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Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Peace Fleece Shorties !

Garden & Green shorties 017 I just finished and Listed  on Etsy a pair of Large Peace Fleece Shorties. These are knit in in the color way Balkal Superior Green !

Think DEEP ocean waters with touches of navy & black…


Peace Fleece…can you say that 5 times reallly fast?

What feels like a fine brillo pad when you first start using it becomes cotton puff cloud and softens even more with use.  Super tough and will take all the rough and tumble wear little dirt monkeys toddlers can give.  Moms call Peace fleece bullet proof!


  1. I am missing a couple of faries. Know anything?

  2. I tried to say it 5 times really fast. Know anything about untying knots in tongues? LOL

  3. Evy, at this time I can honestly say I have no idea where they are....kids play while parents are out of town ya know!

  4. Mother, try saying Eat Peeps! It may take the kinks out LOL!


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