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Monday, June 29, 2009

Garden Updates & more Do-It-Yourself

This garden is doing well in spite of my attempts to help it along
Peas, green beans & cucumbers
Cantaloupe that needs weeded desperately!
Fresh Rabbit poo to keep the Fat Wabbit Diner
As I said before rabbit poo has very little smell...
until your 100lb dog rolls in it,
let me amend that...the 100lb Wet dog
then sneaks back and just lays in it.

Then he becomes Mr. Fix it's Damn Dog!

Cucumbers that are taking over

My sad tomatoes & peppers.
I think I had the paper mulch to close to the plant
since I pulled it back they are starting to take off

We should have a good haul of tomatoes
while were gone to Poland!
On the backside of the Cantaloupe are onion sets
hiding in the weeds
they're shy

And because we can't leave well enough alone
Mr Fix it added a curb thingie to the patio.
Now hes talking about taking it out as
the mix had so much gravel in it &
not as much powder as he wanted

Nice form yes?
The concrete form!
Now what were you thinking!

Oh, and be sure you check out Tatersmama, shes taken care of Ozzie land
by taking out punks one at a time!
I'm not joking!

PM Up Date.....
*** after looking at those photos I was a tad bit shamed by the weeds, went and took care of a bunch of them. Happy to say the maters are looking much better, have about 10 little maters started and nearly 50 cucumbers...I stopped counting!***

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  1. That's a lot of cucumbers. You planning on making pickles? :o)


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