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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Garden Updates

Mr Fix~it has a cousin JM whom we just love to pieces.
Just like a brother, would do anything for you
goes out of his way to help,
picks up tools for Mr Fix~it he finds at bargain prices
because someday....you might need need a "widget" to fix that "thingie"
You set him to plan something out & you will have the most comprehensive,
time, money, labor-saving project there could be...
He's like a dog on point.....extreme focus
Sometimes, that's good
Sometimes, its not.
Sometimes I want to hurt him.....
Like the other day......
Mr Fix~it said "MJ, could you follow me in my truck"
MJ, took this seriously, took the shortest & most efficient route...
which did not apparently include backing up in the driveway 5 ft behind him
Instead, he took the most direct route....
across the field and
through my little garden!

Not up the rows......
diagonal, across all the rows
6 wheels....
the garden
We cleaned up the rows

I left the tracks
maybe I can guilt him into helping me weed!
I'm sure it will be funny
in a few years~


  1. Now THAT'S one of the funniest things I've read in a day or two. My friend Carol's son is that way and I have to keep that in mind when I ask him to help me do something. You gotta love 'em, but dang it sometimes they just make you crazy.


  2. Poor little garden, and all that work!


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