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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden Updates

Brr, Is it really July?  The past 2 days we have had a 20 degree temperature drop! We had to go pick up a few cool weather outfits for this little one!

kids&rabbits 009  It was even down to the 50s Friday night!  Swimming was out but we had a lot of time outdoors while it was nice & cool

We had our bonus Granddaughter Raven for the weekend.  For such a chunky baby I can’t get over the changes.  She's growing so tall & slim!  She had her hair cur for locks of love and the new cut really fits her personality

kids&rabbits 023 kids&rabbits 024

I was able to get some sewing done, a few diapers & covers finished.  Most recycled fabrics for the diapers but a few new started

The Garden has been taking off like gang busters!  Its pretty much recovered from the truck episode, not all the plants survived but what did is doing well.  The green beans were replanted right before that happened and again after so both sets of those shoots are coming up and look great.

4H & fabric 010

Looks like I will have quite a few green beans to put up this fall.  I had my first pickings last night!

I’ll also have some Dragons Tongue “green Beans”this is my first year planting this heritage been and they are really producers. They have a bit of a sweetness to them.  They start out as a white & deep purple streaked bean and lighten as they are exposed to sun


I intend to save most of these for seed so we will see how that goes

The tomatoes are …..coming along very slow, not seeing much growth at all.  But, everyone else in our area has had the same issue.  They are putting out 1-2 tomatoes…lots of blooms though.

We had on plant tomatoes plant left & no room in the garden, so I put it in the flower bed behind the garage.  We call it the monster.

Its over 6 ft tall now….with one tomato on it! Again lots of blooms so we’ll se what happens

4H & fabric 017 monster tomatoe  4H & fabric 0154H & fabric 012

The cucumbers are producing faster than I can pick them.  I see a batch of pickles being made this week, & the cantaloupe are not far behind.  We have quite a few melons a week or so from picking.

In all I’m excited with how this garden has turned out.  Its been a few years & I had not expected to see such good results.

So how was your weekend!


  1. they look great! I'm glad some of it was salvaged. I really want to do a garden next year. I'm not the best on eating my veggies like I should so I'm hoping fresh ones that I put work in to will change my mind!

  2. I do not have room for a real garden but I do have one tomatoe plant and some basil and a pepper plant.
    Actually, I just had an epiphany; I can plant beans next to my fence and they can grow up it next summer. I love fresh green beans.
    May need a reminder next spring though. I tend to have a very short memory.
    Love the haircut too. Elizabeth and Abby cut their hair right before we went to Disney and donated it to Locks of Love also.

  3. I'm totally loving these cool temps! I put Joel in some long sleeved outfits over the past few days that otherwise he probably would have never gotten the chance to wear! He's in 3-6 months clothes this summer, so pants and long sleeves would generally be a no-go!
    My tomatoes are bursting at the seams but they're still all green. For some reason, my green peppers are turning brown. My eggplants aren't doing very well either (only one eggplant on one, and zero on the other), but my zucchini plants are growing, growing, growing! They're pretty much taking over the whole garden.

  4. Hm... Never heard of or seen the Dragon's Tongue before. Except my own of course. Hehehe...

    I LOVE a fresh mess of green beans! No one made beans taste better than my Mamaw. MMM

    The Monster makes me :o).


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