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Monday, July 20, 2009

They Do Multiply!

Who ever said rabbits multiply over night was not joking!kids&rabbits 022 Meet Sheepy

Don’t ask me……

I have no idea where they are coming up with these names….

looks like a Ralph to me!

She's pretty skittish, runs and hides behind the little house when we come near. 

Wolfy,  She's another storey, she loves nothing more than to be cuddled and petted.

Like we need another critter running around here!

Excuses me “hopping” around here!

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  1. And if they are not kept in seperate cages, they may multiply faster than you thought.

  2. we had two rabbits that we thought were two females. One night I was outside and noticed a fluffy bunny that looked bigger than I had ever seen.

    Because it was dark we left it till the next morning but I asked Steve to dig up the garden. There in the garden were three baby bunnies. Obviously one of our bunnies was a boy and one was a girl. They had lots of babies together but they got too much for us so we ended up giving them all away.

  3. Oh and just so what I write isn't so confusing, the reason the bunny looked bigger was because she had three babies under her feeding.

  4. that is funny, I don't know about rabbits, but I have chickens! 17 of them, well a few are roosters. They are jsut starting to crow, so it is really funny!

    I do want an angora rabbit someday so I can sit and spin right off it! how fun huh?

  5. Both are female so we're safe for a while. Once they have grown a bit we will have to put a center divider up in the hutch!

    I'm working on Mr Fix-it concerning chickens....possibly this spring...possibly

  6. Two rabbits really are better than one! I always felt guilty for not getting another rabbit for Licorice. Bunnies are extremely social creatures- they love to have a mate (even if they are spayed and neutered!) They like to cuddle up with each other and bond. I think if you put a separation in the cage, they'll be missing out on their bonding time and might become depressed. Just be S.U.R.E. they're both females or else have them spayed!

  7. Oh no this one looks just like Bunnicula!


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