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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bunny? What do you mean you Have a BUNNY!

My children are to young to have memory loss

so that leads me to believe its “selective memory”

Did I not just have the Rabbit Riots….

the Bushwhacking Bunnies……


My daughter is a traitor, she's gone to the other side

no, I don't mean she's become a Democrat or any thing like that…

They brought a Rabbit home

This guy

bunnies & tractor pulls 013

They gave the song & dance that they “rescued” him at the county fair arcades

Then they played dirty and send the kid to me

bunnies & tractor pulls 007

Yes that one….and he said

“Grandma, can I keep him please?”

With big eyes

They fight dirty.

OK what is more silly than a grown man & boy

walking a rabbit on a leash?

bunnies & tractor pulls 017

Meet Wolfy

bunnies & tractor pulls 002

He passed Buddy’s inspection,

Now to get past Grandpa!

So that brings us up to ……

A 98 lb Golden Retriever

that thinks he’s a poodle,  has self esteem issues &

has started barking at flies, and cars in the driveway

A Pionus Parrot, named Papuga ……

that screeches when Evie cries or Buddy barks

A Parakeet, “little Bird”

that can get out of any known cage, that chirps and carries on when ever Papuga talks, or screeches…when ever Buddy barks or Evie cries

2 fish tanks

4 adults

2 children

and now

A Rabbit

Yes, I am going crazy


  1. But it's a good kind of crazy!

  2. oh cute cute cute. I love bunnies.

  3. Ok, I had a guinea pig before. Screeched her head off whenever the fridge door opened because she loved lettuce. My dad through a soon to be old head in and she ate til she passed out lol. The bunny is cute... but I know you miss your garden too!

  4. He's the cutest little bun-bun! I totally think you should let him live in the house :) My rabbit lived in the kitchen and was litter box trained! (Well until he got old and then he digressed...)


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