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Friday, October 30, 2009

Know what I did today?

A whole bunch of nothin!   I took a few photos

Longies I finished yesterday

Longies & leaves 002  These I finished this morning

Longies & leaves 019Oh, and the custom are done

longies 002 

and other than making my bed and sorting some laundry I was a slug! 

Erika & the kids stopped in for a bit, we raked leaves for a while, and then Isaiah went “missing”

Can you see him?

Longies & leaves 036Until the leaves started giggling!

Longies & leaves 037

Mis Evie had been happily watching us from the swing but wanted to join her big brother

Longies & leaves 042So we tossed her in the pile… not really! 

She wasn’t to sure

Longies & leaves 049 what to think of all the leaves

Longies & leaves 043Until her big brother popped up in the pile

  Mr Fix~It’s hunting for the weekend and I’m taking a day off. Bagels n cream cheese for supper!

And I might wash the dish!

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Handmade, Homemade Frugal Christmas Ornaments

Since you have nothing else to do to prepare for the holidays…how about knitting up few free ornaments? Dive in to your stash for those small bits… Most only use 3-35 yards!

We all need a few new decorations right? My children all have a trees and I know they each could use a few more. Heaven know mine are looking a bit ragged with age. Use up your scraps & Make a few for your tree but also make some to use in place of bows on your gifts!

Mini stockings using about 30 yards of dk weight yarn scraps. Worsted weight will give just a touch larger free pattern here Fingering weight for a tiny sock here and here. I wouldn’t worry about staying with traditional holiday colors, mixing & matching scraps will look great.

A sweet patterned sweater mittens & Hat are here. These use sport weight.

Lets bring in a touch of nature with a Pine tree & another here, A little I cord wreath here

A few Lights for decoration

A Bird to flit in the branches

And a Christmas Pickle

Of course you will need a Snowman or 2

Every Tree needs a Teddy Bear family

Need a few icicles?…a sprig of Holly, or calorie free Christmas Pudding!

Angels, a simple reminder that although they are rarely seen they are always among us.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Ant & The Grasshopper 2 Versions

This  one is a little different....
Two Different Versions

Two Different  Morals!

OLD  VERSION: The  ant works hard in the withering heat all summer  long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.
The  grasshopper  thinks the ant  is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.
Come  winter, the ant  is warm and well fed.
The grasshopper  has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.


Be  responsible for yourself


The ant  works hard in the withering heat all summer  long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The  grasshopper  thinks the ant  is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come  winter, the shivering grasshopper  calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant  should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others are cold and  starving.

CBS, NBC ,  PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of  the shivering grasshopper  next to a video of the ant  in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.

America  is stunned by the sharp contrast.

How  can this be, that in a country of such wealth,  this poor grasshopper  is allowed to suffer so?

Kermit  the Frog appears on Oprah  with the grasshopper  and everybody cries when they sing, 'It's Not Easy Being Green.'

Acorn  stages a demonstration in front of the ant's house where the news stations film the group  singing, 'We shall overcome.' 

Rev. Jeremiah Wright  then has the group kneel down to pray to God for the grasshopper's sake.

Nancy Pelosi &  Harry Reid exclaim in an interview with Larry  King that the ant has gotten rich off the back  of the grasshopper,  and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant  to make him pay his fair share.

Finally, the EEOC  drafts the Economic Equity &  Anti-Grasshopper Act retroactive to the  beginning of the summer.

The  ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate  number of green bugs  and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is  confiscated by the Government Green Czar.

The  story ends as we see the grasshopper  finishing up the last bits of the ants  food while the government house he is in, which just happens to be the ant's  old house, crumbles around him because he doesn't maintain it.

The  ant has  disappeared in the snow.

The grasshopper  is found dead in a drug related incident and the  house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize  the once peaceful neighborhood.

MORAL  OF the Story
Be careful who you vote for in 2010

Handmade, Homemade Frugal Holidays Gifts for Men, Men, Men MMMMMMMMen

Wow! From the comments on yesterdays post and the e-mails I received, most of you are already rockin & rollin on your gifting. AWESOME!!!!

The majority of the e-mails requested ideas for men. So, not to say this is all there is but its what I’ve come up with. PLEASE Link up if your posting ideas or completed gifts…if your afraid of a family spoiler send them to me & I’ll post them for you here. I’m all about sharing ideas and creativity!

Yesterday I spent about 2 hours listing all sorts of ideas & free links. This morning it’s lost in the bowels of my computer….and I can’t find it It’s frustrating as I was on a roll & had all these creative ideas……this is ( with my memory of a gnat) what I can remember…..& links for patterns or directions

Let me say handmade gifts for guys can be difficult. I mean pants shirt tie/uniform/work clothes….BORING! Not many want to make waves in the boring guy attire and actually wear the light up ties. If your guy is like mine they are pretty “no nonsense” in appearance. But depending on you sewing skills camp shirts, P.J. /lounge pants & Hoodies are generally safe. Flannels and fleeces are on sale with deep discounts making them affordable.

For the adventurous guy on the consider a back pack, rut sack or event tent! Free patterns here. Great way to repurpose denim, twill, heavy duck cloth or even camo!

For the grill master in the family(or one who thinks he is) Here is a free pattern that can be adjusted to ANY size. Have fun with it, what are his interests? If you just want to wing it with out a pattern….For the fisherman, use a shirt front for the bib area, pants front for the lower half & overlay black or green for “rubber boots” pockets (thinking of you Debby)…repurpose garments you have in the back of the closet or have thrifted. Carefully cut the sleeves & shirt front off, leaving the collar intact. Unbuttoned it can slip over the head as the neck strap. Separate a pair of shorts or pants on the side seams and lay on the “waist of the shirt.line up the edges and seam in place. Hem the sides and your good to go. I was laying in bed last night and thought of this…the possibilities are endless! Hawaiian camp shirts and shorts, tux shirt & black slacks…..use the shirt sleeves as hot pads….make it macho & he may wear it! Home made BBQ sauce to sweeten the pot! Use fabrics that you have on hand, denim or twill, even camo! How about a fish design or favorite team logo. Use the basic apron pattern but shorten for work mans apron/tool bag. Just make sure you have generous pockets!

As long as you have the sewing machine out,

How about a Shower wrap? My family all received these one year. Grab a towel (the nice thing is all the edges are done!) on sale or, dig in your stash. Back ? Ok,find center back (On a long edge of the towel), now take 6 inches of 1/2 to 1 inch elastic … mark your center…match that to your towel center..and pin in the center ( about 1/2inch from edge)….on one end, pull the elastic about 2 inches & firmly sew the end of your elastic. Do the same with the other end, when done remove the center pin. Your towel will have a gap that sags between. Fold the elastic edge down along the towel (wide enough to cover the elastic but not sew into the elastic) and sew the entire length of the towel. Stretch the elastic edge so it lays smooth for sewing. Careful not to catch the elastic. When done you should have a gathered section along the end. You’ll need about 6-8 inches of velcro or 2, 3-4 inc pieces. Wit the elastic on top, wrap the towel around your self or a handy person and judge how far the towel will reach. where your towel end touches is where you’ll stitch the hook part of the elastic. To the body of the towel is where you will place the soft loops. Do the same on the other end. Applique or decorate as you like!

For the Golfer in the family….Shoe bags. Nothing nastier than when they forget to clean the shoes before placing them in the shoe pocket on a golf bag. Lets fix that!

Golf shoe bags. Sewn, Made of flannel or cotton t shirt knit. Make sure you wash your fabrics so you do not have discoloration from the fabric to the shoes. Hand knit bags, with worsted weight, cast on 69, an easy knit 3 purl 3 rib,the appropriate length & kitchner or 3 needle bindoff to close. I recommend cottons or super wash wool as regular wool will felt if the shoes are wet & acrylic may scratch. Simple drawstring bags, one for each shoe to keep them from being scratched up & the club bag pocket clean. Nothing to big and bulky as they need to fit easily in the bag pocket. And, they can be tossed in the washer for easy care. My FIL will be receiving these!

Golf tee pockets that button/snap on the bag, knit, crocheted or sew. You can use a cosmetic bag as a pattern (but don’t tell him)!

Backgammom /Tic-tac toe board from fabric/quilted with wood disk or button markers. How about painting scrap wood with the checkerboard?

A “Stuff” container, most have a small pile of “stuff” they empty from their pockets at night…a small refinished/repainted wooden bowl will be handy to collect those items. Another idea is to use a small box; stationary, parts, child’s shoe box etc. Cover the entire box with small (less than an inch) irregular pieces of masking tape ( yes masking tape) top, bottom, inside & out. Cover the entire thing….then use wood stain or shoe polish and rub it down & watch it pick up the color. If using stain rub it off to shading of your choice & let dry 48 hours.

box & spider 005 This is the box Rachel or Aaron made Mr. Fix~It about 15 years ago. His “Leather Box”

Messenger/school/music bag from recycled jeans or unstained coveralls, carry bag for drum sticks~n music

Hats, scarves & mitts, socks, Reclaim yarn from thrifted sweaters or those you have. Great patterns here here here. About 10,000 free patterns on the web. Don’t forget the mail & UPS Delivery person!

Knit or, Felt a wool sweater to make a computer sleeve, it helps cushion with traveling & wool will not create static like acrylic.

Soap on a rope bag, knit or crochet, goats milk soap also

For those living in cold climates how about emergency/first aid/readiness kit with a warm blanket for the car.

Grocery/shopping bags man style! Knit or repurposed fabrics, here are 35 free patterns.

Seatbelt strap covers, made from fleece, or old stuffed animal you have laying around, add a layer inside for cushion & add velcro closures. Sewn, Crochet,

Beer can/bottle/mug cozies, knit or crocheted, can be felted How about using fabric scraps and even a quilted one? Patterns here, here, here, here

Ipod or mp3 holder patterns here .

Fire starters For those that love a fire, be it camping, fire pit or wood stove, Quick & easy. You probably already have everything you need. Instructions here…..you might want to read more while your there!

A simple quilt from shirting fabrics or even denim. Super warm but I would not want to launder it! What about a t-shirt quilt?

You might consider a home made cool book of family favorites

I wish I could remember the rest.

But forget the rules! Look at repurposing materials, a zippered garment bag can become a duffel bag or messenger bag. The zipper alone is worth $5.00-$10 , web belts can be used as straps, drawstring cords can be repurposed from shoelaces, old jackets & hoodies. Reclaim yarn from sweaters or afghans!

Look at items as “materials” not the garment or item it is!

OK, I’m done. My minds a bit fried right now. If you have other links to add send them! I’ll add to the list.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Handmade, Homemade Frugal Christmas

The Christmas season is close at hand.  After years of commercial “gotta have it” advertising, the economy is forcing most to re-evaluate gift giving.  These past few years we had been scaling back and giving family gifts that are more useful.  Gifts which are needed or make life just a little easier. All our children have now created their own homes and are at the point where power tools or Zoo passes are much  more appreciated than the fuzzy sweater or CD’s. 

It also brings us closer to the true reason for Celebration.   The Perfect gift we were all given.  The gift of the Son, who gave the ultimate gift of Himself.

So, this Christmas, there will be fewer “Singing Fish” and more gifts of ourselves.   Gifts we make or grow with our own hands and create with love. 

Reading one of my favorite blogs “The Simple, Green, Frugal, Co-Op” sparked what I hope to become a series of Handmade, Homemade, Frugal Christmas Gift ideas.  (If it’s a blog you have yet to visit or don’t follow, please do!)  There is a wealth of information just waiting for you!

So, take a moment or 2 and grab a pad of paper.  Go ahead, I’ll wait….I need to refill & warm up my coffee cup anyway.


I’m giving you home work.  Really, I am.

Make a list of those you will be gifting.  Don’t forget teachers & the elderly neighbor next door or you see sitting alone at Church.  Now, jot down any gift  ideas you’ve already had or plan to give that person…….out to the side,  list things they like to do or a bit about them.  Have they recently set up house keeping? Want to start a garden?  Have a bare kitchen? Do they love to draw but no longer have the funds with family commitments?  

   A bit of a personal profile, sounds silly but, the list will come in handy as we go.  It’s also a wonderful reminder of why you want to put the time, effort & love into creating those handmade gifts.

It may take a while, for me what started as 3-4 lines grew to a page a full page per person.

Now list your talents & resources.  A bit of a personal inventory.  Do you knit, sew or quilt?  Paint? Make soap or candles? Crochet? Have access to power tools or have a spouse that does? Garden or cook any specialties? Are you a handy with a camera or organizing?

What about skills you are willing to learn? Do you have someone you could swap skills with?

List them out….most of us have more talents & resources than we give ourselves credit for & possibly, some we’ve forgotten.

Tomorrow we’ll start with putting the lists together and start planning.  Some gifts will take a bit of time & planning on our part but then, a gift from the heart often does.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Off the Needles & WIP”S

Fresh off the needles!

Another pair of Earth Elements Longies, this has proven to be a popular color.  It’s neat to see how the trim changes colors that pop.

I should have these listed in the Etsy Shop this afternoon

customs & Longies 010 

A little shrug for Evie, that I’ve yet to tuck in  the ends.

I think I’m going to embroider flowers on the shoulders and back…not sure yet but the chocolate matches so many of the new baby colors

customs & Longies 004 Of course I couldn’t leave the pattern alone and lengthened the sleeves and back so its more of a short sweater.  Nice to use in the house as the weather changes for strollers or, cooler areas like  the floor!

It also lets us get more use of those short sleeved tops.

customs & Longies 006 

And the small custom for the waiting to be born little bitty guy, the legs are coming out in a spiral pattern.

customs & Longies 003

Remember those days? The last week seemed like the entire 9  months!  Send prayers up for a smooth & swift delivery for Mama!

So, Whatcha workin on?

Truths on Womanhood!

I saw this over on “Mels Backyard” & just had to pass it on!

Whatever you give a woman, she's going to multiply.
If you give her a house, she'll give you a home.
If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.
If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her,
So, if you give her crap,
you will receive more shit than any one human being can handle.

I’d like to think it was written by a “well seasoned” husband

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Friday, October 23, 2009

What Makes Me Happy & Works In Progress

Is when my guys are all smiling!

home 003

Isaiah is turning into a snaggle tooth kid.   He’s missing 3 and the 2 front are just hanging, one has dropped some and they look so goofy.  Looks like “The tooth Fairy” needs to load up the quarters!

A few works in progress

Custom Longies for a little guy due any day.  Browns, Tans & Blues

home 009

And Pinks & Browns for Etsy stock.  The colors are much richer than showing in this photo

home 012

Thrifting today I found this adorable top for Evie.

home 008 A little turtleneck, I can see it under a red Jumper…or pink or..

HMMM!  Great colors for longies! I have a few pair in traditional colors working but…these could be really fun!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reds & Greens Holiday Longies waiting to be made!

Hunter, spruce, evergreen to lime!Moms & holiday colors 013 Moms & holiday colors 008

Reds, of every shade to pinks

Moms & holiday colors 009 Moms & holiday colors 010

Traditional colors to the new mixes with Lime & Pinks.

I tried to post to Etsy for a customer to select custom colors but it would not save so here it is!

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Where has the week gone?

With the time changes I’m having a heck of a time adjusting my internal clock.  Well, its always run on its own time so that’s nothing new!

I had a wonderful visit with my family.  I needed to go, its been years. Bitter sweet in a way as its like when you see your own children grow and are surprised when you see changes in others..even though we know logically they will change its always a shock to see.  It was difficult to see those changes in my Mom.  The tremors in her hands, the unsure steps & short term memory that comes, and then is off to visit elsewhere.  The strength that is gone from the once very active & the health that is fading  I’m thanking God everyday that my sisters are there to watch over her.  One next door & the other now in the house with Mom.

And even though I was excited to see my mom & sisters, my brother came!

moms 042

This was the first time in 17 years we’d all be together. In age order Bobbi (Roberta, named for my father) 10 yrs older, Michael 9 years older, Carol 4 yrs older & me the “brat”

I’m so proud of them all.  They have each faced a Lot of challenges these past few years.  Bobbi is a breast cancer survivor who lost a breast & had major back surgery & husband (inspirit) within 2 days.  As far as the husband goes, he was a jerk anyway who couldn’t deal & didn’t deserve her

moms 046

Michael is a Vietnam Vet that adjusted to the world in his own way for many years.  I think at times we have all made life choices that possibly were not the best but,  it’s part of what makes us who we are. He’s come out the other side a wonderful man that has little judgment of others.

We almost lost him to cancer a few years ago & is recovered in many ways.  Healthy & happy with a wonderful wife Linda & 4 children (3 girls & 1 Boy) (& 15 grands I think) who have stood by him through the process. 

With the age differences we were almost like 2 families, Bobbi & Mike were gone to the service or collage & life in general when I was growing up. 

moms 047

Carol, my little big sister is a teacher. This past month she relocated from Denver to Calif. Mom of 2 beautiful boys young men. She’s had a struggle raising 2 boys on her own due to a selfish ex-husband, who never knew the gift of Carol he lost & cared more about his own needs than his family, losing her job (cut backs) but come out standing on her own, surviving with the most giving spirit of us all.

I’m so thankful for the parents that raised us.  The door was always open, no matter where we’d been or what we’d done we were always welcomed home with love & hugs. I don’t think I really appreciated the unconditional love they shared until this visit. 

I’m proud to call each and everyone family.

We had to get one traditional family photo

moms 049 OK, our traditional family photo

I was also able to meet my brothers son Robbie & his wonderful wife Kelly. 

moms 052 Such sweet little munchkins they have!

I’m going back next year come Hell or high water, as none of us are in our 20’s anymore, & I’m tired of the family coulda, shoulda, woulda’s…and learning tomorrow is not always an option.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Peace Be With You


This morning, my peace comes from morning coffee on my mothers patio at 6 am, watching the sunrise while the house is sleeping.  One thing I love about visiting is the 3 hour time change.   (keep in mind 11 pm saw my head on the pillow snoring sleeping..just a few hours from being up 24 hours)

Moms is a master gardener, taught by the Master.  No formal gardening schoolroom, just life and love to nurture, grow all things green and beautiful.  Where ever we lived she always created beautiful gardens and this home is no different. 

Moms 002

There’s been many changes in my sisters & Moms lives, attitudes & expectations.

Moms 014

  But in this patio & garden, I find a connection and peace.  Is good to know some things in this ever changing  thing of “family” will always remain the same.

In Moms garden I will always find peace, & make me feel I’ve come “home”.

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Friday, October 16, 2009


Well, I made it, the flights took off on time and I’m enjoying the heck out of this visit so far!  Mom & Carol were there to pick  me up, I was so good to see them!  We stopped for lunch and Bobbi was able to  join us.  Everyone looks great & were having a wonderful time talking….what else right?

Hello, Sunshine!!!!!  Tank top & sandals!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Plans Changed!

So this morning, we’re up at O GOD THIRTY 4:45….in the morning.  4:45 AM is right there on the list with size 0 & 2. Its not real, No one really wears a size 2 & the numbers on the clock after 2 am are on the clock face,  but don't really exist. 

It’s still dark out.

But I’m up.

I sucked down a few cups of coffee I don’t remember making, actually I think Mr Fix~It did.

In my non functioning status I stumbled down the hall, put my clothes on, put my face on and made it to the truck.  I’d packed the evening before as I wanted more than one left shoe in my bag.  I’m not a morning person, I just don’t function.  My brain doesn't kick in until I’m up for about 2 hours.

But, since I only have the 15th – 20th, an early morning flight was the best use of the limited time I have with my Mom & sisters.  Curbside drop off (still dark out), he had to go open the store & I had time to check in and get thru security.  Easy right?   Well, I got in the check in line with 3 ahead of me, I must have dozed standing there as I realized 20 minutes have gone by & I haven’t moved….no one had.  But people were yelling and hollering, a bit more than early morning  O God thirty system shock calls for.

The flight was cancelled. 

“Technical Issues”…right.  Then I notice police EVERYWHERE in the check in area, not just security but police & dogs.  Technical issues my fanny!   3 other flights leaving before 10am were cancelled.

My original flight was Louisville to to Dallas to Sacramento…..They could re route my flight………….Leaving at 2:40 in the afternoon!  Louisville, to Cincinnati, to Atlanta to Chicago…to connect to Houston THEN to Dallas and off to Sacramento. Anything from Chicago on unconfirmed seating, translated to mean….no way in Gods green earth will you get a seat on the Houston flight.  There is no way I want to spend the night in the arm pit of airports …Chicago,  With no guarantee of a flight out!

Mr Fix~It came back to the airport and took me home.

It was still dark out.

I’m rebooked on the same O God thirty flight……  tomorrow morning.  

I just have to wait another hour or so to call Mom & let her know. With the 3 hour time difference, I don’t think she wants woken at dark, O God thirty.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Using Your Resources, Would You?

I’ve been trying to catch up keep up on my blog roll.  I have about 40 I try to keep up with and have recently added a few more.  Although I don’t have a chance to read them all or leave comments all the time I enjoy reading of others lifestyles and life lessons.  

I’ve learned a LOT about, gardening, sustainable living, time & money savers.   The way resources are used compared to the US  is huge! Looking at what is considered necessities in other countries opposed to the US has really been eye opening

The 2 that have the most common thread are:

Water tanks for home and yard use.  Rain water collected in huge tanks, on roofs & others placed under the eves catching the run off  for garden use.  For some its the only water. Others choose to do this simply to save the water bill & make good use of ready resources.

The majority of homes do not own clothes dryers.  They line or rack dry.  In the US the majority of subdivisions prohibit a clothes line!  An electric clothes dryer accounts for approximately 25% of the US. electric bill.

I’m sure living expenses (electricity, groceries & gas or fuel) being much higher have a large input to these life choices.

But, I have to ask would you willingly give up your dryer to save the electric bill?  Would you even consider it?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Packing! I lost a Week & Other Stuff

What a busy next few days!  Yesterday I had a run to Louisville, Miss Evie & more applesauce to make.  I think  I ended up with 15 quarts and 37 pints when all’s said and done… for roughly $25.00!  Not bad for purchasing the apples.  Which reminds me, I’m out of small lids & need to pick up more, I want to be ready for more frugal finds!

It’s going to be a crazy busy day, I have Miss Evie today, I need to run to the post office and mail orders. I totally forgot they were closed yesterday for the holiday

I also need to pack.  Remember my birthday gift?

I Leave Thursday…This Thursday!

I thought it was next week!  I somehow have lost a week! Where did the time go! My schedule got thrown off with the applesauce, that was almost 2 days I’d not planned on …..But, my counter is clear! Mr Fix~It helped me carry them all down stairs on my newly (rearranged laundry/storage room) set up shelves. 

OK, I  admit it…I brain burped.  Who looses an entire week!

It’s crazy because I’m excited to go.  I don’t know how many years its been since I’ve seen my Mom & sisters.  I leave the 15th and return on the 20th.  Not a long visit as 2 days are travel (stupid layovers) but 4 days will be wonderful.

Oh, and a week or so ago, someone on my blog roll had a recipe/Tut for making mini pies in jars or glasses.  I’ve seen mini pies in cupcake/muffin tins but I loved the idea of the jars and freezing the servings.  Mr~Fix It loves pie but a whole pie is just to much when he’s the only one eating it. 

So, I have laundry to finish, orders to ship, packing to do, knitting for the plane… and a book to find.  Anyone want to recommend a good book for the flight and layovers?  I’m thinking ‘Where the Heart is” it’s had some very good reviews.  Although… I love people watching at airports.  There is ALWAYS the leopard skin dress, a child on a leash, a mullet or 2 and the exploding suitcase of some poor soul!

OK, I’ve rambled enough!

Oh, be sure and see the pumpkins display over at the Provident Woman, it’s really creative!

What are your plan for the week?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sustainable Sunday

Yesterday I was going to make a run to our local orchard …30 miles away for a bushel or 2 of apples, the .99 a pound was better than the $1.49-$1.69 we  normally pay. The beautiful drive through the hills would have been worth the gas $ but 2 of the access roads were still flooded or closed due to erosion.

So, instead I ran to Meijer as a few items I needed were on sale.

As it turns out, they had a truck load sale on apples!  .49 cents a pound! 3 large produce bags later I figured I had enough to make pies for the winter or, at least enough to slice and freeze for pies. 

22lbs of apples.

  apples 042

Mr. Fix~it came home and I told him about my deal …we ended up going back and picking up another 24 lbs!

There is one staple in Mr.Fix~its diet….APPLESAUCE!

With the first trip I had planned on simply pealing and cutting by hand… but with this much I was off to housewares to find an apple corer. Mr. Fix~it bless his heart is a firm believer of tool usage.    If there is a tool to make the job more efficient…he’s all for it.    And…..We….were in kitchen tool Heaven!  While I was comparing the qualities of  various corers, he was looking at other “tools”. I now have an apple corer & peeler! 

apples 046 Nothing fancy schmancy but it will get the job done! I bet Isaiah will be all over this one!  Peals, cores & slices all at once.  For $14.99…its worth it if it holds up.  Not sure how much I’ve saved after the purchase but, it will pay for itself in the long run.  Or so I’m hoping!

This morning the boys headed to the gun range and Evelyn & I started cooking & canning.  I had some Rhubarb to put up..

apples 040

We like it prepared like applesauce, just cooked with a few chunks only we do add about 1/4 cup of sugar.

apples 047  Its tastes just like sweet tarts!  I had a few pints of it done and started on the apples.

apples 045

Miss Evie helped by finding anything low and within her reach! But it kept her busy and away from the stove

So I washed, cored & cooked apples 041

apples 051


And canned.2 quarts & 22 pints left as some jars are already on the way to family

apples 054

The boys were home in time for the last of the jars to come out of the canner and helped peel for freezing…lots of willing hands for this chore….now don’t you just love those 60’s green counters!apples 053 6 pie size bags ready for the freezer!apples 048

Well time to clean up and then head to the back & finish building the compost bin

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guest Post & Sunshine!


What’s that sound? 

The wind? A breeze!

No RAIN!!!!

And a bright shinning sun!

So, I’m off for the day to run errands in the sunshine.

I’ll be listing some longies this afternoon after I take photos

In the mean time I have a Guest Post over on the “Ruby” blog!

Be sure and leave a comment to let me know you stopped by.

We’d love to hear about seeds you sow!

What  Joy did you share or find in your day?

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Rain…It’s a 4 Letter Word

Its a cold overcast and damp day!  We’ve had 4 inches of rain in less than 12 hours!  Where’s  the Ark!  Yesterdays 20 minute trip home from Louisville took over an hour.  Flooding, people driving regular speed being stupid causing accidents.  Hello, Its raining SLOW DOWN!  At one point it was like a fire hose unloading on my windshield.  Even semi’s were pulling off the road.

I’m home today with a Venison Stew bubbling in the crock pot,  trying to stop the laundry from breeding.  I’m staying warm & dry, knitting and giving thanks for my home. As I watch the pond overflow.

The Knitting…. The Etsy Shop has been about cleaned out of Longies.  I thought I was well stocked and it would be easy to maintain through winter…NOT!  But I’m not complaining, just knitting more!

Here are a few pair in the works,

A size large Brown marle just waiting a drawstring  to be made,

long 001

A Meduim Girls in my colorway “Hope”…finishing the legs

long 002

And “Earth Elements” in Small

long 003

2 hats need photos and 2 scarves still waiting buttons..better get off here and get busy!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A View From My Window

 The Bathroom window that is..Washing the window and noticed how much the colors are just popping! It started raining so I grabbed my camera, I was afraid to many leaves would fall to have a good photo

Fall & Longies 002 There has been a bit of knitting, I finished these today, posted them to Etsy and they sold in 4 hours! Yeah!ongies 008I finished these the night before, they have not been blocked so the look a tad wonky…yes, wonky is a wordlongies 002  

Still working on the laundry room, the shelves are in place YEAH!! which means my counters are cleared as I was able to move the canned goods downstairs, which is what started this entire cleanout process.

Another load ready for good will…..we’re on a first name basis now……they just hand me a signed blank donation form now.    Finding some really weird stuff under the stair’s like….the moving pads we had to buy from U-Haul 20 yrs ago!  Really. Sad I know.  Progress, I keep having to tell myself….it didn’t accumulate over night….But REALLY!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dwarf Diva?

I had a visitor today.  Who gave me this look..Please I need a new hat!  I wanna be a

Hi Ho Dwarf Diva

Evie hat 052

So I put the longies aside and dove into the stash…

Evie hat 012Yes that’s paper in her mouth hand…She was holding still.  It was that or ….

Evie hat 017

Slow down, I can’t keep up!  What’s more important, me walking or a picture!

Evie hat 006

Let me help….Its this Button!

Evie hat 027

*Sigh*  OK, take the picture

Evie hat 056

Hers came out a bit pointy but, I was just a bit distracted.Evie hat 057 Another Custom Order in the mail

Lavender, Pink, Royal Blue & Red, I’m hoping  the recipients send photos of these in use.