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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Little bit Of Sewing

A few more diapers finished last night

And since I’ve had a few e-mail’s asking how & what I make them of…..

The green are totally recycled/repurposed fabrics.  Stripes were a knit pull over top & the inside was a piece of the flannel sheet below.  For added absorbency I used a inner lining of a purple repurposed sheet & also added a layer of it around the cotton fleece soaker sewn in the wet zonediapers 001Velcro closures and its ready to wash!diapers 002 

Most fabric’s have a finish on them, and repurposed fabrics usually have fabric softeners.  Both need to be washed 3-4 times to to get that out of the fabrics before using as diapers to reach full absorbency.

The Green and blue are for Mr.. Max, and of course the pink ifs for the “Diva”. 

The main expense when making thrifted diapers is the elastic & touch tape/velcro.

I wait for 50% off coupons for the elastic at my local fabric store and buy a spool.  I’ve also joined coops for the touch tape (which is much stronger than velcro)

Flannel sheets I can pick up at Goodwill or thrift shops for $1.00-$4.00.  When I get sick of one color I use XL-XXXL men’s flannel shirts which can be found for about a $1.00.

These are usually our “at home” diapers and I use the new fun prints (bought on sale of course) when were out of the house.Dish cloths & Diapers 005

The the pattern I use, was purchased from Smartmamahome.com

It comes with 10  different styles & sizes.  Best $ I’ve spent in a long time!

Learned more than you wanted to?


  1. I have got to learn how to sew, those are all so cute!

  2. Careful tho...they are addicting to make!

  3. LOVE them! I just don't think Emily would go for it though. LOL


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