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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sewing Projects & Early Morning Visitors

I’m getting so excited about this trip I feel like I’m ready to jump out of my skin!

The needle feeling in my hand faded off yesterday afternoon (thank God) so I was able to finish my sewing project.

I love backpack purses for traveling.  Leaves my hands free for the coffee cup and Cinnabun at the airport!

I picked up this old blue one years ago at the grocery store of all places, It was on clearance for $3.00-$4.00…

bag 012

Poor thing is so ratty now It’s seen a lot of traveling.  Each time I pull it out,  I always kick myself for not making one a bit larger.  Cause you know I’m to cheap frugal to buy one for $40.00-$80.00!

I knew I had the makings for another & after rooting around found 5-6 chunks of quilted fabric, grommets, & cording.No Idea 028 Not to excited about the pattern now but 6-7 yrs ago I  loved it.  But, It will work…use what you have right?

After a hour or two this is what I had

 bag 019bag 018

I did add a interior pocket, sized it up about 4 inches overall in width & length…more room for knitting projects for the flight.  Oh, the one thing I did buy was the drawstring cord stopper thingie.  And then I found 4 that I already had!  Instead of a magnetic closure I used a jean replacement button on the flap….a bit more secure for travel.

bag 020Not to bad for stash busting!

To bad its not Turkey season….we had a whole flock of turkeys at the pond this morning.  I counted 20 before they took off.  One adult stayed on watch at each end of the group, babies & other adults snacking on bugs and having a drink at the pond.  turkeys

Sorry for the cruddy photo but they just would not pose properly!

I’m surprised they stayed as long as they did once they saw me…wish they were this calm when Mr Fix~it is looking for them!

Well, I better get to packing & I

need to make one more garden harvest!


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