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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Hands HURT

WIP Wrestle Mania
Ravelry is hosting a bit of fun competition to complete any project on the needles
I updated my working projects on sidebar with as many as I could find.
Any questions concerning that statement, check this post!
A small pair of longies.....Hand dyed 100%Purewool
super soft for newborns
I got from the hips down today....
Finishing the cuffs now

A Bright cheerful Elfin Topper for a young lady in Alaska....

A pair of hand dyed wool Shorties in the colorway
"Fresh Sea Weed"

I think I'll finish the cuffs & call it a night!

Whats on your needles?


  1. My first shawl (still) is taking longer than I thought, two longies, a washcloth, like 3 different blankets,a market bag (still) and a pair of socks.
    That is the most I have ever had!

  2. The longies and shorties are awesome, but I absolutely LOVE the elfin topper! May have to have one of those for Itty Bitty come fall! :o)


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