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Monday, June 15, 2009

Make Do Monday Frugal/Cheap Chair Cushions

OK, I did the work on Saturday but..
Heres my make do Monday!

I love this table & chairs
Spill something liquid,
it falls through
Spill food?
drops right through
(Buddy, Clean up table 0ne!)But here is my issue..
the chairs are the same mesh
If you have any "fluff" on your back side
You have "Mesh marks" where you don't want them
I have fluff
Lets just say lots of fluff
(we'll leave it at that OK?)
These are the plastic/vinyl cushions that came with the table
We've had them for 10 yrs, and they were old when we received them
The foam & covers are sad but in fairly good shape
I figured if they lasted this long, they would see
another ice age in a land fill......and i'm being frugal right?

Ok, cheap!

I decided to just recover them.
It also added stability to the cushion
$3.00 of remnant fabric later...
Trim off the ties or tabs,
measured the cushions;
cut the fabric.
Its best & looks nicer
if you can match the patterns
My fabric had a big fade mark in the center
so for $3.00....
They are not "centered" stripes
but they do match
sew the sides, miter the corners

so they don't smoosh up

Sew the back leaving a 6 inch opening in the center,
flip right side out
I rolled the old cushion
slid it in the opening and flattened it out
Tuck in raw edges and sew closed
the fabric was heavy enough to finger press
Repeat 3 more times,
grab a cup of Fresh cup of coffee & relax
with no fear of

fluff marks


  1. I can see where fluff marks could become an issue. Ahem.

  2. They look great! Love it that it only cost $3.00


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