching and separating.  So rewarding to watch them mature year by year.  I keep promising myself a bench of some sort  but have yet to make the purchase.    I generally have them under control by the time the veggie garden is started but,  This year with our early spring they’ve gotten out of control. 

So, as an incentive for myself to get them cleaned up I’m making that frivolous purchase! 

As I’ve been working I’ve been trying to define exactly what I want because ….well,  I’m going to have to look at it for years….

This is my list of “must’s”… 

1. Portable so it can easily be moved about…nothing to heavy

2.  a classic style

3. sturdy enough to hold up for years

4.  a style that will be fun and functional …one I have the option of painting bright and bold or, soft and elegant…( *snort* elegant…as if in my garden)

I’ve found concrete, wood, iron, stone and plastic seating with prices from the flimsy $30.00 to sticker shock of  $3,000. 00

But, I’ve found my seating, one that fits all my requirements

Want to see a photo of it?




Are you sure? 

You know your going to want one too…





Garden seating

I might even pick up 2-3 to have on hand when you stop by!

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We have a Window..and Maybe more

More progress!  The vapor barrier is up on part of the addition.  We’re had intended to do it all but wanted to get windows placed in my room tonight and that called for a trip to Lowes.    Hardware/home stores/feed stores  in this family are second only to the Holy Land….(OK, possibly an archery store, craft store and yarn shop are some where in-between but you know what I mean).  If the sales staff didn’t have such a high turnover we would be on first name basis, planning BBQ’s and swapping kid photos.    Anyway, watching for sales and deals we’ve slowly been buying what we need for the addition. Other than that purchasing only when we need it.  Its saved us bundles, not just the sales we have found but storing the materials during construction. 

Well, Last night we hooked up the trailer & went for windows, we’d priced everything, we knew what we wanted & knew they were in stock…WRONG!  Indiana has just  joined the energy conservation rebate system and there is a a change over in the “quality” of windows (as in changed the wording on the packaging and UPC code )….so contractors have bought out the existing windows at a reduced price.  We were able to get 2 of the 6 needed.  WINDOWS! 004By the time we got home after hunting down more windows, it was much later than intended but, we did install one window.  We just had to!  I’m going to love having the windows in my work space!  The $30.00 rebate per window won’t upset us either!

At this point were hoping to locate more windows, get them installed tonight & have the building inspector here tomorrow.  Other than that, we’re looking ahead for a 3 day weekend and at a standstill to move forward in construction.

While at Lowes I picked up a bag of potting soil…we’ve used all the good soil we have in the garden & my compost isn’t quite ready to use so of course I had to enter the “Garden Center”  (insert theatrical music here)…and headed to the back where the clearance section ie. half dead plants are.  Or ,the unloved, un-watered and abused plants are ………..right away, 2 berry plants jumped on my trolley.   A Black and Blueberry both with good strong stems & full foliage but drooping badly WINDOWS! 005I brought them home and set them in a shallow tray of water and they were fine this morning.  Both even have blooms starting & will be planted this evening when it cools off.


and my $7.00 tray of  flowers,(retail over $50.00) Calla Lilies that are to be separated, and about a dozen other plants for potting. Everything looked half dead & was laying over drooping simply from lack of water.  

Weeded all morning and having a cool drink (darn, the wine coolers are warm) & lunch  before I melt.

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Garden

It’s  the time of year where you feel as though you live in the garden.

I’m finding new shoots of plants I thought were rained out!  Carrots so delicate and fragile in appearance are sprouting and looking good. I thought I would need to re sew them! Planting more peas today as nearly all was lost in the last flood of rain.  These 2 little clumps are all that made itgarden 007

Container potatoes have been planted (late I know) and are sprouting!  My first time with containers and potato’s so I’m very pleased to see the tips of green.  One more bucket to plant today.Addition & Gray Pearl 012

The squash I planted in my version on the Earth box’s are about 4 inches tall and look thick & lush,garden 003  the tomatoes are……..getting there.

The potted & hanging tomato’s garden 006 are  taking off  like gang busters, double the size of those in the garden and planed 2 weeks after!  I’ll need to put some lattice behind the potted plant to support the fruit weight.

18 Tomato plants in the garden  recovering from all the rain, just starting to take off. Mostly Roma’s…I can smell the sauce now!garden 011 They’ve nearly doubled in size with all the heat in the past 3-4 days.

I have melon coming up in my green beans.  Although the garden doesn’t hold water, all I can figure is we had so much rain in such a short period of time it floated the seeds over.   Transplanted they seem to be doing well.

Although there is a bit (quite a bit) of replanting to be done, I’m pleased with the growth so far.

I wrote most of this this  morning.  2 more buckets with potato’s  are done & chives are replanted.  After spending quite a bit of time weeding today, I found 3 more melons growing amid the beans along with my missing tomato plants!  I thought they had withered away or rotted with all the rain.  Nope, they were cuddling with the green beans!  The Hussy’s! 

Have to transplant them tomorrow & replant the peas…so now what do I do with all the seeds I have starting in pots to replace them!  I think Mr Fix~it would have a cow if I even mention more garden space.  Think I’ll look into more tubs!

Gotta love it!

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Busy weekend

The outer walls are up! DH had one or 2 boards on before I was even up.  He’s an early riser, as in “Oh God thirty” in the morning.

I was sucking down my first cup of coffee trying to figure how he handled the heavy weather boards on his own,  when he came be-boppin out with another

Addition & Gray Pearl 014  In my fuzzy morning brain I thought he’s pretty smart!Addition & Gray Pearl 006With new construction you can just place your boards &  screw them on.  Since nothing is square its not that easy. Each board needed cut and lifted in place. Instead of  the “arm-strong” method he placed each board and set mini lifts to step on to wedge them in place.

Addition & Gray Pearl 027 This area seen will be my work space!

I have windows!  OK, window holes at this point.

It was sooo hot!  All week prior it had been 50-60‘s and rain.  Friday temps were in the mid 80’s and stayed there till Sunday when we were working on this…then it hit 92!

By day’s end, all the exterior walls were up and windows cut out, and we made a trip to the local home centers for flashing & moisture wrap.

The flashing he had up last night and the moisture barrier will be up in the next day or so.  Then we can have the inspector back out to approve the progress!

In my head I can see it done. 

Now we just have the wiring, plumbing, flooring….

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another 1st to Celebrate!

Some of you know our family went thru some challenges these past 3 years that  changed our perspective of what is really important.  I’ve shared fears & tears, asked for prayers and you’ve celebrated each milestone with me.  So I felt it only fitting to share a major reason to celebrate.

But, so you understand the changes….

Rachel  Adam & Hayden

Rachel & adam

Christmas 2008, When out middle daughter Rachel  was diagnosed with Cancer.

Christmas 08 (2)

She found out 2 days before Christmas

Christmas 08

Christmas 2009 Christmas Card


Last Chemo Surprise Party


I’ve posted a few photos of the odd hair growth she’s had…DSCN2545

or not had.

But Yesterday I received this photo….and I sat down and cried like a big baby

Rachel 1st Hair Cut!1

A major milestone!

Her first hair cut!

Thank you for walking this journey with us.  Your prayers and good wishes & support…I can’t begin to tell you what they have meant to us all.  

But to one family You made a difference.

Thank you!  God Bless

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First Strawberries!

Mr. Fix~It checked his small strawberry bed this afternoon and look at what he found!

 Avail Colors 028

A few were quarter size the others were tinyAvail Colors 031

And mutant shaped!  The berry on the far right is shaped like a chili pepper & less than an inch long.  Any ideas what were doing wrong?


Friday, May 21, 2010

I Should Have “Listened”

Mothers Day eve, we had a call from Erika, she’s bringing Isaiah to us as she needs to take Evie to the immediate care center….spiked a fever, barky breathing and lethargic….go, go go!

Turns out the little lady had/has RSV, pneumonia & bronchitis!  She’d been a bit clingy through the week, needing more sleep but nothing else to raise alarms.  We thought teething or a growth spurt.  Then another (scary) trip to the ER 4 am Monday as she was really struggling to breathe.   They ended up with a bag of Meds and a nebulizer.  Boy was she a trouper about the nebulizer.  I think it only took one  treatment for her to realize it helped & she didn’t fight it at all. 

They say hind sight is 20/20 & we should have known something was up because Buddy is pretty good with the kids but not this good!retakes 004 He had stayed with her &  followed her through out the house all day.retakes 006

The kids pet & love on him & he’s pretty patient with them but, he’s 13.  He generally hides under the table when Evie’s  here…unless she is eating…then he’s under the highchair mooching.

So, when he was actually staying with her it was odd, this shocked me…I grabbed the camera as I wasn’t sure the others would believe me.   They say animals sence more than we do….I guess I should have “listened”   Evie’s doing much better, 4.5 lbs lighter but much better!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crazy Wet Days

It been crazy busy here but, I think it’s that time of the year for everyone.  All those projects & activities we couldn’t start until season change have been calling to us.
The addition has been moving along.  With constant rain,

Current Customs & Studio 006 Sunday and a evening or 2 through the week to work on it, progress is not as far as Mr. Fix~It would like.  The outer walls are framed, windows framed on the courtyard wall but, were having problems finding windows to match those on the front of the house.  Sure, we can special order them but at $300-$500. EACH? I don’t think so!

The building inspector came by this morning to approve the framing so we can move on to enclosing it all the way. I’m excited but sad also.  As excited as I am to have the space, I’ll miss morning coffee out here & it’s been nice to have a covered area when its storming or as a sunshade.

The garden is a bit of sad shape right now.  I’m getting discouraged.  We’ve had so much rain things have washed out.  I’m on my 3rd planting of the pinto’s.  It dry’s a day or 2, I replant and it pours again.  Each time its rained so hard I’ve found the beans above ground.  This last time I was so disgusted  I ignored that end of the garden for over a week (so mature I know).  I went back to replant and I have beans growing like mad.  Who’d a thought they would sprout and grow so well on the soil!  Only 2 melon and 1 cucumber  & 3 peas plants have survived the flooding rain.   So, it’s almost a total replant. It’s to wet to go in and weed with out pulling up what plants I do have so the weeds are winning at this point! This weekend the weather man is calling for mid 80’s so that will help.  Guess I know what I’ll be spending my mornings doing…replanting!

And there is always knitting! I’ve been keeping busy with customs (updates and photos on the Katidids Knits Blog this afternoon) and let the Etsy Shop empty some…. so I need to get busy or, busier!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Rainbow Skirties

The twins skirts are done!  Lanolized and drying right now.Rainbow Skirtys 003 Lots of ends to weave with these but I think they turned out cute!

“Mixed Blues” Shorties,knit on a Cascade 220 base is  another custom ready for tomorrow mail.

I think I have enough left for a small to medium pair of longiesMixed Blues Shorties 003

And a pair of small shorties with a soft ruffle cuff. 

Shades of purples and greens.Purp & Green shorties 010 I dyed this yarn last summer and just got a chance to use it.

These should be listed in the Etsy shop this evening. 

Currently on the needles is a tunic for Marguerita I should have finished in the next day or so.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Starting Over!

AHHH!  (Insert a mental photo of me ripping my hair out)

The garden is so torn up after all the rain. 

Out of 5 rows of pinto beans, i have 6 plants…peas?  gone.  Everything is washed out but, I have an excellent crop of weeds!  Oh, God has a since of humor.  This is what I get for being prideful of having it planted early!

My tomato plants survived but have rust spots on the leaves?  Help!  The lone pepper plant has buds of about 6 peppers forming. 

The onions are a mess, 3 rows and a few are 2-3 times the size of others.  Makes no since at all! out of 3 garden plots I have enough growing to fill one.  Everything else needs replanted.  Oh, the broccoli is growing like gang busters.

We have been under a severe storm & tornado watch all evening.  Looks like were going to have another big dump of rain when today it’s just been dry enough to work in there.

  Tonight while Mr. Fix~It mowed the field, I got the onions weeded and had enough compost ready to mulch around them.  I left about 3 inches clearance between the mulch & onions is that enough?  I’ve read on different gardening sites to mulch right over the bulb but others say leave a 3 inch space.  I’m mulching to keep the weeds down.  If it smothers the weeds, wouldn’t that smother the onions?

Mr. Fix~It gifted me with  2 5 gallon buckets so once I have holes drilled I’ll get my potato’s planted.  Late I know!

The blackberries are covered in blooms!  The blueberries blooms have dropped and I see berries forming.  The strawberries (if they survive this next storm) will be the best season yet! 

Mr. Fix~it cut the concrete at the end of the carport where the driveway overlaps leveling it to accommodate the next wall to be framed.  Sunday, if the weather is nice will be the next day we can work on it.

I spent the morning wrapping and shipping packages,  spent the afternoon with Evie, and worked outside in the afternoon.  When we were done with our work, I let Mr. Fix~It to take me to the local Ice Cream shop for supper!

Better get some knitting done!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Floating Away Derby Weekend

Ok, so we didn’t really float away, we ran away!  The weekend of the Kentucky Derby can get a bit crazy around here and its become our annual camping getaway. 

We started a few years ago meeting  up with our friends Kenny & Joyce.  It also happens to be the weekend about 15 families from our old church camp together. Its great as the kids can just run & we all keep an eye on them.   So between us we take up just about half the campground.  Despite the 10 inches of rain between Thursday & Sunday(per our local weather man) we had a blast! We left Thursday evening and came home Sunday morning.  In between that time I think we consumed a million s’mores & Fire Pies, checked for ticks,  fought off invading ants (from the 3 ft ant hill behind our site), checked for ticks, watched Isaiah put about 200 miles on his bike with the “big boys”  (8 & 9 yr olds), checked for ticks, consumed more snacks than I should have. We were able to get home and unpacked thankfully during a brief non raining period but, everything was still wet and needed drying out in the garage…or in a pile in front of the washer.

Mooched $5.00 off Mr. Fix~It to place a bet on a horse…..#4

And WON!

$45 isn’t a huge windfall but, I gave Mr. Fix~It his $5.00 back and had a free $40.00!  Not bad for a once a year gamble.

It will pay the water bill…….or buy more wool!

No pictures from the weekend, it was either raining, blowing rain, about to rain or misting.  didn’t want to take the chance. 
What the rain did to the garden?

Well, that’s another story!

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