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Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Updates

In answer to the challenge issued by Paula from

(Great website by the way be sure & check her out!)
to show off your garden progress......
Green beans, Peas, & cucumbers
Fresh tilled by Mr Fix it
with a free small tiller
It was handed to him with the comment
it won't work, we're throwing it away
if you can fix it,
(& he takes these challenges personally)
keep it
so he did
and we did
Yes, we know the Locust tree in the back ground is dead,
yes we know its leaning but,
it survived the wind storm,
the ice storm...
it can fall when it wants
it has earned that right..
Besides, we need a break from hauling dead trees & wood for a while
I'm trying something new with the tomatoes this year...
newspaper mulch
shredded newspaper.
I know you can use plastic YUCK!
I know you can use the paper in sheets
I thought this would mulch faster
Besides, there is something therapeutic
in shredding paper
PSA.......reuse, reduce, recycle....
Sorry Freecycle Friends, no more newspapers!
Back to our regular programing...
I put it in the fenced enclosure first in case it blew around
before I could soak it down
(you know the enclosure the rabbits laughed at?
that became the "Rabbit Diner"?)

So far, so GOOD! I have a few weeds poking thru
where the paper is not as dense
& the soil underneath is staying moist
I'm sure "Martha" would not approve
But she lost my respect when she said to be ascetically pleasing...purchase
"Color Coordinating Nylons" (for your organic garden) to tie up your tomato's

I looked around on line and found 2-3 others that have tried this.
I thought I had saved the links to credit...so,
If some how you find your way here
and you know I found this through your site
Please let me know it was you
so I can give credit where credit is due!
I know Bargain Becky inspired me..
In more ways than just shredding newspaper!
off to find the others.....
Hey, Whats in your garden!


  1. so many uses for newspaper and we don't get one... :/ Your garden looks great!

  2. Thanks Its been fun this year!

  3. I spread our junk mail and put it in the composter. You're right shredding paper is vey theraputic. Especially when I'm shredding stuff I get from organizations I don't like and wonder how in the world I got on their mailing list in the first place!

  4. your garden is looking great and that newspaper is going to do wonders for your weeds and soil too. Throw some grass/leave clippings on it this fall and you have the start of the lasagna garden. lol


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