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Friday, January 29, 2010

“One Word”

All over the net I’ve seen various blog articles concerning “One Word” where your focus of the year would revolve around incorporating your chosen word in your life. 

Lots of  good ones out there, Save, Family, Faith, Nature, Diet, Prayer,  De-clutter..I thought  ok, good for you, and went on to the next page. ….

You ever notice when something’s in the back of your mind (you don’t want to do)its suddenly right in your face…all the time?  Every where you go or look it jumps out at you?

The “Word” was working on me that way. 

So a few days ago I started thinking of my “Word” for the year.  But I couldn’t find an easy one I knew I would stick with.       De-clutter…well I would really have to do it… not just bits here and there..Finish….no, I have toooooo many projects started to follow through on that one. Organize….nope not going there…I KNOW what a task that would be in this mess I’ve created.. See,  I have a really bad habit or 10 2.  I start projects at 100 miles an hour, all excited and ready to rock and roll & get side tracked.

For example ; Currently I have 8 quilts started that I know of, 4 afghans, 15 knitting projects on the needles I can see from here,  5 kilos of yarn to dye,  Sewing projects to numerous to count….rooms in my house torn apart that I started to reorganize but then I got overwhelmed with what there was to do & was not getting done while I was doing “this” so I tried to catch up on that &  there is a pile of ironing but I have to clean the iron off & oh that’s where I put the copper cleaner just let me get those pan bottoms and will you just look at this stove it needs scrubbed oh the bottom needs cleaned out who put these baking dishes here they go in the other cabinet & I need to figure a way to fit all these baking pans together  let me move them to the table to see what is actually in this cabinet…THERE is the box of yarn I sorted to send to a friends daughter what did I put in there & will the colors coordinate I better check and see if I can fit more in the box let me just scoot these baking pans over next to all the socks that need sorted well let me do that now….….

Why is the iron on the table?

See my point? 

Focus would be a good one, De-clutter would be great, Finish my husband would LOVE……

But I’ve decided on a word that I believe will cover it all.


This year in my world anyway it’s one word. 

  1. Stay on task
  2. Everything has a place/purpose
  3. Learn new skills
  4. Focus
  5. Don’t leave it unfinished
  6. I comes after “We”
  7. See it to the end
  8. Change is good
  9. Intensions don’t count
  10. Priorities, piles are for leaves
  11. Little things ignored become big things
  12. Ignore the fun till the work is done
  13. No store bought if I can make, grow or repurpose it
  14. Everyday give thanks to God

“One Word” could be life changing

What’s yours?

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shows Over & Works in Progress

Wow!  We have been at the Show all week and it has been Crazy…but in a good way.  This after all our bread & butter so just about everything else gets put on hold….gulp…..even knitting!  Although I myself don’t work on the sales staff, I run…for paperwork, coffee, to straighten trailers, to clean up spills, restock brochures…what ever is needed. This year, the show organizers chose to shorten the show length from 10 days to 5 so we had no idea what to expect  as far as traffic is concerned but, it has been PACKED!!

Fast forward to 3 days later……..

The shows over & everything back on the lot.  We have some wonderful friends & customers who saved us a LOT of time by showing up & towing everything back!  Friends that volunteer & show up when you need them are more than friends! Now just to get everything delivered!

The knitting has been slow, but I do have some works in progress.   I’m almost done with the “purplish” longies. I misjudged my yardage so they will probably be Capri's.  Oh well, summers coming…..someday right?

I just finished these medium longies.  I got a little scrap happy trying to use up some small bits of stash and striped the legs

new long 002

I have about 200 ends to weave in (or so it seems) & they should be listed  to Etsy tomorrow. 

I re-skeined one of my new babies

4oz 040

I can’t wait to see how it will knit up  I’m thinking of trimming it in the blue or brown…just can’t decide!  Maybe Board shorts with a pocket?

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Shop On the Team!

We have a new vendor on the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team, Elizabeth of “I Dream In Green”.  Today’s post is her introduction of her cloth diaper cakes…these are not you everyday diaper cakes!  Check these out!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Improvised Frugal Cup Cake Carrier!

On the way to join Mr. Fix~It at the Louisville Boat, RV & Sport Show where we have a booth again this year.  He left early this morning to unlock & open all the campers & I stayed home for a bit to bake cupcakes to treat our sales staff and family helping.

I’ve heard of people having trouble transporting cupcakes without a  “cupcake carrier”  being left with a big mess in their cars. I thought I’d show you what we do. 

cupcakes 003

I use a cake carrier and load the lid.  The round carrier accommodates the shape of the cupcakes but, we have also have  used a oblong cake pan for the same thing.  The more snuggly you pack it the less sliding around you have.

cupcakes 004

Pop the lid on and your ready to go.  This way even the little’s can help carry when needed.  If they drop it a potential mess is contained…and you can fix the frosting & still serve them.

I  like to purchase items that I will use in many ways.  The cake carrier has been used as a large veggie tray, a bed of ice to hold items needed to be served cold, cookies, as a huge Jell-O salad mold,  This carrier is about 15 years old.  When the opaque plastic begins to yellow I just drop in a sink of bleach water and its fresh looking again.

What do you have in your kitchen which you’ve found multiple uses?

…come on!



Friday, January 22, 2010

Bunn’s, Butt’s & MORE Bunn’s

The Bunn’s part of the story…..

Remember the sad saga the other day when my Bunn died?  Well Mr. Fix~it & Isaiah went shopping that evening  and brought me home a new one…. Here she is in all her glory.   We’re still going through an adjustment period as Eunice doesn’t seem to keep the coffee quite as hot as Harriet…(May she rest in peace)..and her basket is different. As I said we’re adjusting to one another.bunn 032

The Butt’s part

I was honored to test knit a Sleep Sack pattern for Amber Perry of “Butt Knits” .

Had you wondering there didn’t I!

bunn 031

Its a fun knit, with clearly written instructions,  suitable for a beginner but has enough options for ruffles or lace to keep most knitters interested. Sleep sacks are wonderful for quick night time changes on small noodle legged babies.  Another nice thing which I’ve not seen in a sleep sack pattern is size option, small/newborn or a 3/6m.The best part? 

It’s Free! Pick up your copy & tell Amber I said Hi!

The More Bunn’s Part!

I had sent a quick e-mail off to Bunn with photo’s attached..not being snarkey, just to let them know “You may Have a Safety/FIRE hazard PROBLEM"?”

That was Monday night I think, anyway..

Yesterday (Thursday) morning after 1/2 cup of coffee in me I answered the phone….And it was BUNN!  They made a few mumbled statements concerning a recall , verified my address which they had on file & said they would send me a new one…(like they did a recall notice?)

Which I assumed would arrive about the time Evelyn would graduate High School (yes, I know her first birthday is next month)

This morning right about 10 am ….LOOK WHAT I FOUND ON THE PORCH!  ( that’s a squeal not yelling)

A NEWbunn 033 COFFEE POT!!  

Fed Ex, Overnight!

Now, I have 2 Bunn’s!

& 1 Butt…

That didn’t quite sound right…

I’m going for a refill!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things You Find When Organizing & Signs Of Spring

This morning I heard a familiar sound outside I hadn’t heard for a while……

Their … dishcloths 004BAAAAAAACK on the pond!  dishcloths 005

This is a new group  & I hope they stay the year as watching the babies antics & growth is very entertaining.

Cleaning up and reorganizing my yarn I FINALLY found my cotton stash! So the past few evenings I’ve been working on dishcloth sets.  Here is what I just listed to Etsy

dishcloths 029 

dishcloths 039 

dishcloths 017

dishcloths 010

I also knit about 8 more for myself with a mix of scraps.  I love using them as they hold up so well & are even more absorbent than regular store bought terry cloths.  Besides, if you have to do a dirty job you might as well have fun colors to to do it with!

So, what have you been up to?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Easy Home Made Supper & Freezer Ready Meal!

The snow has all but melted and the thaw nearly over.  Its that icky time of the year when nature can’t decide if its still winter or time for spring.

dish cloths & meat balls 011  I do think we’ll have another good snow fall before its over.

Yesterday, while the guys hauled trailers & set up for the Louisville RV & Boat show….Erika, Evelyn & I spent the afternoon in Louisville at the Home Remodel Show.  Danielle was able to get free tickets so other than gas is was a nice free afternoon out.  We thought it was the annual Home & Garden show…boy were we surprised.  If we need our gutters cleaned, windows replaced or basement sealed we had it made….not a gardening vendor in sight.  Then we looked at the banners again….OOPS!  Still it was a nice change of pace & we spent some fun time together.

Our tired and hungry guys came home to a supper of meatballs & brown gravy over a bed of noodles, home canned corn,  homemade apple sauce & fresh from the oven bread with fresh butter. I wish I knew which site to credit but, recently I saw a cooking tip about making meat balls…instead of leaving your mix in the bowl & rolling from there guessing the amount for each ball, I placed a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet, spread the meat ball mix out evenly & placed in the fridge for an hour or so until it was nice and firm. I then sliced it off in a grid like a checkerboard for premeasured amounts for meat balls!

dish cloths & meat balls 012  The original poster recommended placing in the broiler on a broiler pan to let the dripping fall through.  I fried them in a cast iron skillet & drained the grease saving the good stuff for gravy.  I cooked more than we needed and froze the rest.  It’s a quicky meal waiting in the freezer.

There are hundreds of meatball recipe’s but this is what I used

1 lb lean sausage

1 lb (YUMMY) venison or ground beef

1 small onion

1 clove crushed garlic

1/2 cup minced carrots & celery each (they never knew)

1 cup crushed bread crumbs (helps as a binder)

salt, pepper & general seasonings to taste.

Its a basic recipe to use with many sauces, tomato or spaghetti sauce…or use the drippings in the pan to make a brown gravy.

What’s a quick meal in your freezer?

Just Roll with It!

Poor Buddy, He hides under the table with his toys when Miss Evelyn is around.  He thinks she’s there just to steal his them.bunn Died 034

The wet squishy dog slobber toys

bunn Died 035

She thinks he has her toys…and the battle ensues

bunn Died 037

The whining and crying

bunn Died 038

And teasing….and that’s from the dog

bunn Died 036

When she gets that wet, squishy slobbery smelly ball?

Then Mama’s fussing…especially when she wants to chew on it

Sometimes you just have to roll with it!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keep Your Ears Warm

A quickie Ear warmer or Cowl for Daniellebunn Died 027

I love knitting from the stash

To bad she wasn’t there to try it on… so I grabbed Erika to modelbunn Died 024Although she took on the task with cheek sucking enthusiasmbunn Died 029 I don’t think she needs to worry about giving up her day job!

I’ve been working ahead for spring and used my colorway “Frogs N Snails” to make these shortiesfrogs 015

And another pair of Silly Stripe Longies In Dark Red, Mushroom & Olive Green

frogs 011

I love using Cascade 220, It always knits up nice & had the side benefit of  using up some stash!

Both are listed to Etsy.

On the needles now I have a pair of Purple, Gray,Navy & Black longies

frogs 022

I spent the afternoon playing in the dye pots & came up with a few new colorways….we’ll see what they look like re-skeined tomorrow.

All in all it was a pretty productive day.

How did you spend yours?

Almost had a Fire

I think I jinxed myself. I mentioned before my love affair with my Bunn coffee maker and a few days later it started leaking.  Today I kept smelling a hot electrical smell.  You know what I mean.  The smell that makes your heart jump and thoughts of “Oh #$%” what’s on fire.  All day Id get random whiffs of it.  Well, tonight Mr.. Fix~it was took my coffee maker apart to see where it was leaking & this is what we foundbunn Died 045

The photo’s not the greatest but it’s dark gray inside from smoke. 

It looks like the drain section rotted out

bunn Died 048

and allowed water to drip down on the electrical “stuff”bunn Died 046

The inside of this “sealed” area was full of water.

Hence the “hot electrical” smell!

Mr.. Fix~It & Isaiah are out right now after a new Bunn.  Yes, I’m that scary in the morning with out coffee!

What Happened to the Rest of the Week?

What happened to the first part of the week!  It’s gone already!  I must have blinked. 

I can’t say I’ve been doing anything life altering but just puttering around here. 
I have been playing with my new mixer, and  I  love it!

Christmas 134

Its a bit messier slower making butter than the food processor but cookies mix up quick!

Yes, I know the 70’s green counters went out in …..well the 70’s but, they’re paid for and there is usually enough stuff on the counters I don’t see them any more!

Christmas 135

A few hats were knit orders, I had them ready to go but I felt would be to small so I remade them to be on the safe side.hats 009There’s been some other knitting, I have 1 pair of longies completed & drying, (with another on the needles) a pair of shorties also completed and drying.

hats 008

  I’ve been playing with a pattern for a simple headband/ear warmer for Danielle.  She’s outside so much with the kids and her ears get cold…but will she wear a hat? No….so I’m trying to come up with some thing she can use.

I’ve also been test knitting for another company & will post it when they say it’s ok.  Which, I’m sure will be soon.  Actually as soon as I ask!

The basement is slowly getting weeded out.  One benefit is I found a comforter for the bed in Isaiah’s old room.  It’s new!  I vaguely remember purchasing it right before they moved in & never got it out as they had their own things. 

Its been interesting sorting through some of the stuff down there.  It’s the kids old playroom and has become a storage dump…all the things they wanted to keep but not take with them  when they moved out. Slowly but surly it’s being emptied.  Honestly, I just don’t want to do all the trips up and down the stairs it would take to do it all at once.  Besides, once the playroom is done I need to work on the sewing room & I’m not looking forward to that.

Tomorrow Erika & I are going to the Louisville Home and Garden Show.  We are just looking for landscaping ideas for her house.  That’s the story any way!

What are you plans for the weekend?


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Lines On My Face

Ever look in the mirror  and say holy cow!  Who is that with all the lines on her face like a road map!

Nope, me neither.  She’s been visiting me for years,

I saw her face on her wedding day smooth cheeked then,  so calm knowing this was the man God placed before her for a lifetime commitment.

I saw her face with a baby on her hip, many babies.

I saw her face braiding hair, of many heads and colors

I saw her face with tears, worry, joy & pride as a young mother

I saw her face peek in to watch daughters apply make up & a

son shave for the first time (that I knew of)

I saw face  at prayer and peace…..with tears of joy and sadness for her children, knowing they had to make some decisions on their own, and live with the consequences.

I saw her face on her children’s wedding day knowing they too were marrying the the person God placed in their path.

I saw her face as her daughter gave birth & she held held her grandchild  for the first time

I saw her face reflected in the NICU window peering at another beloved grandchild,  full of faith, love & fear all at the same time

I’ve seen her face, full of self doubt, fear, joy, laughter & love.

(OK, I’ve seen her pissy a few times too, but we won’t so there)

Last night, I saw her face full of love reflected in the mirror as she stood and watched her graying (stud muffin)  husband sleep, thanking God for every day he has given her with this man & looking forward to the years ahead and other lines to come. 

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?


Monday, January 11, 2010

Seeds are here, Now Where is Spring!

This past week I received my order from Sustainable Seed Company. Peppers, maters, Brussle sprouts, greens beans, zucchini, melons, spinach, lettuce and bunches more. If I don’t quit drooling on shuffling and reading the packets over and over they may wear out and I’ll loose the seeds. We, well I’m planning on doubling the space and variety I’m planting this year and need to see what veggie can go next to what and when etc.. I want to have it planned out and ready to go when we, OK, Mr. Fix~It tills. We have a mile long list of spring & summer projects so time will be limited when actual planting time comes. I also have a flowerbed I plan to turn into an herb garden which starts another search of seed companies.

I dropped the ball this past week in clearing clutter. But, I plan on diving into more of that starting tomorrow. We have a playroom downstairs that has become a storage locker & most will find its way to a thrift store. If it was Spring I would just have a gigunda yard sale but, I want it gone NOW!

I found a really neat blog the other day, My Sailors Mistress . Jennifer is a young Mom living on the west coast who’s husband just deployed to …well, where ever he went. Anyway, she’s just getting her blog going. As a military brat ( meant with utmost respect) and a Navy wife she fully understands how difficult it can be for spouses left behind with all the responsibilities, of raising & caring for the family. Now, imagine being new to new to the area & service life. I think her blog will develop into a wonderful resource for military spouses/partners. So, if you know of a military family sent them her way. Better yet, pop over and welcome her to blogger land yourself!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alternative Heat on a 4 Layer day

I was out of the house for most of the day, and let me tell you it was COLD! I had to go all over Louisville and was in & out of the car. I had my heavy parka,wool scarf, a fleece top with a T’ and another tank underneath, warm slacks & heavy boots …4 layers and I was a still a popsicle! The sun was out but the wind was brutal!

I came home and Mr. Fix~It had the wood stove running! With power outages in the area it has been a life saver in the past. We’ve been able to stay home when others have had to find an alternative place to stay with heat.

We hadn’t used it yet this year as its down in the basement. And we no longer have child labor to keep it stoked needed to repair the blower. The great thing about that is the wood stove is hooked to our main heater and water heaters. An inner core in the tank heats the outer water and whoopee! Hot( and I mean HOT) water with virtually no electrical expense. (anyone with 3 daughters understands how exciting this is, it meant WE got to have hot showers also!) A blower is hooked to the woodstove so the smoke is diverted to exhaust and heat blows through our vents. The expense of the additional blower is much less than a continuous running propane heater. The main heater kicks on when the temperature of the wood stove drops.

Clear as mud?

I just know it works, and I’m happy we have an alternative source of heat if needed…well that and, I’m warmer & saving money!

Off to celebrate with some home made Chocolate Chip Cookies.


I received this from a friend of mine & thought it was worth sharing……….

Now this really took some thinking!


The object of the game is to destroy American capitalism

by having the government take over everything!

Want to play? No??? Too bad, you're already playing... and just don’t know it.

And by the way….. Your not winning!!!!

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Knitting Through The Flurries

It looks like winter is here to stay for a while!

Hey, Mr. Weather Man? Our snow flurries turned into a bit more than the “few Flurries!”snow work 002Another good reason to can, bake bread & stock pile groceries.  No need to battle the crowds in the store

snow work 017

I get to stay home inside where it’s warm

And avoid the 12 degree weather..

before you factor in the wind chill.

snow work 007

Playing with wool

BFsweater hat 003

Creating Custom Cup Cake hats for a Cupcake baker

New Works 042

Drinking cocoa…OK, COFFEE!

New Works 025

Knitting hats, longies, skirties & sleep sacks

New Works 010Diving in the stash pile

And playing with color

New Works 003 

And sorting through the veggie seeds I received in the mail. All these colors and seeds make me wish for spring even more!

Hey Mr. Weatherman!  Can you tell Mother Nature I’m Ready for Spring!

How have you kept yourself busy and warm this winter?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morning Coffee, PLEASE!

Um, I have to admit, this is pretty close to me in the morning. When I was up at “O God” thirty this morning I made a immediate beeline for the coffee pot. My Bunn, my sweetie…(well that’s another story)..anyway, I filled the water pourer thingie & turned to pour the water in the pot…and forgot to hold on. To the water pourer thingie. Full of water. Yes, in slow sleepy eyed motion I watched as the water thingie slipped out of my hand and continue on to the counter and then to the floor.

Because my priorities are perfect first thing in the morning, I did the potty dance while I made coffee….

Drinking my first cup while listening to the weather report tell me it was cold…could be what those snow flurries were about…I finally looked at the now dripping counter. And decided I needed another cup before I approached it. Now I’m not sure about your house but here we have a large counter about 5 steps inside the door. Need to remember something you need to take on the way out the door? Set it on the counter. Mail? Set it on the counter. Bertha…on the counter. It’s been my main clutter catcher in the house. I was going to tackle it today… if I had time.

I decided I needed a 3rd cup before I waded in. By the way, baking soda removes ink from wet mail that stains counters.

Aside from Bertha the counter is cleaned off & dry. Clutter busting achieved!

I’m happy to report no chocolate was lost in the incident.

I checked some just to be sure.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Its All Over But The Candy

The tree is packed up,  I scouted through the house for the last few decorations we always leave out & we’re good to go!

Until I emptied the last of the stockings…new knitting 008

I didn’t buy chocolate this year. I mean I LOVE it.  But…I eat it & it goes directly to my backside…and stays there visiting with friends creating new families.  The kids did this!  And then they left it.  For us.  So, I gathered it up by Bertha as a reminder….new clothes that fit cost $…dentist has children in college,  I will look like Bertha only my shirt will be pink!

I.   Will.   Not.   Open.   the.   42oz.   bag.   of.   M&M’s!

To keep from diving  (visualize a swan dive) into the chocolate, I’ve been knitting like crazy.

Isaiah was upset he did not get a hat for Christmas…..in a way as if  he’s standing in a snow drift naked….guilt…yes he can pull my strings…so here is a quick Dwarf hat for him.

new knitting 006 Mr.Fix~it taking the tree down, that was a royal “we”

I used Wool~ease chunky on 7’s so it would be super thick and warm. Came in handy when he helped take the outdoor lights down in 16degree balmy temps.

It was a busy weekend knitting

An Elfin Topper for each Miss Emily & Itty Bitty finished last night.

new knitting 010 

Emily wants PINK! So Pink it is. Stash busting! Oops!  That’s a Christmas table cloth, guess I have more yet to pack.

And a skirty, the skirt is done and the shorties under I’ll work on this afternoon

new knitting 009

Another pair of longies, I love cascade for these

new knitting 011 The plan is to complete them this afternoon…we shall see, I hear Mount laundry is ready for a landslide.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Longies Stocking At Katidids

I’ve completed a few pair of longies

shorties & Pantry 004

all range of sizes

shorties & Pantry 015

A few Shorties

shorties & Pantry 002

To get ahead for summer

dec long 072

Merino, BFL & Purewool, Trying to narrow down the stash

dec long 069

All are listed in the Etsy Shop &, I should have 2 pair of Large Boys done by the weekend & possibly a skirty if my hands hold out.

I didn’t think you could wear bamboo needles out but it seems I have! 2 more pair are on the way!The last advent Project 009 A bit of dishcloth knitting that never made it to the shop, Rachel said she could “take care of these” for me when she visited before Christmas!

Lots to catch up on, but I think I’ll do that tomorrow!