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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1st Harvest & Fun Finds

I was working in the garden
and noticed 2 of the onion sets I planted were starting to flower
Yes! they were DONE!
This was my haul today....
they are so tiny not at all the large bulbs I envisioned.
I gave them plenty of growing room...about 4 inches apart

Any idea what I did wrong?
They are about 1/10th of what they should be!
Talk to me people!
My cherry tomatoes are the size of small plums....
I found 8 cantaloupe started the size of tennis balls
I was cutting a few of the lingering Lily's
for the table.....

Look what I found! We've never had double blooms before!
Sure hope they come back next year!

I'm all ears folks, what could/should I have done with the onions to
grow the large apple sized bulbs?


  1. Onions need to be planted way back in march to grow big. They need loose soil and lots of fertilizer. They do not need picked when flowered. If you leave them in the ground they can continue to grow. Leave them until the tops are dead and all wilted over. Then pull then but remember they really do need a long growing time!

    I love those double blooms. How amazing!

  2. I have no idea. I have a brown thumb. They may be little, but I'm sure they're tasty just the same! MMM

  3. I have no ideas about the onions but your cherry tomatoes are so cute! I have lots of little green tomatoes, one eggplant, and lots of green peppers :) I didn't plant onions but I should for next year.

  4. Love the lillies, I have no clue on the onions, I didn't even get the yard snacks planted this year. Fairys might know what is going on in your garden!

  5. aw, i'm sorry that some of your garden products turned out less than full sized! i hope they taste okay...



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