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Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Thursday or Friday’s Pickins from the gardenNo Idea 023

Underneath the fat boy cucumbers were enough smaller (with what I had inside already) to put up13 pints of bread n butter pickles

No Idea 025

The next day I had enough beans, green and Dragon tongue to put up a few more pints.  Green peppers sliced and in the freezer along with a few zucchini, shredded & ready for bread & soups.  A small batch of  left over peas but those did not make it past the sink, I love fresh peas & snacked on them while I was taking care of the beans.  I’m the only one in the house that likes peas anyway.

A little bit of knitting, The shorties I finished Thursday or Friday

No Idea 005

Our internet and cable has been off and on the past nights, more off than on with the storms we have been having.  So I haven’t had a chance to list these yet.  I’ll have to get that done in the morning..

I started a sewing project last night, thought I would complete it this afternoon but….I was on the back deck and started cleaning out a few neglected flowerpots.  I started pulling a weed out of one and felt like I’d grabbed a handful of nettles.  At first I thought I’d gotten bit by something, was finishing cleaning out the pot and then going in to check my hand. 

When I grabbed the weed again I hollered…..my whole hand felt like it was on fire, swelling & felt like I had 50 needles poking me.

No Idea 035 

No Idea 034 The tall skinny sucker?  It has thousands of little hairy fiber like “thingies” up and down the stalk.  But I didn’t see them!  After about 15 minutes of washing my hand in cold water and 30 minutes of masking tape……..to remove those fiber thingies….it still felt like it was on fire hurt like crazy..   little aloe helped but, That was over 12 hours ago and it still swollen & has the needle feeling like when your arm or leg goes to sleep.  Any idea what plant that is?  Needless to say I’m not cleaning out that pot, it’s on the way to the dump.  It’s pretty ratty & one Danielle has been giving me a hard time about anyway.And it was my right hand….and yes I’m right handed.

Saturday morning I stumbled came into the kitchen for coffee.  Stumbled is actually more accurate,I’m not a morning person at all…..anyway, I forgot about the high chair and stubbed my foot on the leg and heard…”snap”  just like a twig.  I hate that sound, cause I know how much its going to hurt for a day or so. 

Its a good thing I found a replacement pair of favorite sandal's, I doubt I’ll be putting a shoe on that foot for a few days. I think I’d better look again at my choice of shoes for the wedding & reception!


  1. oh Katie,

    I hope you hand and foot get better soon.

    I have never seen fat boy cucumbers. They look delicious though.

  2. Poor Katie! If I didnt know better I would say it was a stinging nettle...... Those hurt like a you-know-what! I am sorry that you hurt your foot too! I wish I had been able to garden this year! I would love to "put up" a bunch of dill pickles! My kids go through them like candy!

  3. Maybe you should just stay in bed for the next few days before anything else happens to you! Hope you start to feel better soon :)

  4. Jaclyn, after looking it up I believe it may be! Glad it was me and not a little one for sure!

    Sewing Chick....no chance of that! We leave for Poland Wednesday! To much to do to get ready

  5. Oh, no! Sounds like you and me are sharing some misadventures. I hope your hand and your toe are feeling better soon.
    I loved looking at all this lovely produce. I have enjoyed preserving when I lived on the farm, but never had a chance to garden.

  6. Poor Katie! I was wondering where you had been online. Thought maybe you were too busy getting ready for the wedding. I hope you get feeling better quickly!
    Good thing all that produce was canned before hurting your hand!

  7. Wow. You HAVE been busy. Two boo boos a day. Sorry. HUG.


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