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Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to Feed a Large Family or Small Town

Have a large family to feed?
(I said we were Clan size didn't I?
This is only about half, the weather & fear of rain kept most away)

Easy Peasy Meal!

Find a wonderful Amish farmer...

Have a nephew with the family do-it-yourself gene....
Who built a "barbecue Pit" & motor

and is nice enough to open his home to family

stuff your purchase in a spare fridge
(remove shelves first!)

& when its time

bravely open the fridge to transport your purchase..

I guess we could have at least stuck a flag or flower in its mouth!

have a Nephew & BIL willing to stay up all night manning the pit

He looks a little to comfy don't ya think!

154 lbs of pure pork,
about 80 hungry people

Best of all, NO DISHES!

They fit in 2 Gallon baggies.


  1. The horror! SQUEAL!

    I'd faint if I opened the fridge and saw that!

  2. I think the only part of that that I would have a problem with would be shoving the spit through... yuck. Other than that... YUMMY!

  3. A whole pig is why it wouldn't shut? lol Looks good!

  4. Why is it that when I was little and attended hog roasts, it didn't even phase me, however now I am horrified! Don't get me wrong, I love pork however I just could not stand to watch a whole hog being roasted! And I certainly don't want to see it in the fridge like that!


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