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Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday Suprises!

Wednesday, Mr Fix~it gave me flowers
My favorite kind,
a riot of
The occasion?
My Birthday!
I had a wonderful surprise supper with friends and family
Some really great gifts, they know me sooo well!

This butterfly for my garden?
A few weeks ago,
We had stopped in at Cracker Barrel with Larry's parents,
They noticed me drooling over it
and remembered
Oh, all the stepping stones?
When we put this garden in my bonus Granddaughter Raven was "helping" me.....
a few (OK, a lot!) plants were getting trampled.....
so where ever her little legs could hop,
is where I placed a stone.
The chunk of 2x4?
That is courtesy of Buddy....
any loose piece of wood,
tree branch....
well, you get the idea.
Lets just say....
we never run short of kindling for the fire pit.
My gift from Mr Fix~it & the girls?
They made me cry....
A round trip ticket to visit my family in Calif this fall!
I can't tell you how long its been since I've seen my Mom & sisters,
8-10 yrs?
I'm not telling them I'm coming,
just going to knock on Moms door and ask for a cup of coffee.
Did you get that?
Round trip?
I get to come home!
Pretty awesome birthday!


  1. That is an awesome birthday! Happy belated birthday! LOVE the flowers and the plane ticket.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great day.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday. Thanks for stopping by the mansion. I am so...envious that you are getting to visit Poland. I haven't been there since 95. I think that much has changed since. The Euro for one. Get yourself some great pottery. And, pick up a beautiful basket while your at it. Have a wonderful trip to Poland and Cali. Laura

  4. AWWW Thanks everyone for the good birthday wishes!

  5. those flowers are beautiful Katie. Happy Birthday.

  6. Can I grow those colors in my garden? Gonna pop those fairies in the mail as soon as I get a photo album. Happy Birthday... Sorry, I didn't know!

  7. AWESOME indeed! Happy belated birthday! :o)

  8. Happy Birthday! What a fabulous present too.

    (Those pink bloomies are gorgeous!)

  9. aw happy birthday :-) Beautiful flowers too


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