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Friday, July 3, 2009

WIP & Ready for the Madison Regatta!

WIP Mania on Ravely is off to a great start!

After many false starts, The body of Alaska Lass Longies are off to a great start. The body is completed and I should get a good bit completed on the legs today. Possibly finish tomorrow at the Madison Regatta.

We go every year & it was wonderful to see a movie made that shows the spirit of the town and sport.
As exciting as Hydroplane Boat Races are I can only take so much an will need a project (or 3-4) to work on!

I have a 3rd test knit for Mandie of Sheepy Time Knits....no the 2nd is not completed....I liked the peach and had empty needles......

OK, where is this child?

Oh, Hes with Grandpa!

That's one reason for the smile......

But the reason for the big grin?

He gets to help Grandpa take a NEW Motor home, New Model year,
to the Regatta!

He got to see it first!

Hes going before Grandma!

Who is at home cooking!

Hes giving Grandpa directions to get it ready...

I think your looking at the future General Manager!

Were having a family BBQ for the 4th

Any idea how much meat it takes to feed this Clan?

Lets put it this way, nothings wrong with that fridge,
those cables are not for theft protection or decoration!

Oink Oink!

***Edited to add.....It has been pointed out that my reflection, dressed in the baggy granny night gown with hair standing on end no less, is in the mirrors of the motor home. My apologies if you see this before your 5th cup of coffee!


  1. LOL I'm coming to your house! Oh my goodness, I just saw your WIP bar!

  2. That's one great smile! :o)

    If you hadn't pointed it out, I wouldn't have noticed the granny gown. LOL

    LOVE that peach color!


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