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Thursday, July 16, 2009

What’s up Wednesday..A little Late!

Quick run to the thrift store & I found the perfect tablecloth for my oldest daughter.  Nice & heavy cotton, blue, yellow & white plaid.  It’s to big for her table so she can cut it down an make about 6 napkins with the scraps.  Not bad for $1.00!

Erika found the Martha Stewart pitcher….still with tags for under$1.00. 

We may go 6 times and not find a thing & the next come out with bags full!

bunnies & tractor pulls 073

My cucumbers are growing and producing like crazy.  I unfortunately missed these 4 under all the growth.  Looks like cucumber snack sticks are on the snack menu.

Garden & Green shorties 015 A little sidewalk chalk put to good use!

Great art work and a “map to our driveway”

just in case you got lost along the way!

Stuff 007

My co-op purchase of Pul came yesterday & just in time. Evie & another little guy have just about outgrown the covers they have.  When I opened the package it looked like a rainbow in a box!

I just  love all the bright colors, I’m reallllly tired of pastels!

Looks like I’m on diaper making duty tomorrow!


  1. Yay for Cucumbers! And that PUL looks so cheerful.

  2. oooh pretty PUL colors. I love that green! I have used maybe half of those colors :) I'm having second thoughts on this black I have though. I had to trace out on it with sidewalk chalk lol

  3. Everyone should have a map to their driveway like that! :o)

  4. Mother, Thats what Isaiah said, he was afraid they would get lost on the way!
    He is assigning us all "parking spots" also LOL I love it!

  5. What exactly are cucumber snack sticks? I am always looking for a way to get more vegies in my kiddos! LOL

  6. I am always so jealous when you show what you find thrifting. I never come out with such treasures.

  7. Christina, I just cut cucumbers in sticks long wayss not slices, Isaiah loves them!

  8. ooo lovely bright colours :-) I wish I could sew, I can just about do a button and darn a sock lol


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