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Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to Recycle Concrete

We're done


I think

We went from a grassy

slippery slope

to this

And I was OK with it

It was better than

a 3ft deep pit between

the house & garage.

We could work with it.

Then the new floor cracked,

they re poured over it

it cracked.

So to make a long

2 yr project a

short story

I have a new,


between the house & garage.

With the exception of the

new umbrella &

$3.00 fabric on clearance

and about $200.00 (maybe)

of building materials
Everything is repurposed
The table was Larry's Grandmothers

The Stump we carved out for a flower pot..

This area is large enough area to create seperate

cozy spots.....

The 4 green chairs & table I purchased at a yard sale

for $5.00

The stone slabs we hauled

by hand

from a friends

crumbling 1800's barn foundation

in the woods

The tan chairs... I bought 8

for $2.00 ea at a yard sale a few years ago

My oldest daughter Danielle has the other 4

We have a slab of the tree we just took down

to make a small table for under the window &

2 logs curing Mr Fix it will split & use to make benches
to go with it

These chairs are for the Grill Master

& his supervisors

They can solve the worlds problems

in the shade

We would like to give special thanks
to Dr.Steve Hoffman
...........our chiropractor

Yeah, I'm pretty sure were done.


  1. Wow... what a lot of work! But so worth it in the end!
    It looks absolutely lovely, and now I'm just waiting on my invitation to come visit.
    (hint hint)

    I got some GOOD goodies for you yesterday, so your box will be in the post first thing tomorrow morning.
    Oh... and did I tell you that you're getting 2 boxes? One from here and one from there. I just couldn't resist!!
    Hmmm..Does that make you irresistible?

  2. Any time Katie Kate! Wow, your quick on the shipping...that mean I'm easy? LOL!

  3. Wow, I'm a little jealous...that's beautiful and boy are you a thrifty shopper! With great success!

  4. that is a fabulous courtyard. I love gardening on the cheap. I want to go to garage sales like yours, I can never find treasures like that in Arl. WA.

  5. This is frickin' fantastic! I am definitely linking from my blog so hopefully some people will head your way to see how green your patio makeover was!

  6. doors open ladies! enjoying 2nd cup of morning coffee out here right now..with a fussy baby...so I deserve another!

  7. Oh yeah, I was going to tell you... I totally see what you're saying. I understand the whole "foot in the door thing," however I can't help but cringe at the thought of not getting paid for one's time. Other internships are paid. For example, residents get paid before they're full fledged doctors. I think if companies can get away with calling a job opening an unpaid internship, then why would they ever hire paid employees?! Do they have to pay them much? No, but I still think that they shouldn't be allowed to pay them nothing. If it's part of college, then I can see not getting paid (like being a student teacher), however these positions she's seeing aren't connected with any college or anything.
    Just frustrating, that's all!
    Anywho... I got my link up to your site :)


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