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Monday, June 22, 2009

Empty Hands & Heavy Hearts

A few days ago a friend of Erika's was in a car accident.
She was pregnant.
My understanding is she was delivered due to medical complications
29 weeks along, she delivered a 2lb 8 oz baby boy
We didn't know the details,
but Prayed for Strength & Healing for the family
We just found out
The baby did not make it.
The details?
we don't need them to pray
I just know there are parents with heavy hearts
& empty hands
that need all the Strength & Healing our
prayers can give them


  1. I am praying for this family. My stomach hurts thinking of their empty hands and broken hearts.

  2. oh my. That is a terrible tragedy.

    I certainly will pray for them.

  3. So sorry, will remember them in prayer too.

  4. Losing a baby at any stage is hard, but to lose him so tragically is heart wrenching. Lot's of prayers for them.

  5. Thanks Ladies, I know they will need so much prayer, The mom is still in the hospital..Erika will get the update of the moms status today.

  6. Will pray for them. Someone lost before life is one of the toughest things.


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