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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Starting the 2009 "Gotta-Do" List with Free Patterns

I just found the cutest blog, UK lass in US. Hand made toys and ornaments. If Erika cooperates & produces a granddaughter, there is a super cute cloth doll house I would make. All kinds of free patterns and directions for handmade ornaments and toys. What I really like about it is, most items/projects are made from bits & bobs we already have about the house! Great way to use up all those scraps.
Wish I had seen this earlier in the year. Adding it to the "Gotta-Do" list for 2009

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Few Finished Items

We have had the craziest past 10 days or so. If it needs plugged in, charged or hooked to the Internet, we've been sunk! The speaker on my cell phone went out and I needed another...Larry picked me up a "Rant". I love it or I'm sure I will once I learn how to use it. It only comes with a little booklet that tells you how to turn it on etc. You have to go online to look at the manual! I'm beginning to think I can program it for dishes and laundry if I can only learn how! I thought my computer was dying....our Internet services (again) was the problem. We've been having a ongoing battle with them for nearly a year. Service is so sporadic, zip right along and then .............nothing. This summer they decided to redo our cable lines, and put in commercial lines. Helped some but.......what is sad is I am able to connect to my neighbors just fine (and yes they know and said its o.k.!) So, I will continue to call the service provider every time it goes down, I'm done with nice.
The other day, my daughter e mailed me from work at 2PM. I received it at 3:30AM! I sent a nice e mail to Insight asking (insert sarcasm) how long it should take to receive e mails & when are they going to fix this. And please reply by phone as at this rate it would be March before I was able to read it! They came the next morning. Its doing it again today, so I e mailed again. Don't make me come down there!

So with all the time on hold, I was able to complete a few things that have been laying around for quite a while.
First up is the Sheepy Time Longies. I misjudged my yardage so they became Capri's. This colorway is called "Midnight" by Radiant Twist a wonderful yarnie on Etsy.

Sheepy Time Soaker size large in "Grove" another colorway by Radiant Twist. Nice thick soaker, would be fantastic for night time use.
Another Sheepy Time Soaker This one is also a large. This is one of the first colorways I dyed using Fisherman's wool. Great for day time use.

Both of the soaker body's have been done since early spring. I just needed to add the cuffs!
So, nice 2 inch cuffs have been added. And all 3 are listed in Etsy.
I'm trying to finish all the finishing work, no Fairies have shown up to sew seams or buttons. I have a few projects that will need to carry over to the new year but, my intent is to clean out the WIP bins & baskets. Frog or finish!

Christmas Eve Chaos

Christmas Eve was a little crazy at our house, well lets be honest...It was a normal day. Things are always crazy around here! Rachel, Adam & Hayden came in about noon, an hour or so later this is what we found behind a closed door with lots of giggles and chatter, not the mess or chaos we expected! Mr Hayden finding himself a quiet spot!
My new son-in-law Christopher had never wrapped a Christmas gift! He was bound and determined to wrap this gift for Isaiah. Poor guy, he had a odd shape to wrap with his first attempt!

He gave up on the regular tape roll and grabbed the heavy duty stuff! Half a roll of paper later, numerous creative folds & a lot of tape...the finished product!

I'd like to say they got better but.....they were wrapped with love!

A lot of random postings for a while, our internet service provider is not providing very well.
The past 10 days its been off more than on. I'll catch up soon

Advent Project Completed

Every year when everyone else is gone but those of us coordinating & the lights are turned low, before we leave I go up to the Alter. This sight moves me to tears. Although these gifts pale in comparison to the gift of The Father, these are the gifts of our Sacred Heart Parish Family to a community in need. Faith, Love & Grace in action.
Each pew contains a months supply of groceries, personal care & children's gifts for 1-2 family's

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Giveaway winner is.....................

The other day I participated in a "Giveaway" with Liz from "A Giveaway A Day".
The winner is .....drum roll please............Miss Anne!
Miss Anne is undecided between the 2 neck warmers below & said to surprise her! She loves the green but thinks the Wheat will go with more things...... So, between now and Sunday evening, the neck warmer with the most votes will be sent to her.

You decide, the practical use or, the fun color "just because she likes it!"

Friday, December 19, 2008

Frantic Friday!

I know I can't be the only one out there frantically trying to finish Christmas Gifts & projects! I was able to have 2 of the 3 baby sets for Monica completed this week. The first is for a baby girl born in November. I took these at about 1 am so, the photos are not the best!

And the 1st of 2 infant boy sets
We did get our tree up this week. With every ones schedules and Larry hunting it took some coordinating. Our son Aaron's birthday is the 10th of December so we normally waited until after that to put the tree up. Poor kid always got shorted for his birthday! Now its habit to wait. With the kids all having the nerve to grow up, it was Isaiah's year to place the angel on the tree. That poor angel, shes so tattered and discolored from sticky children's fingers but I just can't bring myself to replace her yet. Our oldest Danielle used to place the angel while the others were so young, then as they were old enough to reach (with Daddy's assistance) we had yearly squabbles over who's turn it was to set her in place. So we started "THE LIST" A piece of notebook paper with the year and (age order) of who's turn it was next. The 1st year that Aaron was gone in the service went to Rachel, home in time from collage. Those who were not home always asked who placed the Angel this year!

Now, were moving on to the Grandchildren.
This was Isaiah's first year, with Grandpa's help. It will be interesting to see what our children do as their family's grow.

What traditions with your tree do you have? Star or Angel? Do you have a List?

We have in our home what we refer to as "The Cabinet."
Everyone has one, the cabinet with all the storage containers. The empty butter tubs, Rubbermaid, Tupperware, extra pitchers. Nothing fits....never stacks, the great balancing act.
It was punishment in our home. The kids would open the door toss something in & slam the door quickly before they had an avalanche. It became a form of punishment in our home. Get in trouble? Need time to think over your decisions? Go clean out the cabinet! They would have preferred to mow, clean the bathroom or basement rather than that cabinet! There was aways a deep moaning sigh like sound as they plopped on the floor in front of it. And the ALL stared at that door in fear before opening it. For the past 5-6 years the top hinge has been pretty iffy, it finally gave out and needed replaced. So, Isaiah with Grandpa's assistance replaced it. Isaiah said this cabinets a mess! Well, while your down there........Isaiah just looked at me & shut the door.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Custom Up Dates

Custom "Oh Baby" Longies for Erin! Being lanolized as we speak, should be dry and ready for the mail Thursday morning. Fuller legs and 3 rows of eyelet for cuffs
Have you been to the blog Give away a Day yet? Check it out tomorrow afternoon, I'm being featured with one of my neck warmers as a give away!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Production & Painful Growth

Some times life just gets in the way ya know? There is production with the "Oh Baby Longies", they are half completed and should be ready for the mail by Monday Morning.

We've had a few time sucking emotional roller coaster "issues" that I have allowed to to over ride our lives.
Well, that's over. After a lot of prayer, I'm choosing to move on in a positive light. I've finally learned, I can't change others thoughts, hurtful words, actions or reactions & will no longer try to change them or, allow them to hurt me.
I can only choose my own.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Arrival of Advent

It's been a crazy weekend. Ever met yourself coming and going?
Its Advent season and busy for us. We co-chair what we call the "Advent Project" In the sane vein as the "Angel Tree". We (the Parish) sponsor 50-60 families providing gifts and clothing for children, Turkey or Ham and all the trimmings but, also a pantry restock. Generally enough food for a week or two. We interview families to assess the need (sizes etc) Write up sponsor sheets. We break up the items needed, canned goods, staples, dairy, meat, This is where miracles happen......a parish family can sponsor a Advent family (no names listed) for any one section. Every one gives what they can. We've had phone calls of "I can't make it out to shop, can some one do that for me" or "I have a bunch of blankets I've been purchasing all year , which family's need them the most" or, a special hand shake that provides for the last items needed. Some how, there is always plenty. The items purchased are all brought to the church Friday night, and delivered Saturday. It's a Parish family affair. Parishioners and their family's load up the "gifts" for the Advent families and deliver them. No judgments, no "looks" just "Merry Christmas" & "God Bless". In a society of haves and have not's, its eye opening for the children
and teens. It's so heart warming to deliver. Not a "we did this for you" but a warm wonderful knowledge that you had a small part of a "Gift" a gift of love. So, the "Advent Project" is once again upon us, and as in years past we think, wow its been a tough year, people are struggling here and were asking them to give even more. And every year it works out with Plenty.

Raspberry Swirl, Night time knitting, a custom order for Cam.
Another custom for Cam.

"Flamin Fun" Longies (Sheepy Tim Knits of course) love the way these came out!

All my neck warmers on Etsy sold this weekend so, last night I stayed up and had quite a few completed to list today.

Isaiah lost his first tooth last week! Tonight the second came out, both on the bottom. It's a good thing too as the other set are already poking through!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Projects in the Works

A "Manly Man" Charcoal Scarf for Jackie. Just waiting on a Button decision.

And Baby Set 1 For Monie, A over due Shower Gift

Baby Set Number 2. Again for Monie

Looks like I have a busy evening ahead of me. And a messy kitchen. Larry is redoing the shelves in my pantry to give me more space. I'm scared..................I know whats in there! It will be so nice to have the space but, I have to put it all back!

Wonderful Wednesday

Just a few quick photos of my, mechanic, plumber, electrician, pipe fixer, nor dob (door knob) fixer, nail pounder, washer fixer, window washer, yarn winder, who dresses himself.

I''m hoping to make his 7 month pregnant Mommy (who feels like shes 12 mo pregnant) Smile!

Worker Man Isaiah!

So what do you say Mommy?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Like a moth to the flame....I caved

Just like a moth to the flame.....I caved. Black Friday shopping. But, I Blame it on Ann the owner of our local Yarn shop the "Grinny Possum". She reeled me in like a fish on a hook. I had just finished sorting through all my wool for longies. Sorted out items that needed trim or contrast colors trying to be a bit more organized with my supplies. (If any family is reading this....you can stop laughing now!) Logged on Ravelry and saw a sale! 40%.......at 1:30AM! That, I could do! So, I picked up a BUNCH of solids for trim & some wonderfully soft Manos del Uruguay in Jungle Green I've been lusting after. Well really, I've drooled over it time and again. I just.....couldn't leave it there!
I been busy, started a bunch of dish cloths for the Etsy shop using cotton from Peaches n Cream & Sugar n cream.

And of course there are longies in the works. This will be a medium pair of Sheepy Pants. I'm using my colorway "Flamin Fun", I love how they are coming out.

The second pair is also a size medium using "Midnight" from Radiant Twist on Etsy. I just love her yarns, so soft and fluffy. Super to work with also

So what was your "Black Friday" find????

Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey & Tesseract Longies!

Turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey casserole, turkey & rice, how do I love the let me count the ways....... We LOVE Turkey,why do we always wait for the holidays to cook one. It is one of the economical meats/poultry there is.

I spent the day with family & a lot of laughter, cooking, eating, laughing eating, laughing, dishes, eating, and a bit more laughter. We had a wonderful day, how was yours?

I'm seriously trying to do a bit of knit from stash only. I have more un-dyed yarn coming and need to make room! So, I spent a relaxing afternoon knitting a pait of "Sheep Pants" I used "Tesseract" by Monkeypal from Etsy. Super soft and knits up nice and dense. It was one of 5 I bought early spring and forgot about. I striped it with Deep Teal Ashford tekapo. The photos look bluish but it is a deep Teal that matches perfectly with her colors. Started this morning and already have it listed in the Etsy store.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sales & SALES !!!!

Do you have your comfy clothes and running shoes ready? Your list made, ad’s marked up and the route plotted? Planned the meeting place, decided who's vehicle has the largest trunk or storage area? I’ll see you there…watching the 7am news report from the comfort of my kitchen. I’ll be dressed in my warm robe & comfy slippers, reverently holding my coffee cup. Every year the news will show these brave (insert crazy) people out in line starting 1-2 hours before the store opens. And every year it gets earlier and earlier.

It used to be the big opening was 7 am, then 6 am. Now, its 4:00 AM? I just have to ask….ARE YOU CRAZY? What is the draw? Every year they show these Huge lines, people shoving and yelling. Last year, a pregnant woman was rammed with a cart resulting in a trip to the hospital. What sale is worth that? I know the news usually shows people at their worst, the rude behavior, language, yelling, pushing. Fighting over toys or that perfect sweater. Sure I’m all about a sale. I get upset with my self if I have only $10.00 in coupons with a $50.00 grocery purchase! I’m frugal, O.K., cheap, I admit it…..BUT 4:00 AM?!? It’s dark out! My theory is if God wanted us up and out that early he would have made it light. My family would roll on the floor with laughter if I said “lets get up early and go shopping.” I would have to drive, early, in the morning. My kids, on a school morning, would not get in the van with me unless they knew I had a few cups of coffee. Yes, there would be news reports, for multiple reasons!!
So please, tell me what’s the draw? What gift is that important? Is it the excitement of the sale? That’s fun? O-God:30 is not on my clock! I would love to hear from you. What was your best buy/savings? Is it really worth it?
So, in honor of those of us who stay warm at home and out of your way, I’m having my own sale in my Etsy store. 20% off your entire purchase. Also, I’m offering free shipping for purchases over $50.00.

I just stocked 9 items including 5 pair of longies.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rachel Up Dates

I've had quite a few e-mails asking how my daughter Rachel is getting along. First of all, THANK YOU!! for all of you holding Rachel & family in Prayer.
Shes doing well, looks like treatments will continue for a few more months at least. Christmas makes a year!
After spending Thursday, Friday & part of Saturday with Adam, Rachel & Hayden you'd think I had a camera full of photos. I have quite a few of Hayden but not one of Adam & Rachel. I even had 3 sets of charged batteries!

Here is a cell shot she sent me last night!
Please keep those Prayers coming!

I Can See Clearly Now...........

Take 2 parents, 2 Grandmothers add one 3 year old and toss in a surgery waiting room for an hour or so...........you have Blankie, a Teddy Bear (named "Cow", we have NO idea where that came from), markers and paper, cool red & blue band bracelets, cool yellow socks .......you end up with worn out adults!

But well worth it! Hayden had what used to be called "Lazy
eye", in both eyes! A 2 hour surgery is all it took to correct it. This is Saturday morning. A few red spots but looking good!
This is the new Man!

I Had fun on this next project. A Sheepy Time Knits, Full A-line Shirty~without the soaker. Super wash wool, size medium in my color way "Cutie Pie." The greens are actually much lighter, the skirt also has a draw string not shown in the photo.
Pair it with tights and a tops and your ready to go!
Should be listed in the Etsy shop tomorrow

On the needles right now is a pair of small longies in my colorway "Denim & Lace" If all goes well they will be completed tonight!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Longies and Color Play

What Happened to Fall! Brrr, we had snow flurries! That's just to much weather too early! I'm staying inside with lots of projects. I had color withdrawal for a few weeks, so I pulled out the dye pots and here are the results.

"Cutie Pie" 100% wool super wash.
This will be a baby skirt using the Sheepy Time Knits pattern (without the soaker) & a Shrug.
Super fluffy and soft.

Here is is out of the dye bath,

and re-skeined

I love Purple and Teal mixed and, "Oh Baby" has plenty of both! I dyed this with Longies in mind. 100% Merino Wool.

"Frogs & Snails", 100% Merino wool, also to be Longies.

"Puppy Dog Tails" More Longies! This base yarn was a light oatmeal, I think it really took the colors well.

"Puppy Dog Tails" Unskeined

I think I'm so cold as we did not seem to have a transitional time, no build-up to the cold. That or I'm getting old.....I prefer to think it was a quick change!

"High Meadow" Longies

A couple of completed project to show for my hibernating
"Tide Pool Longies"

Both pair should be in the Etsy Store this evening.

I've been playing with the light tent Larry gave me for my birthday. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hat Happy

I received 2 e mails today looking for the Brown and Blue Ear flap hat on Etsy. I've been having to much fun playing with colors to list them.
I promise, I will list them all tomorrow. Here is what I was working on this evening......

Soft muted Pink with Chocolate brown trim, super soft and warm. Will fit average 3-12 months as it has a LOT of stretch.

Soft Grey with Black & Yellow trim, ear flaps are long enough to cover part of little cheeks. Sized the same as the Blue & Brown to fit average child 2-5 yrs

This one was fun but, I love the Pink and Brown combination. Bet you little one would find hers in the pile of hats & gloves!
It also will fit the average 2-5 yr old crowd.

All are ultra soft and washable.

I have 3 others to post tomorrow after once I have photo's. All are soft and squishy, but most importantly WARM!

So, what's your plans for the weekend?