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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do Bunnies go to Heaven? Yes they Do, Isaiah told me so!

I came home Wednesday night and was greeted by Isaiah saying Grandma, Wolfy gone….he’s with Jesus. 

(OK, Think fast now Katie….he knows going home to Jesus is a good thing, a happy event for that person/rabbit.  Although we miss them terribly we in some respect celebrate it for them)…..but this bunny was fine….so I came out with the intelligent comment of………

“Oh No!”

What happened?

Well, he told me “he must  have been verrrry sick”  and gave me a hug.

He came inside with me and I was still trying to think of what to say……He sat on my lap, gave me a hug & said, “It’s OK Grandma, Jesus is petting him now.”

bunnies & tractor pulls 002 

Today while I was out, I received a text from Erika saying

“The Rabbit Died”

Now, I don’t know about you, but BUNNIES were not what I was thinking of in reading that statement……You know, the rabbit test?


Never mind…

So I text back


And yes, it was all caps!

Turns out, Sheepy died too!

kids&rabbits 022

We have no idea what happened, they were fed, watered…clean hutch, good food from a breeder etc., possibly a virus of some type we were told.

Tonight when Isaiah came in, he said

You know Sheepy is in heaven too?  I bet they’re in Jesus lap right now & he’s petting them.  He knows to be gentle”

You know what little man, I bet they are too.

Who am I to argue with innocent faith

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  1. I want some of his faith. Mine is a little shaky now. I love his childlike innocence and trust...simple trust and faith.

  2. In the day of instant knowledge, THE RABBIT DIED does not mean the same thing it ment to us.
    Sorry about the bunnies.

  3. Oh. Poor bunnies. I'd like to think the same as Isaiah on this one.

    There is a spider (can't think of its name to save my life) that kills bunnies. More than likely, that is what happened. So Sorry.

  4. loosing a pet is one of the hardest things for anyone to endure. Many prayers for you and Isaiah.

  5. Aw, that is so sweet what Isaiah said! When the kids almost hurt the cat the other day Alyssa came running to me saying Ty killed it :( Chloe kitty is fine though, Kailey is chasing her right now lol.

  6. :( Aw, that's so sad. Hopefully they went quickly without pain. That's what I was glad about when Licorice died. He couldn't stand anymore but died within a couple hours rather than letting it drag on for days. He just laid in my lap and got petted. He was softly grinding his teeth as I pet him, which is bunny lingo for contentment.
    And yes, bunnies do go to heaven, Isaiah!


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