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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Must read directions!!!

I bought myself a food processor
Every kitchen needs one right?
pretty basic & simple to put together
no fancy schmancy parts
I took it out of the box & washed it up...
had peeled potatoes & onions ready to slice
& in they go
grrooom ...one down
Yes! No tears!! No burning eyes!
whaaaaaa.....2 down
Man this is quick!
I can smell fried potato's already!
grawwwww...3 down
I put the potato in the plunger
gotta dig that sucker out...
ok here we go the last one!
Now to take the lid off & look at my nicely sliced potato's!
Um...did you know there is an optional super duper chopper blade
that you can take out?
neither did I......
Guess that's why there are directions!
It chops VERRRRY well.
not wanting to waste them....
I thought OK.....hash browns!
(I hate to waste food)
Well, guess what....
that chopper blade?
Its so good...so strong....so powerful.....
It liquefies the stuff on the bottom.

I cooked it......
and cooked it......
then cooked it some more
and had a nice organic wall paper paste!

So I dumped it .....
read the directions
and started all over again!
Good thing I started supper early!


  1. LOL I don't know what else to say *big grin*
    Yay for new appliances that make life easy... as long as we know how to work them!

  2. LOVE IT! can't claim to be a genius in the kitchen, so this brings me comfort. Happy chopping!

  3. lol. Um, directions? What are they? Don't you just plug it in and try till you get it right?


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