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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We have A Bunny

Mr. Fix~it caved so

we have

a bunny.

Wolfy needed a new home so

Mr. Fix~it & the guys got to work

One nice thing about having a garage now is all the

pieces, parts & leftovers we can save.

We had to purchase hinges & wire, everything else was

scraps we had

 bunnies & tractor pulls 053

bunnies & tractor pulls 057 Everyone pitched in

bunnies & tractor pulls 064

We took a time out to attend a grad party for a friend

Pirate Theme….

Katie our Bonus daughter received her Masters Degree in Education

had fun

bunnies & tractor pulls 066

And because shebunnies & tractor pulls 065 brought a rabbit home

I can add what ever photos I choose

Chatted with friends & cuddled with Evie

bunnies & tractor pulls 067

After the party they guys got busy & finished the Hutch

bunnies & tractor pulls 093 Hauled it around back & set it up

bunnies & tractor pulls 102

Buddy kept giving us this look of

What !  You mean it staying?!?!

 bunnies & tractor pulls 106

30 minutes later

bunnies & tractor pulls 107

1hr later…..

He was back out there again all afternoon

He just keeps giving me this look of

How many more!


  1. I was wondering what you decided on the bunny! Nice job on the cage. So, how many animals in the zoo now?

  2. oops read this post first, now I see the list of the zoo!


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