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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Salad Bar Is CLOSED!!!!

So Mr Fat T. Wabbit
here's a 4 letter word for you
The Salad bar is Closed!
I learned Rabbits will not go in an area they believe "belongs" to another rabbit...
No, I did not make a bunny suit
But I could....
It just so happens Mr Fix~it's brother raises rabbits
The eaten kind..
(& you though I was joking about the rabbit stew)
He has been happy to share his rabbit pooooo
(more like ...happy to find another place to dump it)
He brought enough the first time
to surround one garden plot
And .......
but Mr Fat T. Wabbit moved to the other plot
and stripped my cucumbers!
Today he brought more...
the good thing is, rabbit poo
has very little smell...
just smells like wabbits
That or my sniffers broken.
I like to think it doesn't smell
So Mr Fat T. Wabbit,
you will need to find another
dining facility tonight!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Customs Update & Saturday Plans

Just a quick update for Mallie.
The shorties body is completed & I'm grafting for the legs.
I hope/plan to have these ready for Mondays mail, Tuesday at the latest!

I'm very pleased with how these are turning out. I'm not a orange person but...
I started with the green as a contrast, it was blah, started with the blue, not quite right...
pulled out this pumpkin color and it works!

With all of our rain I did not get our plant haul from Lowes taken care of...
So that's my plan this morning
unless it rains again
Mr Isaiah is in Indy visiting Mr Hayden
& I know they both are lovin being together...
How will I ever get this done with out supervision!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Standin Tall & the Wabbit Watch

As part of Etsy Cloth Diaper Team
we are preparing for a
4th of July/Patriotic stocking
for the month of June
These are my first 2 entry's
Large shorties in my colorway
"Standing Tall"
Red, White & Blue, with Navy cuffs & waist.
I had just enough to make a pair of Small shorties
Trimmed with "Standing Tall " cuffs & waist.

Playin in the dye pots yesterday...

"Fresh Peppers"
you know...
the peppers the terrorist
wabbits left alone


Because I'm twisted like that...
"Mutant Strawberry's"
Its ladies night here!
We had Ladies Day lunches with the women in our family for quite a while,
but we realized it limited those who could come.
So now we get together for Bunco once a month.
It gets crazy,
one smacked another for stealing her bunco...in a fun way...
the bruise only lasted a few days
A few cheat....I'm tellin ya they do.
Who gets 4 & 5 bunco's a night?
I'm checking the dice tonight.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Varmint Huntin & WIP

I'm getting the scatter gun
and goin
Varmint Huntin!!!!!
Well, last night after the rain stopped,
I was out looking in the garden checking to see if I had sprouts
And this caught my eye
Nice right?
Thick.... lush... green....
Growing nicely
My "Oh Yeah" happy dance turned into..
an "Oh NO!" foot stomp!
(OK, that's not what I really said but)....
Each Tomato plant gets progressively smaller!
So, While I walked (OK. stomped) into the house,
planning .......
& plotting.....
for Rabbit Stew..
Mr. Fix it found some scraps of chicken wire
& we put up a modified fence
I know they are laughing at us......
They hadn't touched the pepper plants last night..

Apparently Pepper's are not good enough
or possibly the wrong variety
they left scraps....

on the ground.....

just layin there.

Hope he has a big fat belly ache!
Here bunny bunny!
Neighbor saw us out working & came over
I pointed out the rabbits had eaten their way through the garden
from his direction
so they were his

He laughed
Told us there is a large family of them
living behind his wood pile....

They did not find the bean sprouts

With 4th of July coming up I figured I'd better get some
Patriotic Shorties started...
"Standing Tall"
I should have them completed tonight

And a bit of instant gratification
A quick dishcloth.

If anyone has a good rabbit recipe.....
send it my way please...
we're going to need it.
I'm not joking!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kidlet Longies Ready for the Mail!

They are Done!
4 Pairs of Longies,
4 colors
800 yds of super
soft and squishy BFL Wool
Stray ends woven,
I cords completed
Drying as we "speak"
A little extra added length to extend Fall to Spring use
For 4 special little ones

I'm hoping for action photos this Fall....

Kidlets Longies & Color Play

Just weaving up loose ends...!
One I cord to finish and the set will be complete.

More playing in the dye pot
not to sure what I will name it,
Great colors to hide grass and dirt stains
Dark & medium blue, Brown,
Hunter Green & Pumpkin Orange

Might have to add a pocket for rocks & "Stuff"
Working on a few new colorways today.
Starting a few pair of 4th of July or Patriotic shorties
Beans to plant if the rain holds off
better get busy!
What are your plans for the day?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memory Lane Laugh

Any Mama's need a good laugh?
How about a "Stroll down Memory Lane?"
Candi has had a memorable afternoon...
I think most of us have been there!

Manic Monday!!

I've fallen in the garden
& I can't get up!
Just joking,
I've had a lot going on & will catch up tonight
but there has been knitting..
The Kidlet longies
are turning out sooooo cute!
Just have to take photos......
where are the batteries for my camera...
they were just here
well, they didn't grow legs and walk away!
I have to get organized.....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a great day!

The garden is in
we have Tomato's, onion
cantaloupe, cucumbers,
dragons tongue beans..
Cleaned up at Lowes,
scored a bunch of mark down plants
poor babies just needed
I tackle the peas and more bush beans
no photos fingers are to tired....
gotta knit
What a great day!
How did you spend yours?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tillin Time, The Gardens Goin In!

Every year, the great debate...
Do we put in a veggie garden again?
Or not...
past few years have been
Or Not.
don't wanna mess with it....
lots of excuses/reasons so,
We've stuck to contain gardening or, in and around the flowerbeds.
This year,
Its going in.
Future home of beans, peas & cucumbers
In the past we've had 1 huge space,
overwhelming to look at,
and I've felt whooped just looking at it...
So this year were going for 2-3 smaller plots
closer to the house
We have plenty of space but,
there are so many high and low spots...
After creating a swamp one year...
we found out the hard way...
make sure its a high spot.

The crowd gathers...
Daddy/Grandpa's actually tilling his field?
This is the man that checks tires
to match imprints if found in his grass!
We had a moment of silence for him......
What he gives for his family.....
OK, I'm over it...
he has over an acre he can mow!

Supervision with power tools is a must!
Lots of suggestions & critics!

And big time helpers!

Yes the boy dressed himself.
I made him take the jeans off as it was 86,
then I made him go put his under ware back on under the shorts.
He said THEY were making him hot!
Nothing to do with the heat right?
Had nothing to do with the socks
he insisted on pulling up to his elbows!

Friday, May 22, 2009

***********Hayden Time!****************

Its been quiet on the blog....
Lots of scrambling to get things done so I could leave for a day.....
Mr Hayden had a end of the year preschool program & I did not want to miss it!
So I did my run EARLY Thursday morning & that evening Isaiah & I drove up to Indy!
I picked up a new kids CD for the trip.....
if its a few years till I hear BINGO,
She'll be coming Round The Mountain, Hole in the Bucket,
John Jacob Jinglehimer Schmidt.....
I wont be upset.
At all
Rachel & Adam had the house built just about 2 yrs ago,
really nice subdivision lots of young families.....
Not to sure the wild life has adjusted tho......
This is a fake Ficus she has on the corner of her front porch.
They have a house guest.
A dove has made her nest in the tree against the house...
2 eggs I believe.......

We were up to see Mr Hayden off to school on the yellow school bus...
Hes required to have a full sized back pack!
How silly is that!
He looks like a turtle!
Rachel's' gonna love me for that photo

Isaiah was able to see him off on the school bus with Adam
Love the blue insulation board they found in the front yard?
The benefits of new construction materials blown around!
I thought it would make a great flannel board but.....

The MAN Himself on stage performing
"NO more Monkeys Jumping on the bed"
And perform he did! He knew all the songs & dances..he even jumped!
(major for Mr Hayden)

The parents had no idea what the program was about
this explains why he has been walking around the house shaking his finger saying
"No Jumping"
It was just to cute.
The teachers had t-shirts made for all the kids with monkeys jumping on a bed.
Adam videoed for parental blackmail in the future.
It was really a fun day.
Larry's parents made the drive up that morning,
& we all had lunch together after the program
Great visit!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Happend Wednesday!

I'm not really sure what happened.
The first pair of the Quad Kidlet's longies came out great,
striped up so pretty!

These have been frogged & re knit
3 times this week!
No matter what I do the stripes are different.
Gauge is OK, same amount of stitches Etc..
So, I'm waiting to see if that's OK with Mom
I could have had 4 pair in the mail by now..
Darn yarn!

On a lighter note, this Frog & I bonded on Mothers Day
I was cleaning debris from empty pots to ready them for flowers...

scooped all the leaves....
And this one squished...
He blended perfectly with the leaves
So, instead of moving the pot I moved the plants to the pot.
He hung out for quite a while,
I think he liked the Yellow blooms better than the Pink

Larry came in off the tractor the other night and said
"I see red in the strawberry patch!"
So we went to see if we beat the rabbits & squirrels to sweet goodies....
I now understand why they left them.
Think they were scared off?
Can anyone tell me what happened here?
Why we have Mutant Strawwberries?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sounds & Smells of Spring!

Ahhhh, Spring!

The sound of running water .........
as the pond overflows…
The crunch of gravel
as we start laying more rock for the courtyard

My Hubby..... needs new boots!

The smells of fresh cut wood & paint
as home repairs are completed
Its spring folks........
"The Projaholics" are back

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Not much to post today,
I braved Wallyworld first thing this morning
for a few large, clear storage containers......
and survived the crowds...
It was close tho!
The diaper fabric stash is getting out of control
so I picked up a few containers to sort flannel...
boy & girl, recycled t~shirts,
elastic & Velcro
I was going to post a photo of what it all looks like now...you know,
a before & after...
when I saw the photo
NO WAY I'm showing what the before looks like!
Kind of a Jigunda laundry pile right now

Friday, May 15, 2009

Diaper, Dogs & Rain

What was the song we sang as kids...
Rain Rain Go AWAY!
Come again another day
We had more rain today...the pond is overflowing again,
mini rivers through the backyard
Had just enough sun this morning to take a few photos
A friend of ours is expecting baby number 3 in a few weeks & has decided to use cloth
So I've been making a few diapers & covers......
5 Covers from the quilting stash
See kids, it was worth keeping!
Some new flannel, some re purposed shirts...
The diaper with the hands is for Evie...
I should say Chris.
I'm waiting to give them this one till hes (gagging) changing a loaded diaper
and say
"May I give you a hand?"

The big brave dog turns to jelly when it storms.
Buddy's will crawl behind me if I'm at the kitchen table sewing,
this is his normal position at the first crack of thunder......

See the small empty corner of the chair?
That's my portion of the seat.
By backside is larger than that
by just a little bit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Greens On the Side?

Isaiah & I popped into Goodwill this afternoon looking at this weeks markdowns. I was after flannel shirts, sheets and t-shirts for diapers......& boy did we score.
We went green literally & figuratively!
I found a queen size set of new-ish olive green flannel sheets, about 15 t-shirts
and the best was
A, J.Crew, 100% super soft Lambswool sweater
still with tags
the tag sale color at goodwill this week is
wait for it .......
Less than 2 hours of frogging and I have
1lb 4 oz, 100% Lambswool for $1.00!!!!!
The sweater?
A rich Hunter GREEN!!!!
I see a few pair of Woodland themed longies
on the needles in the near future!

I Love thrifting!

So This Is Morning!

This morning I woke up at 5:45 AM!
No earthquake, just earthshattering!
I just....... "woke-up"
I made coffee without dropping, spilling or, even stumbling!
I was functioning.....
(Can I hear a hallelujah chorus?)
For me that's a minor miracle....
Am I becoming a (((shudder))) morning person????
I text Larry a good morning message...that he understood!
I even saw that fictional thing called....
It was nice being the only one up,
the house was quiet....
Erika & Chris did not have to work until 10-11am,
And Miss Diva Evie let them sleep in.
I also found Isaiah smiles and sings in his sleep
Hmmm, I might try this tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finished Order

One of 2 sets of Dishcloths,
Orders through Etsy
Forgot photos of the first...
But they were mailed this morning!
I love stash Bustin!

Kidlets Colors

Longies, Longies, Longies, Longies!
Yes I did have to say it 4 times,
One for each Kidlet
3 girls & a boy
As 3lb preemies (doing well as I understand)
they can use lot of prayer!
Mom as approved the colors.....
And the knitting has begun!
(Please excuse the cruddy photo's)
I'm afraid of second sock syndrome.....
so I'm working on them all at once.
I know me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Clearing the Needles

It's Monday?

Reality bites some times!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was spent with kids, & flowers.
Not at the same time
So I still have flowers!
I plan to start the Quads Longies today but, I need to clear my needles first because yes,
the plan is to have all 4 working at the same time.
Just one last pair of large Peace Fleece Shorties (in Balkal Superior Green),
to finish this morning,
and then I can start!
These are the last 2 of 3 I had in the works.
Small Shorties in the colorway "Bliss"
These colors are soft but I've had a heck of a time doing them justice
with my photography skills
And large Shorties in the colorway "Grappel"
Lets just be honest about it,
I'm starting those longies if every things done or not!

Both were stash busters!

But I was only making room for the load of Purewool....
Due to be delivered this afternoon!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I wrote this last year for my Mom
& never sent it to her.
Things My Mother Taught Me… that she may not know
My Mother is the strongest women I know.
She taught us not just by words, but more by example & action.
I'm one of many, proud to call her Momma.
Things my Mother taught me.......
That no matter what happens, you can keep going.
There are some things you can’t change, only your reaction.
The love of nature, feeling the soil and being a small part of the Bloom.
That it’s OK not to have all the answers.
Home-made cocoa is always the best
The joy of cooking, with very little.
There are times for silence
What Butts are really for
The Joy of books & learning
Its not where you are in life, It’s how you live it
Always to leave a place in better condition than you found it
You have to be happy where you are, before you can be happy anywhere else
That money is not the value of a person
Everyone has gifts, you just have to find yours
That if you have a little, you have a lot
To use our hands to create, and a gift made, is a gift of your-self
Mistakes can be forgiven
Every child has to walk their own path, not ours
To stand for what you believe in
To make my own choices, and live with the results.
That when adult children ask what do you think, they don’t always need an answer.
Supper is ready when your chores are done
We are the example
No matter what,
She will always Love me

Friday, May 8, 2009

When All Else Fails....Blame the Dog!

Its been so rainy & overcast Isaiah has been playing outside when ever he can.
We are on a couple of acres so its a little boys paradise.
This morning he went out with the dog to ride his bike and play.
Buddy is our (shaved) Golden Retriever........
who only barks when someone comes up the driveway or...
all is not as it should be.
I heard all this loud belly laughter so I grabbed my camera to investigate...
This is what I found........
Well Grama.....you see...it was Buddy's Fault!

Am I in trouble?!?!?!

I threw a stick for Buddy

He wouldn't give it back & this is what happened!

It's Buddys Fault!
So I had to rinse off.........

I'm posting this now, as I know his Mommy will hear of it...
this way she has time......
to Recover!
I don't need a bath now do I?