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Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Boy Toys & The County Fair!

Tractor Pulls……

The ultimate big boys,

men who work hard

and play hard

bunnies & tractor pulls 045


on steroid's

the working tools that feed America

Bubba Central

call it what you will….its

The siren call to all males in the area….the sweet scent of

exhaust fumes, the roar of souped up enginesbunnies & tractor pulls 031

It sucks them in during the formative yearsbunnies & tractor pulls 028

The dream starts early

bunnies & tractor pulls 039

Male bonding at its finest

bunnies & tractor pulls 022


bunnies & tractor pulls 043

and new….Good clean fun….

Except for the soot,

and dust

flying dirt


  1. my husband took our 9 year old to see the monster trucks and he really didn't like it much. He thought it would be very different from what it was and I don't think we could ever convince him to go again.


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