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Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Funds Frugal Friday

My Daddy was a Saver.
Never had much to save but, like the rest of us
he found little ways here and there.
I love Dave Ramsey....
It's like listening to my Dad.
Don't spend money you don't have
& if you want something
save for it.
We usually found we didn't need/want
what ever that "something" was!
Every year we would camp for 2 weeks into the Mountains.
I think I have camped & hiked through every mountain range
in Calif, Washington & Oregon.
Dad funded the trips with pocket change.
He Never spent his pocket change.
It always went in a jar at the end of the day.
His bottom drawer was full of jars of change.
His dresser was on a un-level floor and tilted back a bit
when a jar was full
he would open the drawer and lay the jar in
& it would roll to the back.
Yes the weight split the bottom out of that drawer
Many times!
As a young wife I made comment to him
that we were saving for a freezer.
With a house full of children it would come in handy
his response?
Save your Change
And I remembered his jars
and I remembered dumping my purse
to find enough coin for milk the day before
But I got out a jar & as hard as it was at times
I saved my change.
I don't ever spend any coin.
It all goes to
She sits on the counter in my kitchen
Hideous isn't she?
But, you don't miss her
She won't let you forgetEM>

she crys out to be fed
as soon as I come in the door.

Strangers have been known to feed her
just to shut her up

She has purchased
Birthday Gifts
Christmas Gifts

When she gets full

Erika takes her to work (at the bank)
as banks no longer have coin counters
(and I'm not going to pay for one of those machines to do it) she sends it thru the bank messenger to the main office

Its become a joke
Haven't seen Bertha for a while or
Berthas almost full by now....

They like giving her to the new person
to empty.

Ask my children how many hideous banks they have been given

cute ones get overlooked
& its easy to forget

So, buy the most ugly bank you can find

place it in a area you cant miss

And save your change


  1. Kati, I love Bertha! She is beautiful!
    I have a habit of putting my change into a little pig bank that I call my Africa bank. Not to return to Africa, but when enough accumulates, I wire it to one of the Pastors in the camps I visited.
    I too love Dave Ramsey. Do you remember Larry Burkett? He was another Christian money man who taught the same as Dave. Larry died several years ago of Cancer and it was after him that I began listening to Dave.
    Wise Daddy you have.

  2. Love this concept! My husband uses the door of his truck as his "piggy bank". He's got new fishing rods that way. And the Coke can on the dresser is about half full. Maybe we will get a vacation this summer? Great ideas, great advice from your Dad.

  3. lol that is so funny! I save my change a lot too and when I see people that I know don't want their pennies I say I'll take em! I have a jar about full now stashed away. :)

  4. I love the look of Bertha! She may not be the prettiest cow out there, but she's got a special purpose,now doesn't she?

    I save ALL $1 and $2 coins, (we have funny money here is Oz) but the rest is adding up nicely as well.
    It all adds up, and fingers crossed, I can buy my dryer just about the time it starts warming up around here!

  5. Evy & Debby...Thanks ladies! Isn't it odd that Dave Ransey & others are so popular but, for most of us its how we were raised? The I want it now itus always strikes at some point be it shoes or a new car! Evy, All out coin during Lent goes to our sister parish in San Raphel Hati...Its an easy way to treat our selves without impacting the budget.
    For a while all my coupon saving and refund $ went in there too....Have to get back to that. Thanks for the "Reminder!"


  6. Candi, One of the girls had a boyfriend that did not think pennys were worth messing with & threw them out the window of his car! I told him to tosss them in my drive way, I'd take them. I collected $35.00 on summer before I ran him off with the shotgun, & yes, I really did...you don't man handle one of my girls!

  7. I happen to think Bertha is lovely. :o)

    I recently took our coin "jar" to the coin counter and got enough to buy groceries. WooHoo!

  8. OMG! I want that Cow! I have a cow shelf in my kitchen and that cow would fit right in on it! I love it :)


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